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Confirmed by cockup: New iPhones will be named 5S and 5C


Re: The only phone upgrade required..

I would also suggest a darn good aerial (for good reception).

I have yet to see any review of any mobile actually provide a reception test review - lets face it , the darn thing is a mobile phone so if you cannot make and receive calls because the phone does not pick up the 3G signal from the mast then it is not fulfilling the basic requirement of the use case.

Total cost of that axed NHS IT FIASCO to taxpayers: £10.1bn


Re: Just wait


What do you mean when...


So, you gonna foot this '$200bn' hacking bill, insurance giants asked


so who is liable for the internet breach

If you have some application servers in AWS, some in Google and / or some in Azure, storage in some other on-line vendors space and some on site kit as well, all of which communicate application /data over the (public domain) internet, who is liable for the breach in security when someone sniffs the traffic between end points? Regardsless of the encryption used, there still a serious security hole that would probably be excluded from insurance cover.

Are the insurers going to employ lots of CLAS consultants to assess the risk and who will foot the cost for that - oh look the person being insured....

Coalition agreement website exposes database password



try the 'transparency' link on the programme for govt web site - I got:

Bad Gateway

The following error occurred:


So much for beeing transparent

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