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Techies slap Go Daddy with class action lawsuit

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Another area of no compensation at GoDaddy.com

After starting work at GoDaddy.com, I learned of an area where a LOT of work was required with NO compensation. To the extent demanded to answer the questions from customers, the new hire training for phone support personnel does NOT sufficiently cover the operation of the many, many Go Daddy products. Not even close.

Furthermore, in the call center, if you attempted to determine how the product works during a phone call, it required far too much time. Spending too much time on the phone with a customer would mean:

1 – The number of calls taken per day decreases

2 – The dollar volume of the sales you make goes down

3 – You then become a Go Daddy employee who not only does NOT get paid a commission, but can very, very easily be fired. It happens constantly at Go Daddy.

To keep your job, the only recourse the employee has is to learn how to use the Go Daddy products on your own at home. There is no other way to do it. After new hire training, for workers in the call canter, there is ZERO product training classes provided by Go Daddy.

The Go Daddy recruiters NEVER told me that, on my own time outside of work, I would have to spend extensive hours to train myself on their products.



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