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Jodrell Bank gets swanky visitor centre, infuriating maze


Jodrell Bank awesome - visitor facilities lacking

A marvellous thing - so what that it can now be done with a field array of dull aerials and a big computer that's so not the point. Jodrell Bank is proper Quatermass/War of the Worlds engineering and still working daily. I can see it moving around as I type.

As a bonus my dad got better lectures at manchester uni from postdocs filling in because the prof was off at lower withington / goostrey building and playing with the dish.

Ambivalent about the upgrade - the arboretum has always been nice but not exactly a hit with most kids. The visitor center and planetarium/film show have definitely seen better days. The cafe is straight out of minor UK attraction central casting.

If they are going to spend on visitor attraction stuff - I hope they secure the basics and don't fall for anything flashy but quickly dating. More of the sturdy basic hands on physics stuff which has thinned out in recent times would be good. Pushing buttons on little computers to watch small videos is something kids get to do at home. Pick out some popular styles from Manchester museum of science and industry and the Science Museum.

Wishing them well



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