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BT earmarks 66 more exchanges for fibre-to-the-cabinet upgrade


FTTC is my A***

YEah BT will say that and delay for another 1 or 2 more years by pushing things back further and further... They have Billions and recive millions in Government grants and still no improvement. Why here is why...

I live less then 1 mile away from one of BT's largest research centre and guess what, I cant even get 512KB broadband. they are not interested investing any money in Ipswich at all and ho help as well.

I cant change my broadband to another provider who will give me better connection because BT is not willing to upgrade my exchange so there is one thing, I will be stuck in the slow lane for another maybe 5 more years. By the way they said 4 years ago they are planning to upgrade my exchange within 3 years that was 4 years ago though, I give them another 3 years to see if things improves


Apple iPad



Okay it is good it is fancy and yes it is must have a gadget just like those with iPhone, but my concerns are:

1) Screen is small A5 size (maybe a little smaller

2) cost of it yes 600 pound does it worth it???

3) Concern, the fact is it doesn’t play Flash so still most of the Web sites are based on Flash player... (What is the alternative can we still watch those Flash Media, is there are converter implemented???

4) How easy to read PDF documents, and others like Word, and text based format documents on the go???

5) Do you think it will eventually stop you buying a news paper to read on your Journey to work or on the train???

6) 200-300 Small Laptops are does all these things, and again way beyond as well...

If I find answers to those above I will own one but in the mean time I am just going to wait and see if there are anything flaky about it...

I am sure there are few things wrong but wait and see what other rivals comes up with...

Overall it is very cool and nice to have one, if you have 600 pound spare cash...



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