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'Being fat is no worse for you than being a woman'

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I can't agree more...

I've never seen such a perfect description of my relationship with my (soon to be ex) wife than this:

"On the whole, women's job in the cave was to find an emotionally crippled generous man, and drive him to death to feed her children, which weren't necessarily his, cry for a few months (until the tribe stopped giving her free food to shut her up,) then find another one. Men just want an easy life, therefore it's an evolutionary advantage to be a good nagger of one's husband. Nags' husbands provide more food."

As for the "emotionally crippled" part, I'd have to say most of my "emotionally crippling" problems stem from my bat crazy mother. ;)

And yes, we have kids... I have two stepdaughters, so it even fits the "not necessarily his" bit. As I said, perfect!

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