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GiffGaff in data spaff, goodybag gaffe: ICO says its 'avin a laff

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"Its actually a criminal offence not to register with the Information Commissioner."

Except if you are exempt... Did you not read the various comments up-thread?

Top bosses admit: Tweets, Facebook Likes influence decisions

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"60% of the time they are wrong."

Seems good odds to me...

Trust lawyers, not techies, when it comes to the cloud

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Lawyer gives advice for free

fly for your life, the end of the world is nigh...

Watch out, world! Ofcom is off the leash to bite radio jammers

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Watchdog back in the kennel after the Olympics

Still toothless, even out of it's kennel.

I wonder how it feels to be gummed to death by a toothless watchdog, or drowned in a sea of slobber...

New UK curriculum ramps up lessons in SPAAAACE

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@Benjamin 4

If you are not trolling, then I can only think that you struggle with mental arithmetic. Do you really mean that you have to work out what 5 x 4 or 6 x 6 are every time you need to use them, instead of just knowing the answer?

That is the point of the exercise - not wasting time working out simple multiplication every time you need the result.

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So, in summary, they're going to change the curriculum back to how it was twenty years ago?

Oracle gobbles upstart Facebook, Instagram biz tout

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Oracle Gobbles Upstart Facebook

...was how I first read that, and I thought Larry had got a new bitch...

Special Projects Burro pops his hooves

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Bye, bye Burro...

Sorry to hear that, a real shame.

ICO: Managed to comply with Cookies Law? Go help the other kids

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"What we want is an element of consistency where an organisation doing something properly can then disseminate that practice among their colleagues in similar sectors,"

Hmm, "an organisation doing something properly " is not likely to be anything to do with the UK government, then, is it?

What is SpaceX Dragon's secret cargo?

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What was that??

Oh, just a Monty Python reference passing overhead...

UK prosecutions for hacking appear to be be dropping

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the latest figures are from 2 years ago, so really this means nothing. "Hacking" prosecutions have almost certainly risen again over the last couple of years, as the activities of Anonymous and others have raised the public profile, and therefore the supposed seriousness of the crimes.

Will UK.gov crack down on itself for missing Cookie Law deadline?

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Re: So Google Analytics now ok?

>>how can you be spanked for non-complience when you have no control over the code being used in the iframe?

To quote from another article:

"But the ICO will consider that websites will be responsible for all cookies on their site: even if the cookies come from third parties – for example from adverts provided by an advertising service. Sites that host advertising need to talk to their advertisers about what cookies the advertisers are serving up and then pass that information onto users.

"It's a complicated chain, I know," said the deputy commissioner, saying that they were in talks with advertising bodies about standards."

So, it's All Your Fault, even when it isn't...

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Re: Is this legal?

>>I introduced my desktop to 250ml of sparkling water last Friday

I take it the desktop didn't like that very much

ICO on new Cookie Law: 'Don't expect torrent of enforcement action'

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Does not compute...

We don't expect all organisations not compliant on the 27th to have some evidence of taking action to be compliant.


Shouldn't that be

We expect all organisations not compliant on the 27th to have some evidence of taking action to be compliant.

Iran threatens to chuck sueball at Google over missing gulf

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Re: Finally

English Channel?

Oh, you mean La Manche...

75,000 Raspberry Pi baked before August

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“Pi sales have overtaken Arduino in an instant”

Sales maybe, but deliveries? Not so much...

Road deaths spark crackdown on jaywalking texter menace

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Re: Where is a lamp post when you need it?

>>A few weeks ago on a Sunday, saw a woman reading a book, holding an umbrella, walking along a pavement.

See, proof that women CAN multi-task...

BOFH: Siri, why do users lie?

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PIN not PIN Number

Yes, it's a tautology, but it's in such common usage that I feel pedantry on the subject is wasted.

Boffins crack on with ultimate roboass

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You deserve at least one of these, if not more, for the caption on the photo.

And I need a new keyboard as well...

Hated Visual Studio 11 beta in HIGH-ENERGY colour blast

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"a lot of actionable feedback"

that's "actionable" as in "we've taken the comments on board, and will address them", not "actionable" as in "we could sue you for this"?

London Olympics 'not immune' to cyber attack

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Re: Be prepared

...and don't try copying it to a usb stick in the kitchen...

Revealed: Inside super-soaraway Pinterest's virtual data centre

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Re: what on earth...

Thanks for the replies, never heard the term before.

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what on earth...

...is a sharded database?

Basic instinct: how we used to code

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old memories

Having learned basic on a TRS80 I then went on to use Borland Turbo-Basic on a 286 running DOS 5. It felt like proper programming, as it would compile to an exe or a com and would accept assembler inline as well. Great for writing TSRs

Star Trek role-players' privates sniffed by alien invader

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>>The studio said it had reset passwords and sent emails out to all affected online role-players.<<

For a data breach that happened 2 years ago! I think they might as well not have bothered, any compromises will have taken place ages ago.

Talk about closing the stable door... the horse has bolted, found a new owner, and sired three foals by now...

Educating Rory: Are BBC reporters unteachable?

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Educating Rory: Are BBC Reporters Unteachable?

Umm, Yes?

Like all journalists, once he's worked out his "angle", he's not going to go back on that or change it. And, like most journalists, he knows bugger all about the subject he is pontificating about.

Apple sued for every touchscreen device by Flatworld prof

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Re: Prior art

FatsBrannigan wrote:

>>Well, some of the patents that he cites contain prior art relating to gestural control. I think he's going to have a hard time claiming credit for inventing it when his own patent citations weaken the case.<<

But he's not claiming he invented it, he is merely saying that Apple's implementation of touch gestures infringe on the patent he was granted.

Gore, Bush, and Berners-Lee rock into 'net Hall of Fame

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Re: But it _is_ the "Internet Hall of Fame"

Yes, the Internet, not the World Wide Web. Don't mistake the one for the other. So for the Internet yes, definitely Hayes et al should get a mention, the advent of comparatively cheap, accessible commercially available modems made the difference in terms of consumers ability to access to the networks, which was the real start of the internet.

Getting rich off iPhone apps is b*llocks, say UK devs

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Investment capital

I rather think the main point being made here, is don't expect internet services to be a get-rich-quick scheme on which to base the country's economy. It seems that someone in the present government, or civil service, has Had A Thought, and decided we can become great again by writing lots of Apps.

Unfortunately, Britain / UK has always been famously bad at providing long-term investment capital for new ideas, hence the loss of so many engineering and other skills. I think it's true to say we could have been world leaders in a number of manufacturing or engineering niches, not least of which being computer hardware and software, had real venture capital been available.

Trojan sneaks into hotel, slurps guests' credit card data

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I find it amusing, but also appropriate

...that the acronyms for Point-Of-Sale and Piece-Of-Shit should be identical.

Renault Twizy budget e-car

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Re: What is it about the brief, "Design an Electric Vehicle" that cripples all aesthetic sense?

I think that, in order to make it "sleeker" one would have to make it longer and wider - and therefore heavier - and so would lose it's nippiness, manoeuvrability and comparatively low price tag, as well as it's "almost-a-moped-but-better" credentials. That said, I have to agree, it's not pretty.

Scientists plan 3D printable robots for the home

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They look like Stargate Replicators to me

Analogue switch-off hits London today

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Re: Farewell, snow-filled pictures

Speaking to a work colleague this morning who is in the capital, it's apparently a lovely warm sunny day. Meanwhile, here in the Peak District every window is a snow-filled picture, and more falling every minute...

Condom compartment hidden in iPhone case

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We should only encourage...

...any efforts made to stop iPhone owners from breeding unchecked.

Steve Jobs biopic

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Re: Kutcher

Wozniak? Ricky Tomlinson.


Coders' 'lives sucked out' by black-and-white Visual Studio 11

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Re: real coders use notepad

Nope, you're all wrong, real coders use front panel switches

RIM retracts denial on consumer devices: Pulls out, spins in circle

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Re: What??


cock - male bird specifically chicken (see rooster)

capon - a castrated rooster

wattle - a fleshy growth under the chin of a male chicken

comb - the fleshy appendage on a male chicken's head

spurred - the rearward toe of a chicken's foot is often called a spur

coop - a place where chickens are kept


Use the holy word of God to stay secure online, says bishop

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Look, I'd had a lovely supper, and all I said to my wife was: "That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah!

Brazilian cops hunt pillaging 'gang of blondes'

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Re: why not have a second "under duress" pin code

because you just know that the average punter (who has enough trouble remembering One pin, let alone two) will at some point type in the wrong one, or, more likely, will not remember the alternative pin at the crucial time due to brown-trouser issues.

Senators chime in on employers’ Facebook snooping

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Re: Mini-poll


If I had a FB account I can't see any reason why any employer should expect be granted access to my login details, they would be welcome to view the public profile, but why should any employer require your personal login.

As mentioned elsewhere some high security employers may require a vetting process - access to your bank statements etc, but even then, they wouldn't ask for your online banking password, would they?

I cannot see why any employer anywhere would think they have any rights to any personal login credentials, to anything. Would you give your employer your google mail account details, or your ebay account details?

Microsoft takes down ZeuS botnets

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"The operations resulted in the dismantling of two IP addresses behind the ZeuS ‘command-and-control’ structure."

So... how do you dismantle an IP address?

Tear off each octet and hammer it into submission?

Or just forcibly remove the dots so it all falls apart...

London fire brigade outsources 999 control centre to Capita

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Even if they don't offshore it...

...do you really want emergency calls and dispatch decisions being handled by minimum-wage call centre drones like the rest of Capita uses?

Musk muses on middle-class Mars colony

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...or maybe BarsooM would be more accurate

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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Re: The Matrix 2

FatsBrannigan wrote: "At least with the Matrix series, they only ripped off bits several dozen uncredited books, rather than gutting a single name and loved book."

And on that note, I would like to nominate "I Robot"

Euro antitrust watchdog sniffs telcos' back-door hot air

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Euro antitrust watchdog sniffs telcos' back-door hot air


Boffins unlock gorilla genome, find lazy sperm gene

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Re: Our three great apes . . .

Chimpanzees are of the genus "Pan" which is normally agreed to have two distinct species: Pan paniscus (the Bonobo) and Pan troglodytes (the common Chimpanzee).

Dogs, however are all considered to be a single species, Canis familiaris.

The distinction is due to the amount of differences between the DNA of the types, and also whether it is genetically possible for different types to interbreed - in the case of dogs, apart from sheer physical incompatability any breed of dog can produce viable offspring with any other breed of dog.

This is not believed to be possible between robust and gracile chimps.

Anonymous web weapon backfires with hidden banking Trojan

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Re: Sorry, no.

Hey El Reg, you need a new print cartridge, this web page hasn't printed properly...

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Who can they blame?

it was /Anonymous/ malware pedlars who swiped the template of a guide to launching denial-of-service attacks from Pastebin.

Asteroid could SMASH INTO EARTH in 2040

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The most important thing...

...is Bruce Willis still going to be alive by 2040?

If not we're doomed I tell ya, DOOMED!

Moore's Law leaves mobile networks ripe for attack

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final solution

"He advised countries to check the record of their local supplier, disable software updates, and consider leaving the phone at home altogether."

In fact, you could connect the phone by a wire to a central point, which then connects you to the world, thus avoiding using GSM altogether.

Wait, what do you mean, it's been done?

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