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Google threatens Chrome address bar with death


Nothing to see here

Anyone else notice that everything referenced here is under "Chromium OS" -- there's little chance they'll make these changes to the Chrome browser itself.

Changes like this make sense in the context of the Chromium OS sitting on a chromebook, on which vertical space comes at a premium.

'The New Kingmakers': Tech giants pay for the love of coders


Developers as Commodities

"but most people working in IT are commodities to be exploited for commercial gain"

Absolutely. In my experience, many developers are just widgets -- brought in with a particular skill set to solve a particular problem and then that's it. A worrying trend has been the increase in headhunters and hirers looking primarily for experience with specific frameworks as opposed to people who honestly know how to code and complete a project. This is the next step in the commoditisation of developers -- but suffers from the same shortsightedness. I may not know Ruby, but I've had plenty of experience with similar languages and could pick it up quickly. I may not know Django or whatever the flavour of the month is, but I know MVC and solid design principles and could learn your framework quickly.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

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darn fine game

Have been playing this with the mates in beta since May. We all had been in high school when the original first came out and played it obsessively then, I suspect it will be no different this go around. I'm very impressed with the campaign mode so far (am about six missions in as of now), the story is good and it's sufficiently challenging on the harder modes. Multiplayer seems to be blissfully free of trash-talking 12-year-olds, at least for now.


Wacom Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display



The current version does use a glass surface combined with a protective coating.

Only the first versions of the 21UX had acrylic surfaces, which were definitely prone to scratching.

Leica M9 rangefinder camera

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Not for me, but..

glad to see Leica getting it right for a digital body. I'd have a hard time giving up my hojillion autofocus points in my DSLR for the center-focus-recompose of a rangefinder, but for PJs and street-shooting (who wouldn't necessarily need to focus with shallow DOF) this would be absolutely magnificent. If I had the extra currency laying about I'd seriously want one for travel photography.

Final Fantasy XIII ate my Playstation


Happened to me - briefly

What happened to me wasn't exactly "bricking" (my ps3 retained functionality after the incident), but there was a specific point several hours into the game during which a cutscene was robbed of all audio and would eventually lock up compleatly. A reboot of the system was enough to restore the ps3, however any further attempts to play the game resulted in the same lock.

A system update from Sony ended up solving the issue, and I was able to continue playing (whether or not this is a Good Thing is up to you, Dear Reader).

Usenet's home shuts down today


Do the wave

Sounds like your group is an ideal candidate for Google Wave!

..mine's the one with the battered Hokusai print in.

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