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Apple not yet dominant enough for anti-trust action


@Lewis Mettler

"but Microsoft still illegally bundles IE with the OS"

How is this illegal in today's networked world? An OS without a browser is useless. For the end user the browser is more or less the OS nowadays. That's why Google is working on Chrome and Chrome OS. MS don't prevent you from installing other software. They don't prevent you from installing Google search which uses Google's Ad system do they? Apple does.

Apple reels as Steve Jobs Flashturbates

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Why block other browsers if they work?

It's not. But a better showcase would have been to let your browser fail the showcase and then tell you to get Safari. Except of course not all other browsers would fail. Far easier just to block them all.

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Fanboi Doublespeak

"Apple is at the top of its game, and if they manage to move the web to open standards where everyone wins"

How is creating an HTML 5 showcase that blocks all browsers other than Safari anything other than the CLOSED web???

Mac fanboi rewriting history again I see. It was Firefox and a few high profile bloggers (Zeldman, Meyers, Holzschlag, Shea amongst others) that moved the web to open standards about 5 years ago.

Turkey bans Google Books, Google Docs, Google Translate...


re: rotten apple

Not necessarily the best analogy, since the one rotten apple will make the others go bad quicker...

Apple's HTML5 'standards' hype debunked


Well it is increasingly on the web

Does anybody still do anything with flash on the web other than videos and games (and third rate websites)? So yes, on the web, flash is all about video. And games, but that's less important than video.


That's because they won't be finished until implemented

Well these "standards" a first of all only recommendations. Secondly they only become recommendations once they have been implemented fully. ie in bout 10 years time... It's a bit of a chicken and egg situation really. It's why we had all the proprietory browser tags in the 90s. The standards took to long to adapt to the real world.

Watchdog backs Google antitrust complaint with (more) data

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Is is true!

Not true. You COULD buy a Mac (all those fanboise did afterall) or even Linux. Fact is Google is the default search engine in all browsers other than IE. That is something they pay for. Why? Because they know that once you search with Google you are more likely to find and use Google products. Same as MS in 80s and 90s - once you have Windows, you're more likely to use MS products.

Why can't Google push it's own services? It's a monopoly and there are certain rules which need to be abided by in that case. Just like MS got hammered by the courts in the last decade, well, Google will get hammered in the next decade. But it won't matter - they already control the internet. Just like MS already controlled the desktop.

Mountain View delivers Google Analytics opt-out


HOSTS what?

Good idea, but what about the 99.9% of web surfers who don't what a HOSTS file is or where to find one and if they did find it, how to add "google-analytics.com" as

And how do you change that on your mobile or iPhone, iPad or iWhatever?

Oz customs search lappies and mobes for smut


Your IP address has been noted

and you will no longer be able to cross any border employing failed supermarket trolley stackers...

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