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VMware unveils 32MB version of ESX Server


Billy Boy

Microsoft are trying hard with Virtual Server, but what are the chances that they could ever produce program that weighs in at 32mb?

Wyse strips down thin client computers



If thin clients will be disposable, then I'll save the trouble of carrying one with me, and just look in the bin when I want a laptop to check my email.

Packard Bell pitches UMPC-like laptop


missed the point

XP Home? Surely professional should be on here for business users. Not that I'd ever buy something with the Puckerd Ball branding on it.

MS lawyers take out AutoPatcher


grandma we love you

two shay? sweet irony.

Windows Genuine Advantage cries wolf (again)


who's fault?

WGA, Securom, DRM, they are all attempts to stop theft. Whether you like Microsoft or not they are a business making money from a product, and that product is stolen by the second. I don't blame them for trying to prodect their business.

Of course, telling the customer that WGA is for their advantage is a crock of the proverbial, and I'm sure that's what winds up the majority.

Software theft is wrong, mmmkay.

Movie pirate forced to ditch Linux


vee have vays of punishing you....

...although the chap who talks about dongling constraints surely has more to worry about.

Obviously the solution would be to simply pull his net connection. Whatever OS he has, he can't get up to much offline.

Intel shows off X7900 CPU



Oh come on who actually writes games that make full use of this power? While there is a strong games market on the PC the majority of titles are made to be cross ported to the various consoles to ensure maximum returns, therefore the physics and processing in a game are going to be limited to the least powerful processor installed in the current generation of machines.

Everybody knows the real candy comes from a powerful graphics card. Until we enter the era of real time ray tracing or voxels decide to make a return CPU's like this are just overkill.

Livid woman torches ex-hubby's wedding tackle



...the burning bush commeth?

Microsoft grows despite Windows Vista



Workbench 1.3 fit on a 720k Floppy. Risc-os was on ROM. These OS's copied files, ran applications and protected the user from the complexities of the machine.

I understand that OS's have to grow to cater for the number of devices and additional features such as memory protection, but a 4gb installation base?

I downgraded to XP and now dual boot into Linux. Yes Linux comes on lots of CD's but the majority of the content is optional applications and extras.

I have followed the progress of the AmigaONE closely, this is a modern OS (or very close to) that can reboot in under 10 seconds. If Commodore hadn't failed so miserably and MS hadn't ruled hardware manufacturers with an iron fist I'm pretty sure we would all be using IBM Cell powered Amigas with a tiny OS footprint.

The only way I can see MS convincing us otherwise will be if the next OS is coded from the ground up having learned the lessons of 98, XP and Vista, as well as the benefits of OSX and Linux.

Google flirts with online OS


Give google my personal data?

...from my cold dead hands

2012 Olympics logo debuts to whalesong



If you tilt your head to the right it looks like a naked dancing man with his wee fella hanging out.

BT declares ceasefire in broadband speed wars


They call him mr Fahrenheit

Speed and reliability are the ONLY thing I am interested in when I choose my internet access.

BT will not be able to compete with subscription HD TV for quality with the current broadband infrastructure. Perhaps they are referring to Ascii Starwars for a small subscription.

Online games turn British man into hero


boom headshot

He should of armed himself with the knife, everyone knows you move faster with the knife, and so he could of dodged the bullet.


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