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Olympus Tough 8010 rugged camera

Robert Andrew MacDonald
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My experience with the Tough 8000

If you are into adventure sports or accident prone I would seriously think about buying this camera. I own the Tough 8000 and it still works fine after some serious abuse. Last year when I was in Canada I left it on the roof of the car after stopping to take some photos. While overtaking (at ~ 90mph) the camera fell off the top of the car and bounced down the road where it was hit by a car and finally landed in a ditch. Lucky the person behind us saw the camera fall off (and hit his car!!!) and was able to recognise us from the photos when we stopped at the next scenic location. (Luckily he also didn't seem to mind that the camera smacked into his car). The camera ended up with a few scratches and a ever so slight dent but is still working perfectly (and is still waterproof). I couldn't recommend it highly enough if you want a robust camera. A few of my friends have since bought them!



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