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Modern Warfare 3 teaser trailer reveals terror on the tube

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Modern Warfare 3

Let's hope they make up for Blackop's......

Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live

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PS3 all day

Ps3 is by far the best and heres why !

Blu Ray



itv player

free psn which fine in my eyes yea a few glitches here and there but Jesus its free ! live with it !.

blue-tooth headsets so we can choose

Interchangeable hard drives !

Games are cheaper!


PS3's version of Avatars kick ass your own virtual world

Rechargeable battery built into controllers

Built in Wireless adapter

3d games user has the correct TV

can also use games on PSP

PS3 is by far more customizable

I can add alot more dont want to get abused by Bill's army !

The year's best... console games

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Blackops !

In my opinion it has to be CoD Blackops,

It is everything I want in a game the multi-player is just out of this world yea its got its glitches and bugs but so close to perfection with all the new game modes that have been developed.

Super Street Fighter IV

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Well Worth the money

Played it loved it and now love the online system

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