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Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade

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They don't get it...

I left Voda back in the day when they were pushing that Vodafone Live! shit onto all handsets. Seeing as they dumped the idea of dedicated Voda 360 hardware last month it's no surprise to see they have gone back to bastardising other handsets.

Orange are no better, every Series 60 phone they offered seemed to have some crappy customised home screen sucking up RAM for no benefit.

It would be good for Android if every manufacturer were forced into publishing an unbranded update file for each handset on their own website so that consumers had a clear choice, instead of having to go Googling for XDA Developers, which lets face it is not an acceptable recommendation for 90% of the general tard public.

Nokia updates N900 firmware

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@Greg - Expect quality software from Orange do you? They've been writing crap firmware mods for years for S60. Face it, the N900 is abandoned. Great hardware let down by a company badly struggling to work out what direction it should be going in. How many OS's and GUI toolkits do Nokia have now? First they partner with Intel, a company desperate to get x86 into a true mobile device, but who can't quite manage it despite years of trying and then they team up with Yahoo! who are struggling to remain relevant in the face of Bing and Google. It's like a club where all the losers can drown their sorrows.

Nokia is looking like it's about to do a Palm. Their best hope is that Google buys them. Google would gain a dedicated, experienced mobile network hardware engineering company and NAVTEQ mapping. Nokia would gain a modern OS with some developer interest.

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MeeGo = NoGo

Nokia already announced there will be no official MeeGo release for the N900. Of course it's for your benefit!


"Although Nokia N900 devices are being used for platform development and testing purposes by those involved in the MeeGo project, Nokia doesn’t have plans for a full scale commercial MeeGo upgrade on the Nokia N900. The reason? It’s really about ensuring that you have the best possible experience designed for the features on your Nokia N900 device."

Meanwhile Apple are about to roll out a software update for a two year old phone...

Man jailed for sex with donkey and horse

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No 'stable' address. Bet he's in for a rough ride!


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