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Welsh Linux Mint terror nerd jailed for 8 years

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subject to close supervision by the British authorities.

We're fucked! Pretty much every terrorist attack across the UK and the wider EU has been carried out by people later announced as having been "known to the security services".

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Re: Root-de-toot

"an excuse for the usual "funny" stereotyping that it probably wouldn't have occurred to the staff to include if the guy in question had been a fellow up-his-own-arse Londoner. If you're going to do this, at least do it to everyone."

It's El Reg,, and they do do it to everyone if they can find a humorous stereotype link. If he'd been a Laaandoner, then no doubt some sort of cock-a-ney reference would have been raised. If he'd been a Wearsider, no doubt a pun on "going down" would have sufficed. I'd he'd been from Newcastle, something about "on the up" and a link to financial shehanigans would have been slipped in.

Loadsamoney: UK mulls fining Facebook, Twitter, Google for not washing away filth, terror vids

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Re: Amber "Hashtag" Fudd strikes again ...

Is that you Amber? Or just someone not up on the latest news headlines?

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Re: Of course...

"Yup...I'm sure that your blokes in Parliament there on the right side of the Pond will come up with a proper, objective, repeatable definition of "extremist material" that won't trample on anyone's rights, copyrights, or property rights. No doubt at all...."

Correct. I have to live with their decisions, and I don't trust them one iota. But I trust Facebook to enforce their own Ts&Cs even less.

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Re: La La La La La La

"holding a third party responsible but getting the money out of them could be way harder."

I think the point, as per the article, is that Facebook et al are not even trying to enforce their own community guidelines and this may be one method to get Facebook et al to at least try to do so instead of using the Ts&Cs as a feel-good fig leaf.

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"I think the Tories would be in a frenzy if massive fines were aimed at UK companies for promoting woman's equality / rights. "

If they do so in a jurisdiction where that is illegal and have a physical or financial presence in said jurisdiction, then yes, they will be fined, either judicially or via extra-judicial bribes. If Facebook et al had no physical or financial presence in the UK and were not making large amounts of money from UK advertisers, then they could quite legitimately tell the Uk Gov to fuck off. UK gov would than have to accept that end either negotiate with Trump to get action or block Facebook. The crucial point being having a physical presence in the relevant jurisdiction.

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Re: Amber "Hashtag" Fudd strikes again ...

Is that the one that's planning on hiring 250,000 new cops at and annual salary of £8000? Or was it something else?

LinkedIn chatbots to help with 'important conversations'

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Re: Old fart here.

"It'll be bloody hilarious if MS try to punt linked in as a genuine source of info for company HR depts!"

They don't need to punt it. HR depts. already think that Linkdin is gospel and use it extensively. HR are nearly as stupid as marketing depts.

SpaceX spin-out plans to put virtual machines in orbit

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Re: FBI won't be raiding this server!

You sure?

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Re: Breaking News....

...ah, bringing a whole new meaning to a system crash.

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Re: Just guessing

..but it should be able to do Space Wars, possibly with added realism.

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Re: "high-speed communications which is only possible from space"

"I haven't got the specific numbers, but consider that satellite TV streams many TV channels simultaneously, lot of them in HD."

Not forgetting it has to all fit in a 50Kg package too.

It's a question worth asking: Why is the FCC boss being such a jerk?

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Re: Bigger Government is never the answer

"Is *THAT* how you *FEEL* (not think) what 'net neutrality' REALLY is about?"

No. And since that negates the rest of your rant, it being based on the above misconception, I'll not bother to waste time replying to that.

Can I assume that you will all for the new American Technology Council?

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Re: Bigger Government is never the answer

"Yeah those Sweeds must be feeling right oppressed now - what with their invasive government, good internet and really high happyness."

Sweeds? Bork! Bork! Bork!

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Re: Bigger Government is never the answer

"If your goal is a more free internet as a conduit of ideas you do not want more government agencies taking control of want has been a free resource without them."

You do realise that net neutrality is about restricting control by corporations, not taking that control for government, don't you?

Net neutrality blowback: Cities say no. Court says whoa. Trumpster blames Canada for not going slow

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Re: Ahem...

Yeah, I was wondering about that Comcast quote. Why are they against net neutrality if they are not going to do anything to break those rules even if the rules aren't there? It seems to me that the current net neutrality is not affecting them in way and they don't intend to allow it, or lack of it, to affect them. Very odd!

What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years

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"to be fair - the longest ive ever run a device was 3 years and by that point it was so out-dated it was barely usable."

Not sure how old my company Galaxy S5 is, but it'd still working fine and showing no signs of being "outdated" or "barely usable". Wifeys Galaxy S2 is also fine and running her required apps, although showing signs of overheating the last few weeks.

Maybe it depends on the users use-case.

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Re: The phone I want

Is a feature phone, but with an LTE wifi hotspot that I can connect my laptop to"

"Isn't that just about any smartphone?"

Did you notice the bit about a "feature phone", with minimal to no security issue that plague "smart" phones?

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Re: Cool planned obsolescence bro

"I now cannot afford the latest gadgets, so i am looking for 5 years use at least from any new purchase"

Under UK (and EU?) consumer protection law, a fault in a product at the time of manufacture is under warranty for the reasonable lifetime of the product, which could be up to 6 years Maybe one day, someone who can afford it will take this to court and get buggy software confirmed as being covered by this since by definition the bugs and security vulnerabilities were faults there at the time of manufacture.

Zeiss, ASML hit back at Nikon in chip-printing patent row

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filing suit in three countries (the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan)

I may be wrong, but surely a judgement in one EU country applies across the EU, so why spend money "filing suit" in both Netherlands and Germany?

KickassTorrents kicked out again, this time by Australia

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Re: Oh my god

"I always wondered about the "organised crime" argument and wonder is that real or just marketing to stop people purchasing pirated material."

I think it may depend on what you think is organised crime. If it's Al Capone and/or the Mafia, then maybe not. But if it's a DVD pressing plant in the Far East or Africa pumping out millions of unlicenced copies in proper cases and printed covers to a quality level that it's not obvious it's a fake, then yes, organised crime is making a lot of profit from "pirated" films.

Mind you, even in the days of Al Capone, there were a lot of seemingly legit businesses acting as fronts to launder the cash from the more overt crimes. Plenty of examples also of "criminal" builders using cheap substandard materials, or even operating a citys rubbish collection/disposal service while avoiding the regulations to illegally increase profits buy unsafely dumping the rubbish. Italy especially and Sicily in particular come to mind.

Huawei used cheap-as-chips chips in some P10s, now buyers want to boil it in oil

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memory price rises throughout 2017...similar pressures in the PC DRAM market.

And Toshiba are still trying to offload the RAM fab business? Seems a bit counter-intuitive.

40,000 Tinder pics scraped into big data service

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IT Angle


Something about gardening implements?

Just delete the internet – pr0n-blocking legislation receives Royal Assent

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"Plus you can still go to Google images and get all the pron you want without every needing to visit another site"

Until Google are required to do age verification before they allow you switch Safe Search off.

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Re: Well, looking forward to the data breach

Nope. MPs (and their families and staff) are exempt from the provisions of the DEB and their ICRs are "expunged".

Is that a lifetime exemption including grandchildren as they grow up or is it just while they are "on the job" (fnarr fnarr)

Bullyboy Apple just blew a $500m hole in our wallet, cries Qualcomm

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Re: My heart bleeds

"Apple are in dispute to the point they're refusing to pay the license fee I'd suggest they also stop using the technology that is at the centre of the dispute."

Yes, isn't this how capitalism and the free market is supposed to work? As consumers, we get told to vote with our wallets and go somewhere else if we aren't happy with a product. So why don't Apple do this too? What's that you say, there is no choice? Well we consumers get told continually that we always have a choice, even if that choice is to accept the conditions/prices or do without.

Need the toilet? Wanna watch a video ad about erectile dysfunction?

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Re: air dryers - ugh

The high-speed air dryers don't have heaters as far as I can tell. They stay cold unless run longer than the standard time so it's likely only waste heat from the motor that eventually warms up the air and certainly not hot enough to kill any bugs festering inside them.

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Re: air dryers - ugh

"Take a bacteria-rich environment, and then pump warm damp air over a dark surface such as the interior of the blower. What could possibly go wrong?"

Wrong? How about the places which have both paper towels and air dryers and place the waste bin full of wet paper towels directly under the air dryer, for added dispersion joy.

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Re: Bog Design

"Who washes their hands but then can't be bothered to dry them?"

I do a lot of driving, which sometimes requires stopping at a motorway services for a quick slash. It's mind boggling how many people who

a) don't wash their hands at all,

b) press the tap and wave their hands near the water or

c) at least wet their hands in the water before walking out with wet hands.

Many times, it's the people in suits, freshly pressed shirts and probably an expensive car outside.

O (n^2) Canada! Code bugs knacker buses, TV, broadband, phone lines

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Re: didn't notice

"or maybe the issue wasn't widespread."

According to the article, "1000's" of about 2 million were affected, nationwide, so the odds are pretty good for an individual to not be affected. In their favour though, they said a "significant" number were affected instead of the more usual and mealy mouthed "a small number" we usually see.

Linux Mint-using terror nerd awaits sentence for training Islamic State

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Re: USB cufflinks.

"A Linux user with a tie?"

Of course. Many do. You just can't see it due to the beard!

'I feel violated': Engineer who pointed out traffic signals flaw fined for 'unlicensed engineering'

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"Of course where I live you can't pump your own gas, but you can pump your own petrol. :-) LPG has high safety requirements..."

Many UK forecourts have self-service LPG "pumps".

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Re: Not regulated?

"I'm sure the Institute of Engineering and Technology is looking after the interests of professional engineers in the UK. Not."

It's way, way too late for that, at least in terms of the use of "engineer". In the UK at least, "engineer" became the guy who operated the then static steam engines at the beginnings of the industrial revolution.

M6 crowned crappiest motorway for 4G signal

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Re: Android vs iOS stats

If you are implying that El Reg are Apple fanbois, then you must be very new around these here parts, pardner!

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

Re: Bloody hell

"How were cellcos in Britain allowed to get away with such poor coverage?"

They only have half the income because they are only allowed to charge the people making the calls and not the ones receiving them :-p

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

I've not driven up much of the M6 for a few years now, but there was a stretch in the hills where there wasn't even FM coverage apart from Classic FM.

And anyway, who cares about 4G coverage on the motorways? I'd be happy if there was at least better 2G coverage.

Waiter? There's a mouse in my motherboard and this server is greasy!

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Re: Chain restaurant?

Can I have fries with that downvote please?

John Brown (no body) Silver badge

Chain restaurant?

If it's the type of place I think it is, then it is, at best, a cafe. Any place where you have to queue up to order your food then carry it yourself to a table is not a restaurant in my book.

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"Computers in reprographic shops are likely to get clogged up with toner dust. "

I found the best solution for computers in dusty environments was to reverse the PSU fan, ideally by taking out and remounting it the "wrong" way around. Slap a sheet of bog-roll over what is now the intake and tell the user to put a fresh sheet on every day. This massively reduced the numbers of service calls. This was some years ago so the PSU fan was usually the only fan in there. If there was a case fan at the front, then that also was reversed to become an extractor instead of intake.

Just how screwed is IT at the Home Office?

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Re: Bah!

"please let it bring us a new Home Secretary)."

We've had quite a few Home Secretaries over the last decade or two who, no matte which party, all seem to end up singing from the same hymn sheet eventually. T May was one of them.

Super-secure Pi-stuffed nomx email server box given a good probing

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Re: Must have been made by...

...you forgot agile too.

China launches aircraft carrier the length of 2.1 brontosaurs

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Re: "What will China use their new aircraft carrier for?"

That's a valid question from a nation who sort of has an aircraft carrier but no suitable aircraft to fly from it.

FTC urged to probe easily penetrated telly-enabled teledildonic toy

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Re: This is USA Inc

not to mention the very high level of (outwardly at least) christian fundys in US politics, the debates in the Houses over a Bill originating over a hackable IoT dildo should be something worth buying a ticket for!

FYI: You can blow Intel-powered broadband modems off the 'net with a 'trivial' packet stream

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Re: I spoke to Virgin

"Apparently watching sport is quite popular. Who knew?"

So the idiocracy is popular? Personally, I'd just offer them more cake!

TalkTalk HackHack DuoDuo PleadPlead GuiltyGuiltyGuiltyGuilty

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Re: admitted stealing

"The problem is not in removing the copy. It's with making the copy."

Ah, so it's a copyright violation?

Off with their heads!

Unplug the Bitcoin miner and do us all a favour: Antminer has remote shutdown flaw

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Is there any value to "mining" bitcoins other than the artificial value of money? ie is it just creating "money" out of thin air or does someone pay for the results of the "mining" and if so, what are they getting for their money?

FCC's Pai: I am going to kill net neutrality in US

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Free speech?

on an unregulated, non-neutral internet? Yeah, only if you can afford it.

I also find it interesting the the US Government tried to intervene in the law-making process of the sovereign nation of Canada over net neutrality. Why, that's nearly as bad as trying to influence an election!

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Re: Yet another example

"Of why I think the only way forward for the US out of this partisan mess we're in is to amend the Constitution to require a 2/3 majority from both the house and senate to pass legislation."

And disallow unrelated "riders" on Bills. Do you really want every bit of legislation, good or bad, to end up like the attempts to pass the budget?

European Court of Justice lays down the law on Kodipocalypse

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Thumb Up

Re: pre loaded

And the Vero, although personally, I just use a couple of Pi 2's with OSMC installed.

Try to sell stuff through Facebook Marketplace and get locked out for 72 hours – nice one, Zuck

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Facial recognition across the entire facebook estate will likely identify, with a degree a certainty, many of their users who will be tagged in other photos. The 72 hours thing implies that there is some level of human interaction in the process.

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