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Gosling blows lid off Jobs Java nonsense

Gates Horns

I don't think anyone is looking at this from a business point of view...

Steve Jobs probably saw the Oracle/Google law suit, then looked at how many developers he's got writing, updating, documenting and certifying Java, followed by a look at how many Java apps he had on his Mac at work or at home - which was probably none. Thanks to M$.

I remember when every new app I installed was either Java based or the writers were bragging about how the next version would be written entirely in Java. But first M$ made Java incompatible with Java, then eventually stopped shipping Windows with Java, and convinced all their OEMs not to install Java. End result was M$ won - no Java on the desktop to speak of.

Steve Jobs has seen where Java will end, and has acknowledged M$ has killed it. Which really sucks, because part of the allure of the Mac is that it doesn't always boil down to penny-pinching accountants deciding what to include, what not to include. Or it didn't, once.

But it said so in the manual


Veritas on windows

Veritas/Symantec offer a free 4-disk limit "basic" product on Unix & Linux - they may do on Windows as well. VXFS handles terrabyte filesystems with ease on Unix - I imagine it's very good under windows too.

Flash bursts onto Android


Does no one remember the beta?

Adobe trumpeted the beta. Hulu didn't't work. Farmville didn't work. Does anyone believe they do now? I'm guessing simple flash ads will work - which is what we all want to look at, right?

This may be an own goal for Android. Imagine Adobe's marketing bots deciding that turning flash off is bad for Adobe's image, and rolling out 10.2 which removes that ability. Now imagine the marketing - Android 2.3, now with 2 hours of battery life....

Regent Street blocked by iPad fanboi swarm


Queue right down now...

Passed through Oxford Circus an hour ago to check out the iPad - the queue's down to maybe two dozen people.

Oh, and it looks and handles pretty well, too...

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