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It'll soon be even more illegal to fly drones near UK airports

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Re: Re: Ha

>> And it wouldn't appear certain that it would take out another drone 100% of the time.

What about tiny, tiny anti-drone missiles? Always assuming the rogue drones are not carrying Anti-drone missiles-missiles as a state-of-the-art defence?

Miniaturising warfare could save us lots of pounds and keep people out of it altogether.

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An exciting new opportunity

I'm sure it must have occurred to nefarious minds by now that a squad of twenty people could isolate Britain better than Brexit. New laws or no, this is going to be the new development in 2019 prompting the question: Is this the new age of drones carrying anti-drone missiles?

Am I making too much of the fact that larger drones seem to be of Chinese origin?

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Re: Keystone Cops

You're not alone, while pleading poverty, they seem to think putting a reporter up in a helicopter to deliver a one-minute report about something which nobody can see is diligent use of resources.

Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook

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Re: Re "Idiot tax"

Can you really say all that with a straight face when ending with a link to Facebook?

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> Users eventually resent paying super-premium prices for discount internals.

Do they? Do they really?

I get the impression that the average iSommat buyer thinks along the lines of:

If I buy the most expensive bit of kit on the market then a) I must be getting the very best available, and b) I can then show off - without crass bragging - that I can afford stuff that you can't!

It stands to reason therefore, that any manufacturer producing such iStuff will eventually become contemptuous of their rather slow customers.

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Re: Overpriced kit

Re: China consumed more cement in the three years 2011-2013 than the US did in the entire twentieth century.

It this the reason we have a CO2 crisis? Or is it just the figure manipulation heat surplus?

Cathay Pacific hack: Personal data of up to 9.4 million airline passengers laid bare

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Black Helicopters

Very droll.

This somewhat realistic comment is yet another wake-up reminder to NEVER EVER entrust any of my biometric data to ANYBODY.

If refusal ends up being threatened with legal action or imprisonment (Like last time) from HM Gov.uk then I shall regard that as a hint to emigrate to some backward country that still machine swipes credit cards and accepts ID confirmation from an expired licence stuffed with a €10 note.

Either that or join the 'Gentlemen of the Road Brigade' who are sworn off taxes and other unpleasantries arising from normal life in good ole Blighty.

Punkt: A minimalist Android for the paranoid

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Re: Calls and Email

>>Yeah, your kids won't thank you for that. Having to hide it from all the other kids... <<

Well, that means they won't be doing stupid stuff on it to impress their mates. They won't be using them at all in fact. Unless it is important. Plus there would be a low risk of it being stolen.

Which is why you gave it to them in the first place - Right?

Civil rights group Liberty walks out on British cops' database consultation

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Re: a huge single resource for police

...and 'friends' of government ministers.

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Whaddya mean - All over again?

It never went away.

They had simply pushed it to the back of the 'To do' pile and amused themselves in the meanwhile by thinking up snazzy new names for it and creating a 'We listened to concerned parties' attendance list for their tea and biccies event where unavoidably the only people who knew anything about it were on paid holiday to the USA, researching NSA techniques for empowering the authorities.

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Black Helicopters

Re: Dogs Dinner

Congratulations. You have just blown open every HO civil servant's brain breaker.

The good news is: It will push back the introduction of their "Bleeding edge" tech to well after I have passed on.

The bad news is: They know where you live - so preparing the charge list for the summons will be a piece of cake - once they have found it of course, in their new Matrix toy.

Japan finds long, deep tunnel on the Moon

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Re: Just supposing everyone goes through with it...

What will they Do?

About the only things they are able to do. namely, settle into one of their very comfortable sofas, break out the telescope, popcorn and coffee and study us, and swap moon jokes.

They could check out our IoT, WiFi penetration. even slyly respond to the 'Anybody there?' transmissions from SETI, pretending to be somewhere in Aquarius or... Watch Netflix.

What would anybody do there? There's the Times crossword for free, Corrie & EastEnders (ad infinitum) and more coffee. Oh, and a Uber ride booked for home already.

First it was hashtags – now Amber Rudd gives us Brits knowledge on national ID cards

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ID Cards have only one purpose.

We went through all this with Uncle Tony and so dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporters voted Tory to kill it. Remember? Maybe the pendulum can swing back again.

Admittedly we regretted it later, we should have settled for going to jail for refusing - it would have been a lot less painful in the long run.

ID cards = Identity cards. And they are something we would use to confirm that we are who we say we are. End of argument.

OK we give up our info to people every day of the week. But most of that information is disposable, we can jettison it if we have to and start again, whereas biometrics are not something that can be swapped out like spark-plugs every time the Government data store is hacked.

All that juicy information in one easy-to-reach place? Government record of IT security being what it is, it would be hacked daily by everyone on the planet with a computer.

I for one, don't like the idea of my medical records being available to everyone who cares to ask - especially if they only want to know where I live.

I don't have a problem with an ID card IF all it does is confirm that I am really me.

But they'll never settle for that will they?

Looks like it's time to dust off my No2ID certificate and reserve my cell again.

Microsoft: We've almost dug Your Phone out behind sofa. But will it make Insiders app-y?

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It is hard to forgive

M$ have succeeded again in making me wonder where their heads are.

First they spend millions trying to float the Windows phone and as soon as I get one - they - calm as you like - announce they are dropping support for them.

So this is 'Plan B' then? (or Plan C?) a generation behind everyone else - and still not working yet. What have they been doing with all their ill-gotten gains?

They would need to pay for my holidays to tempt me to use any of their apps again, especially if it had the word 'Phone' in it.

iPhone 8 now outsells X, and every other phone

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Re: Apple released the X to replace the 8

>The X, was released (originally) as a limited run, special edition anniversary device, to celebrate 10 (X) years of iPhone.

Really? and it had nothing to do with the gnawing irritation of Microsoft jumping from 8 to 10 (X) to match iOS X? (Yeah, I heard about the 98 excuse)

Of course not! They wouldn't be so shallow - would they?

But anyone shelling out a grand (XxXxX) to flash it about just might be...

So it's going to be all puff until they can justify 20 (XX) I suppose? But we'll all have implants by then - so to be a proud Apple used you'll need a tattoo. Then you'll be Apple for life.

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Re: Has nothing to do with "first batch product"

No idea what a StarTac was (American?)

As a matter of fact, I was an early adapter of smartphones, but I stuck at a level that satisfied what I needed it for,

Consequently, I kept using my HTC Z until it died this year, because I loved the keyboard.

Found a old (New) Samsung J5 and find it a worthy successor - if a little on the large side.

£120 is more than enough for a gadget.

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Re: The 8 does prove a point

>And then every now and then you forget and leave it there...

Surely the most powerful argument for not blowing a grand on one?

First A380 flown in anger to be broken up for parts

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Re: "From my experience (Emirates), I'd rather fly A380 than B777"

> The "leg hole cubby" area is not straight ahead of the seat, so you sleep or lounge at an angle,<

Yes I have noticed that passenger occupation space is often an overlooked detail in aircraft design.

I wonder why that is?

TSB's middleware nightmare: Execs grilled on Total Sh*tshow at Bank

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... and NOT with TSB I'll wager.

Half the world warned 'Chinese space station will fall on you'

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I suppose we could always be allowed to imagine that it could permanently solve the Korean war scene for once and for all.

The phone OS that muggers wouldn't touch is back from the dead

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Re: 90% there...

You miss the point of your elderly relative 's dilemma

I wanted a 'smarter' phone for some basic needs without having to cough up for stuff I didn't need so purchased a lightweight Samsung.

Trouble was, it had so much bundled crapware there wasn't any room for more than two or three apps that I wanted. It was always 'Out of memory' despite having a 16Gb SD in it.

Eventually went in the drawer along with the previous cutting edge Nokia phones I'd had that in the end, didn't actually do anything useful.

Why did I buy a gadget I know I'll never use?

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Re: Sprouts - love 'em

>My only collecting problem is not enough space.<

...and you think that affliction is rare enough to warrant inclusion as a notable feature?

I have a garage [full] a shed [full] an outhouse [full] a study [full] and a whole wall dedicated to storage of stuff that will be indispensable - tomorrow.

I am definitely going to have a clear-out this spring (New Year resolution #2006- 3)

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I had one of the original Texas Matrix calculators. I bought it myself to use in the office 'cos I hated the hand-cranked IBM machine with a passion.

I was working on programming bars for IBM punched tape recorders then, and could only count to two. ( 0 & 1)

Trouble was, it didn't auto-off and so with the novelty value of everyone competing with the ESSO OIL tricks, it got through two PP9 batteries a day. Seriously expensive technology that set the bar for IT equipment prices to this day.

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Re: Guilty as charged...

Have you been peeking in my drawers?

That is an accurate inventory.

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Re: Boiled Sprouts

Technically at least, I am the notational head of the household.

Consequently, when the dinner prepping gets under way, I insist that I shall be served Roast potatoes and Boiled parsnips, done in the way I have always liked them since my mum did them for me.

So predictably, as we gather around our dinner table, I am ritually presented with Boiled potatoes and Roast parsnips.

I spit fury and snarl 'I don't like either of them done this way, and for the last twenty years, you get it wrong'.

The reply for the last twenty years has always been 'Well why didn't you say so, dear?'

I am checking on the precise definition of war crimes now.

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IT Angle

My mum was in the habit of boiling cabbage on Sundays and boiling the washing on Mondays,

On Tuesdays, I could never quite identify which of the two pongs inhabited the whole house until the following Saturday when we had a proper fry-up to annul it - before starting all over again.

Hey, you know why it's called the iPhone X? When you see Apple's repair bill, your response will be X-rated

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Re: If iPhone owners are sheep, what are Android phone owners?

You have placed your finger on the precise point that causes me to believe that APP£E owners are just braggards who are unable to function on less that 500 likes.

It's true that they are well-paid and can-aff-orr -dd it.

But only at the price of giving up your salary advantage.

...and where's the fun in that?

Android users are wiser people who really don't care what others think about them and don't waste money just for bragging rights.

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Re: In shock news today...

APP£E is single-handedly responsible for the new jump in the inflation index.

How's that for notoriety?

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60% of the costs of the Xi-Phone are swallowed up in the design and implementation of anti-intrusion devices.

It would be much cheaper but they have to make it accessible to the very small army of official repairers - and that is where it gets complicated.

Sealed beyond human reach is relatively easy, making it so only a few can enter is fiendishly expensive.

The best solution found is to glue the middle of the back of the screen to the rear half of the case so that on removal the screen is destroyed. Genuine repairers can insert a new discounted screen out of the profit margins and pretend it never happened.

Other 'repairers' will have heart attacks and have to buy full priced screens then decline to work on Xi-Phones ever again,

Job sorted. Higher sales of new Xi-Phones, no unofficial repairs intruding, and the owner pays for everything.

What's not to like?

Only downside is having to pay royalties to the Chinese boss for use of his name.

Radio Wales

Re: Seems proportionate

I came across this confidential memo addressed to APP£E from USG:

A new government initiative for companies with interesting financial incomes allows for excused account status providing they can produce new 'smart' items to capture and continually update the Fizzogs of their owners and log their financial status and current locations in data bursts directly to the NSA from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fund research, development and running costs for this project and must leave it up to the manufacturer to recover the additional costs from the end user.

Field studies indicates that they will not object as long as you impress on them that it is 'Too expensive for them to afford'.

Reply from APP£E ran: We have completed this challenge and named the resulting surveillance device: iPhone X. Details attached.

Please confirm tax exemption for us in writing, just to tie up the odd tiny details...

Radio Wales

Re: First adopter risk

At least M$ thought up a respectable excuse by avoiding confusion with the 9X previous series.

I have noticed that APP£E have always sucked up the magic X when and wherever they could.

I'll take odds on the next release being a variation of X to prolong the beloved number for as long as possible - XI or XE or somesuch (as long as it's not Xeon).

Can the last person watching desktop video please turn out the light?

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Re: Not surprised. No. Not even slightly.

I totally agree. I spend a fair bit of time at my desk computer so I have a custom desk, large monitor and very comfortable office chair. Watching TV of any variety is so much better - even the sound is better.

I also have access to ad avoiding tools by using the computer, so what's not to like?

Our cat has now taken up residence in the living room armchair, by the look of her she now has the aching back that a couple of hours screen time gave me.

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Re: Really?

There are ads on the Reg pages? I'm shocked. Obviously, I have a well-balanced computer set-up.

For the record, I don't remember the last time I watched live TV - It's just too easy to FF 5" to skip them.

Trouble is, I am aware of just how short programmes have become. Lucky now to get 40 mins out of an hour show.

Likewise, I have quit watching DVD's because of all the unskippable stuff they really want me to watch when all I want to watch is the film I bloody paid for. So easy to rip just the film and file the original.

Actually, it's their greed that turns me off, when the ad breaks were not so frequent, and only lasted three mins, I could put up with them. But 5 mins four times an hour, with frequent sly over-runs, is quite beyond the pale.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?

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Re: How much?!

I wholeheartedly agree. I cannot understand people who pay top dollar for a singing and dancing top-of-the-line phone then admit that they don't use it for anything sensitive in case....

I stepped out of the line and bought a Windows phone, Yes it's still a phone.

Now I am reliably and repeatedly assured that there isn't anybody in the world who'd even want to steal it.

Odd really, since it does everything I want from a smart-ish-phone.

And it was really cheap too.

Why Microsoft's Windows game plan makes us WannaCry

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Empty minds.

I would have thought that the problem lay in machine interconnectivity rather than age.

In a machining environment, or any other that is isolated from other computers, a system that uses XP or NT - or even 98, to run specialist software on specific machines that are dedicated to that task and working successfully, there is no logical reason to upgrade everything merely to continue what they were doing anyway.

Stand-alone machines can run whatever software they want without risk.

It makes me wonder whether malware isn't just the best way software companies have come up with so far to 'encourage' users to spend a lot of money merely to stand still.

As far as the NHS is concerned, I have been treated perfectly adequately by machine-led medical intervention that was still using NT. In that I can understand their reluctance to upgrade, particularly when all that money is spent in re-equipping machines, software and re-training simply to continue doing what it is already successfully doing when that money could better be spent of extending its scope and capacity.

Maybe the government should be employing expertise to write its own OS that works in its own field and eliminating its reliance on commercial software, which by definition is profit-driven.

Being absolutely honest, outside of the computer industry, nobody really gives a damn about all the technological advances, bells and whistles new stuff does so long as it does what it was procured for, and that is most likely for a quite narrow range of tasks - that demonstrably XP is quite capable of performing.

If Linux development can be done for free distribution, is it such a leap to use specific software for their single purpose applications a lot cheaper than relying on perpetual upgrades to nowhere?

Who'd be writing malware for that?

Trump's new telecoms chief bins broadband subsidies for the poor

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Re: The dead hand of Obama lives on...

>>> "you can't have either without a little bit of socialism, and communism."


"A rising tide lifts all boats" - Ronald Reagan

In other words, you do not LIFT UP the poor by TAKING AWAY from EVERYONE ELSE and *GIVING* them something they did *NOT* *EARN*. You LIFT UP the poor by LIFTING UP EVERYONE SIMULTANEOUSLY! <<<

That is SO wrong as to only mean something to Trump.

If you lift a poor person from a dollar a day to ten dollars a day by lifting another from $100 a day to $1000 a day, then you have lifted both by a factor of ten - Which is your point.

What you have really done is increase his poverty by a factor of ten - as prices will rise by the highest amount.

Oh wait! Is that what is really happening, and what you really want to happen?

Never give a poor person an even break - because if you do, you wouldn't be quite as rich would you?

That's the REAL truth right there.

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Re: That's not nice!

>> Probably owned by white, non-muslim, non-gay, non-transgender males?

With red necks?

Radio Wales

Re: Prevent an informed electorate

Surely not! Isn't NYT a Murdoch paper? Nothing but the truth there folks - Honestly - Would he lie to you?

Ancient water found in Canada is two billion years old – giving hope to Mars colony dreamers

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Empty minds.

NO! Laphroaig is best served dry.

Geo-boffins say 'quake lifted bits of New Zealand by 8 metres, moved at 3km/second

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Re: yeah right!

RedTube ???

Did you mean the Central Line?

High rear end winds cause F-35A ground engine fire

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One would expect the cream of scientific and engineering excellence to rise to the top, and in exchange for all our money that is invested in it, produce the best that money could buy.

Alas, what really happens, is someone pushes a particular design beyond the point where it should have ceased, for no better reason than they are dismayed by the prospect of losing it all.

So, the inevitable marketing campaign begins, where more and more money is spent trying to get the damn thing to work properly, while the budget for 'convincing' important people of its worth, climbs out of control until the end-game is reached where so much has been spent, that it becomes the only option we can afford so we press on, urged by the people who have been enjoying the expenses-paid ride and are planning their retirements for just before their baby becomes operational.

So many wonderful things in our past have come to us via this route that one would think we could have thought up an antidote for it by now. But here we are again. Our Harriers are gone and the F-35's will be here sometime never, so it's time we glued AK-47's onto Gladiator wings, and employed small boys to sit in wing pods to keep the magazines filled - because soon we're gonna need them.

SETI Institute damps down 'wow!' signal report from Russia

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Aroused - but in a shy way.

It's definitely not aliens in these circumstances. I - I mean - we, have been studying the science of Parallel Universe Breakthrough for years, and can confidently discount aliens from these scenarios.

The situation where you return to the room you have just left because you forgot to pick up your keys - whatever, and despite having seen them less than five minutes ago, they have vanished - seemingly into thin air. You widen your search in ever increasing desperation, muttering to yourself - they were right here, I saw them/it dammit!

The usual scene plays out before your confused and angered eyes, as you return to the room yet again, and to your utter disbelief, There they are right there where you left them. It's even worse when your irritated partner strolls in just before you and picks said keys up saying "I thought you said you couldn't find them?" Adding a sarcastic "If they had teeth, they would have bitten you".

Yes, we've all been there. it is a worldwide phenomenon and of course has a earthly boring answer.

It is the Breakthrough Effect, where you - in a different dimension where slightly out of step with yourself and your phantom self did not forget their keys, so of course they're not there. Obviously! After a while the temporary rent repairs itself and disappears. leaving your keys where you left them. Normality is restored and leaves you muttering to yourself about how things seem to have a mind of their own and maybe you need glasses... And then you forget about it - until the next time.

Nah, nah, nah, nah.........

UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge

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Re: Nobody expects...

Aha! Another Monty Python fan eh?

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Thumb Down

Re: "He was found not guilty, therefore he is innocent"

Double jeopardy used to be the law here too until the present Tories got their hands on it.

Now, They can accuse and try you: and if found Not guilty - then they can accuse you again - and again - and again - until they do get a guilty verdict or you die accused. And soon the ECHR won't be there for us any more.

One possible scenario is: Indicted but found Not guilty, can be followed up with a second accusation but without going to court. Leading to the dodgy Innocent in the eyes of the law but guilty in the eyes of the police or CPS situation that seems to have manifested itself here.

Double jeopardy was there initially for a reason along with a binding sentence from the court which tried the case - because they possessed all the facts. No it's never over. Beware.

Windows 10: Happy with Anniversary Update?

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Re: Windows 10 is good if you don't care about controlling your own computer or your privacy

I think it's becoming easier to identify with those people who have stuck with XP.

Apple engineers rebel, refuse to work on iOS amid FBI iPhone battle

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Black Helicopters

Re: It's likely I'm missing something.


That is all behind-the-curtain stuff that you are not supposed to see.

Anyone who is a spectator to a row between a US Federal monolith and an American Multinational giant and actually believes what is being carefully released to the general public (which includes 'Commie bastards' and 'terrorists') must be either:

Five years old. or:

Recently released from a secure mental establishment for the terminally stupid.

Whether we will ever get to hear the truth about this little spat or not lies squarely behind the possible emergence of another Snowdenesque 'Whistleblower', and then even then he could still be a shill.

Forget about it and assume that all of our data is accessible to anyone who wants to know it and we will all be in a safer place - not to mention quieter. Making stone-age type solutions to convey information not involving any kind of modern electric-based gizmos - in a similar way that real spies, terrorists and even Commie-bastards already do - is the way forward

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest

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Seriously folks...

I'm just a poor user now having retired from the IT world where I was spending too much time defeating people intent on separating me from my money.

Windows: We rubbed along without it seriously upsetting me (except for the licensing fracas which is a whole separate story) until now.

I use 7. I liked 7 right from the start. it has never BSOD'ed me or crashed leaving me free to do things other than just maintaining my computer in working order, That was a major plus.

Them came 8. I looked and decided that it wasn't for me. I want to use a computer for doing stuff with and fondling the OS does not figure in that. Seems I wasn't alone because 8.1 closely followed.

It seemed to be better but I didn't need the changes so I soldiered on with my 7.

Now - Surprise - they offer a spanking new 10 for free.

That rang warning bells in my head, That's exactly what all the scammers do, lure you in with a deal that is too good to be true and now they are using tried and tested scamware means to compel all but the IT savvy folk to give in and take the free sweeties on offer from that nice MS guy.

If they were offering that to my kids, I'd report them to plod for grooming, but as it's me I have to wonder why exactly are they so keen to get me to abandon my perfectly good 7

When something good is offered for free I worry, but when they get to INSIST that I take the goodies I rear up and say 'Whoa, something is up here.and I'm not gonna like it when it appears.'.

I don't know what, but my gut is telling me that it's gonna be 7 or Linux for me.

Somebody - please - tell me I'm wrong and (if possible) why.

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England

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Re: Too late big Parma, the horse has bolted.

Would it be too impolite to note here that most expelled breath of living creatures smells too?

Including humans!

I'm often not sure what it is, but I can tell - especially if it involved curry or garlic in the case of humans - need I mention what dog breath often smells of?

Radio Wales

Ban it. Ban what?

I always believed the Reg people were a cut above in intelligence, but this subject is proving to be revealing in the extreme.

Most comment either reflects the propaganda being pumped out to cause people to disapprove of E-fags, or reveals the innermost prejudices that dumb people hold dear regardless of the evidence.

Plus, it seems that all this intelligence is wasted when a good controversy comes along, because people seem to lose (not loose) reason when it comes to their prejudice.

Which part of vapour are you all having trouble with? People listen to the argument and spout "I'm not putting up with these chemicals in my space." Instantly forgetting that they are clinging to life by breathing AIR a complex chemical, and by drinking WATER a less complex mix of H2O - and usually other stuff that you'd rather not know about.

Vapour is just that. Vapour. There are no added chemicals, if there are, they have been shown to be so minute as to be undetectable. Water vapour has for millennia, been recommended by medical professionals for help with breathing for asthma and other chest problems, but now, it seems to be life threatening.

The truth is, you see someone with an E-cig and immediately your mind connects it with historic visions of smoking, and instantly the reflex prejudice kicks in with I'm not having that! Despite there not being one water droplet of truth in what you are objecting to.

Please stop and review the word Vapour then go and compare it to the word Smoke. See where it takes you.

And in the meanwhile, try not to let your prejudice show in such a way as could show you to be ignorant.

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond

Radio Wales

Yes, but....

If I had a car that informed me, whilst I was trying to brake - and I mean REALLY brake - like at the end of the road before the cliff edge, flashing up a message saying: "WAIT. Installing braking updates - Do not operate brakes." I would be inclined to panic.

Am I so badly malformed or mentally unstable enough to want to perform certain actions on my computer when it suits ME rather than suiting someone I've never met and who lives in a different continent and is probably asleep at the time?


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