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RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8100

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Predictive Text

Quote: "With two letters per key, some predictive text-alike software kicks in to make sense of what you're trying to type. With fewer permutations than a standard numeric keypad, it's far more accurate and after a little practice you'll never want to go back.".

What!!!! I don't have one of these but there is nothing to suggest that they've updated the predictive text, and having a blackberry 7100, two letters per key, I'm pretty sure that there is nothing that they can do to make the predictive text usable. Words can not describe how bad typing out text is.

A couple of examples, type in the word "but" and I guarrentee it will come out as "bit". Now type in the word "bit" and it'll come out as "but". It will happen every time. Now try it with "are" and "see".

This one doesn't happen too too often, but it's a real pain when it does. Type in a long word, as you type it will give you options that change the last two letters of the word, quite useful. But hang on, all of a sudden it's changes one of the letters before the last two and you have to practically delete the whole word and start again.

Another phenomenom, you type a word quickly and there is a 45% chance of it coming out wrong, you type a word slowly and there is only a 20% chance of it coming out wrong. Careless typeing I hear people say, beleive me, it's not!

The bells and whisteles on the Pearl look great, but the keyboard is a killer. They should have called it the Blackberry Peral.

Now this one I've only heard, so this is secondary source information, but it's important. Apparently even with the keypad locked, moving that roller ball answers or rejects calls. So think about it, the Peral is in your pocket (because it's nice and small like that) and you get a call, now Krypton factor challenge, get the Peral out of your pocket without moving that roller ball. Oh and you've got a 4 ring time limit!!!

In all seriousness, it sounds like a great phone, but don't get it. You'll be smashing it on the floor and jumping up and down on it in no time due to that damn keyboard!

ps. have they made it so that you can actually text more than one person at a time??? Not a totally killer if not, the copy and paste is very good.



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