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Apple Watch fanbois suffer PAINFUL RASH after sweaty wristjob action

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Has the human race really degenerated to the extent that they need to be told that wearing a watch strap (or other close fitting, non porous item) can cause a rash due to the build up of sweat between the strap and the skin?

I suppose Apple will face a class action now, instead of the litigants being told to fuck off and grow up.

It's nearly as bad as having to mark a packet of Dry Roasted Peanuts with a warning sign:


Major London rail station reveals system passwords during TV documentary

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The signalling application would appear to be running on Windows XP as well, the default border and taskbar colours rather give it away...

Who thinks Microsoft Edge sucks? Erm, Microsoft

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Re: Hatters Will Hate!


You're a mad hatter you are...

BATWINGED DINO-PIGEON causes FLAP in bone-boffinry circles

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Nature editor Henry Gee, a palaeontologist and evolutionary biologist, said a feathered dinosaur with a wing membrane "is not something anyone would ever have expected to find."

As a complete lay-person, I wonder why that's the case.

If it's accepted that there is an evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds, then to me, there must have been a point in the evolutionary process where you would have pre-bird lizards with some type of wing, or post-lizard birds with wings, and therefore the existence of fossils of these must have been expected to exist, even if no-one had yet found one?

The fact that there are no obvious signs of feathers on the wing doesn't mean it's much different anatomically to present day birds - feathers on flight surfaces were perhaps a later refinement.

My roast chicken this weekend had a wing membrane without feathers...

UK rail comms are safer than mobes – for now – say infosec bods

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Network Rail already have an existing countrywide telecommunications infrastructure which is completely independent of public communications and the internet, so they may not be as susceptible to external attacks as some other industries.

Whether they choose to make use of that network, though, or whether they consider this an opportunity to cut costs and use the internet instead, remains to be seen.

Google officially doubles EU lobbying – but true figure is surely higher

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More chocolate dessert, Commissioner?

...and finally, sir, a wafer-thin mint?

Range Rover Sport: Like a cathedral on wheels, only with comfier pews

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Re: re: If I was looking for an SUV ...

when did they stop making repairable Land Rovers.

Well I reckon it was the later model 300Tdi - so '87 onwards? when they introduced the ECUs in both the Defender and Discovery. Prior to that I reckon they were still completely fixable by a knowledgeable home mechanic.

I started with a Series 2A SWB in 1983, and have owned (and fixed) most types of Land Rover since then at some stage or another.

I really dislike the fact that my D2 is mostly black boxes, but it's still possible to do stuff yourself (like the injector loom) to stave off the effects of old age.

The D3 onwards however, you've got no chance...

Alister Silver badge

Re: If I was looking for an SUV...

And why do people still bang on about reliability? There are no unreliable cars anymore, it's not 1981 and we don't pull out chokes and flood cylinders.

The Land Rover brand has had a well deserved reputation for poor reliability with their recent vehicles, particularly to do with their electronics and electrical systems. The early Discovery 4s in particular were known to suffer from various problems on a regular basis.

However, I do believe most of these have been sorted in the last few years.

From my own experience in a Discovery 2, the wiring loom to the ECU has required replacement due to oil contamination twice now, due to poor design, and the sunroofs are known to leak badly, although mine doesn't have this problem.

Alister Silver badge

Is there actually any mechanical difference (or size difference) between this Range Rover Sport, and the Range Rover (Vogue or Autobiography)?

Looking at the site, it would seem not, the LWB version is available in all three ranges.

I thought originally the Range Rover Sport was smaller than the mainstream Range Rover but this seems not to be the case now.

They all seem to be getting bigger as time goes on, my Discovery Series 2 looks positively tiny compared to a new Range Rover, even the new Freelander is nearly as big.

Your new car will dob you in to the cops if you crash, decrees EU

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Re: Anyone else wonder...

Pray tell, are there any actual downsides to permanent driving lights?


Pedestrians and other road users stop looking for vehicles, and just look for lights. So any vehicle without its lights on becomes invisible (or it certainly appears to be).

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Re: Gah!

The most often quoted idea is to replace the airbag in the steering wheel with a big spike...

People would definitely be a bit more careful then.

Fukushima nuke plant owner told to upgrade from Windows XP

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Re: Please come visit Fukushima. Seriously.

I went to the exclusion zone last year. 200,000 displaced people living in containers. They want to return to their land, where the souls of their ancestors live, but they will never be allowed to go back.

Ahuh. And this is all due to the Daiichi plant, and not, for instance, the fact that little of the towns and villages they lived in exist anymore, having been swept away or utterly destroyed by a Tsunami?

Alister Silver badge

There's no suggestion that the accident was in any way related to XP

Well, no, I shouldn't think there was, seeing as XP doesn't have built in planetary control, and the cause of the accident was a bloody big wave .

Romanian rozzers round up alleged $15 MILLION ATM cybercrim gang

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Ah... First read that as DIDCOT - couldn't think why a sleepy Oxfordshire town would be involved in Romanian cybercrime.

New antenna supports all three wireless charging standards

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One thing to bring them all and in the darkness charge them

Yep, this deserves at least one of these >>>

Surveillance, broadband, zero hours: Tech policy in a UK hung Parliament

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But the SNP doesn’t get away Scot-free

Yes, well that would be self defeating, sort of...

Crap ad app hack hole affects '100 MEELLLION'

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Crap ad app hack hole

For some reason, I find that collection of syllables almost impossible to say correctly, you should promote it as a tongue twister.

Russian space geckos caught on film playing with jeweled collar

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Just goes to show, females of any species can be distracted by shiny...

Fed-up Colorado man takes 9mm PISTOL to vexing Dell PC

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I think that may invalidate his warranty...

Thank heavens for the silicon chip: A BRIEF history of data

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I'm surprised you don't mention spreadsheets in the article. If anything helped to push the use of computers in day-to-day business, it was the introduction of Visi-Calc and its later imitators.

Google versus the EU: Sigh. You can't exploit a contestable monopoly

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Re: So....


..you were happy with IE bundled on Windows then?

Sigh... The same old comparison being drawn.

This is NOT the same. Nobody is forced to use Google as a search engine. It is a personal choice. Indeed, for IE / Windows users, it requires a user to consciously change from the default which is Bing.

And even if you do use Google as your search engine, no one is forced to click on any particular one of the search results returned.

If a company wants to appear at the top of a particular set of results, they can pay for a sponsored link, but even if they don't do that, they will still appear in the organic results depending on their relevance.

Google does not hide or refuse to show links to competitors. What Google may do is give preference to their own services, but it does not force you to select them.

Mortgage data splashed all over the net. Thanks HSBC Finance

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Re: Oops...

When the full scope of this gets out, HSBC will be scurrying to find a new business to be in, such as dog poop collector!

I am saddened by your trusting naivete.

What HSBC will be doing, after all this has come out, is just what they are doing now. No action will be taken, and they will swan along as before.

So why exactly does almost ALL tech live in Silicon Valley?

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Re: Another question

would a few cluster bombs in Dallas sort out the troll problem

But then you would wake up, and find it was all a dream.

APT group hacks cyber-spy gang in spy-on-spy pwnage

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Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room

or, how I learned to love the Bomb...


IWF took down over 31,000 child sexual abuse URLs in 2014

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The IWF spokesperson told The Register: "The most effective way to disrupt the availability of child sexual abuse material is removal at source. We consider the filtering of known child sexual abuse imagery based on our URL list as an important, yet temporary, measure while awaiting removal at source."

Glad to hear this. Too many people in positions of power seem to think that simply blocking URLs will make the problem go away.

Selfie sticks BANNED by Apple: No hipster tools' tools allowed at WWDC

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Ha, love it!

HOT HOVERSHIP-ON-HOVERSHIP ACTION: SpaceX ready for barge boing

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within 10m .... come on Reg, would that be minutes? miles? metres?

The SI unit of length is the metre, denoted by the symbol "m".


Soil and sand harden as SPEEDING MISSILES and METEORS SLAM into GROUND – boffins

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oooh....posh words. On all the sites I've worked on, it was called a "wacker"


Given the debauched nature of the majority of commentards, I hesitated to type "hit repeatedly with a whacker"...

Alister Silver badge

So, these scientists have never laid a patio then? Otherwise they might have come across the idea that you compact sand into a hard surface (on which to lay your concrete slabs) by hitting it repeatedly with a tamper device?

PHYSICS APPLECART UPSET as dark energy disappears, Universe slams on brakes

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Re: Paper or plastic

The bag bang? Are you suggesting that some playful Creator 'startled' the universe into being?

Absolutely, there are traces of the Universal Crisp Packet going back right to the moment before the Bag Bang, although scientists are unsure at this moment whether Salt-and-Vinegar, or Cheese-and-Onion were the catalytic ingredients.

ICANN urges US, Canada: Help us stop the 'predatory' monster we created ... dot-sucks!

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I thought the originally stated intention of Vox Pop. was that they would not allow defensive registrations by companies at all. It would appear that the money was too good to miss...

Blaze it: US drug cops taken to court to ensure all dragnet snooping records are destroyed

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If I break into your house or car, but don't steal or break anything, were you harmed?

Err, well presumably you've done some damage by breaking in, so yes I would be harmed.

If not, then I wouldn't know about it, so no, I wouldn't be harmed.

You can't equate data slurping to breaking into a house though.

Alister Silver badge

The activists claim the collection of telephone conversation records is unconstitutional, and causes "irreparable harm" to people.

The thing is, whilst the routine interception of calls and collection of data is almost certainly unconstitutional, and definitely wrong ethically and morally, I can't see how you show that it can, of itself, cause "irreparable harm" to a person. It's simply not the case.

Only if someone acts on the information gathered, is it possible for there to be any actual harm to anyone, I would have said.

Do androids dream of herding electric sheep?

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Re: I have to say a big thumbs up for............

I think Arctic Fox was referring to the article sub-heading, not the previous poster.

This will crack you up: US drug squad's phone call megaslurp dates back to 1990s

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Until 1911 the US had no nation wide drug law to enforce. We were not falling apart back then, despite a history going back since time started;

...or at least back since 1776. I think time started a little earlier...

Met Police in egg/face blunder as shop-a-crim site's SSL cert expires

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An anonymous tip-off told The Register the certificate expired yesterday, leaving the public without a secure means of visiting the site over both days.

This is nonsense, the traffic is still encrypted, you just don't get confirmation you're connected to who you think you are.

With shocking disregard for the most basic standards of web security,

Um, El Reg doesn't even offer https connectivity, which is more shocking?

It's the FALKLANDS SYNDROME! Fukushima MELTDOWN to cause '10,000 Chernobyls' in South Atlantic

Alister Silver badge

@Marketing Hack

One of the "features" of the new aircraft carriers, is the total lack of catapults installed...

So I'm afraid any "black sheep" would have to be shoved overboard by hand, unless they could find a plank to walk off...

Other than that, your plan sounds good.


Alister Silver badge

So this is why they built those aircraft carriers that can't carry aircraft... I knew the British Government couldn't be that stupid...

Netflix teams with AWS to launch VHS-as-a-service

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"classic 1980s programs, and modern content, are streamed in a form that approximates the unbelievably bad video quality of the VHS video cassette."

I thought they'd been doing this for years!

Alister Silver badge

What gave it away for me, was this sentence...

The Reg understands Netflix will announce a 41 day countdown for the service's commencement, starting at 4:01 today.

Even though it is in bastardised US notation...

This one weird trick deletes any YouTube flick in just a few clicks

Alister Silver badge

He says he spent seven hours finding the bugs and resisted the near overwhelming urge to "clean up Bieber's channel".

He's got more restraint than I would have had...

and bloody One Direction as well...

and your little dawg...

Going strictly hands-off: Managing your data centre from afar

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My core servers, and core applications are all in a data centre - or actually, multiple data centres - but as nearly all of them are virtual machines, and the hardware is NMP (Not my Problem) I no longer have to worry about IPKVM and Serial consoles.

I'm bloody glad they existed before the wonders of P to V made my life easier, though, "Smart Hands" support is no substitute for watching the thing boot yourself.

Don't listen to me, I don't know what I'm talking about – a pundit speaks

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What the Puck!

Spinning Rust is DEAD... um... except it isn't...

Tape is DEAD... oh, no, hang on, lads.

Flash is DEAD... maybe... just a little bit... or not... as the case may be...

Paper is Sooo last century... Just print me that email, will you...

UN inflicts 10,000 flat pack IKEA shelters on Iraq - WITHOUT TOOLS

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Place Tab "A" in Slot "B"

fold at line "C"

Dutch companies try warming homes with cloud servers

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I have 6 HP GL360s in a rack in my cellar, (along with switches and so on) just under the floorboards of the kitchen, which provides a nice bit of underfloor heating.

The only drawback is the constant muted roar... But, having said that, it's not much louder than the central heating pump in my dad's house.

So, you know those exciting movie-style 3D visual cyber attack ops centres?

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MooD's Chief Strategy Officer, Dick Whittington

Some parents have a lot to answer for...

Where's his cat?, And why isn't he Lord Mayor of London?

Taylor Swift snaps up EVEN MORE pr0n domain names

Alister Silver badge

Maybe she's considering a career change?

We need copyright reform so Belgians can watch cricket, says MEP

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That said, I'm so used to the German voices for certain actors that watching films and series in English is often funny. For example, I was watching NCIS LA on Prime and noticed about half way through the first season, that it was also available in English, I switched and the actors' voices were so high pitched and squeaky, compared to their German voice overs, they suddenly didn't sound half so tough!

I wonder if this is the old time compression issue? Older American TV shows and movies were filmed at 24 frames per second, but to play them back over the European PAL TV system, they have to be speeded up by 4% - which makes the voices slightly higher pitched. The dubbed German voices will be at the correct pitch.

My self-driving cars may lead to human driver ban, says Tesla's Musk

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"your wait is over"

I'm sorry, but there's a couple of opportunities on the second video where you can see that the bloke is steering - and therefore I would assume, driving

The manouver where he cuts in front of the bus to turn right is clearly a human move, an autonomous car would not have left it until last minute to be in the correct lane.

Alister Silver badge

Self-driving cars are "almost a solved problem," says Tesla Motors boss Elon Musk

Yes, in the respect of physically, technically how to make an autonomous vehicle, however, that's a long, long way from integrating self-driving cars into existing traffic flows.

I've noticed that in all the gushing publicity, from Musk, and Google, and others, they show autonomous cars chugging around in isolation, or with a few carefully trained test drivers in other vehicles.

I can't wait to see a self-drive car in a rush hour at a big intersection or roundabout...

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