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Ex-staffer sues UK's DWP, claims superior blabbed confidential medical info

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Re: The clue's in the name.....

"ethnically challenged"

Really? Wow, no wonder you posted anonymously.

But you're not a racist, or a bigot, I can tell...

Dodgy parking firms to be denied access to Brit driver database

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To Whit:

To Whoo?

If you've ever wondered whether the FCC boss is a Big Cable stooge – well, wonder no more

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Re: lost interest in the 2nd paragraph

gotta say trump is a genius. far more intelligent that that trope Teresuh May.

You don't actually know what a "trope" is, do you.

How sad.

Julian Assange to UK court: Put an end to my unwarranted Ecuadorean couch-surf

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Re: Expensive

Why is this man so special?

Because he considered himself to be above the law, and took delight in flaunting it.

How many other bail jumpers would this amount of money be spent on trying to bring them to court?

Not many. But how many other bail jumpers have claimed political asylum in a London Embassy and then held regular press-conferences so we don't forget him?

Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors

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The crucial point that all these politicians seem to be missing is that the knowledge and technology to do end-to-end encryption now exists.

No matter what laws are passed, criminals and terrorists are, by their nature, not law abiding, and therefore will ignore those laws, and continue to use the technology.

It is not possible to remove the ability to create end-to-end encryption, now it exists, all you can do is disadvantage law-abiding citizens.

France gives les citoyens the right to cock up official paperwork

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Re: OK, commentards ....

Bouliquement is apparently a colloquial alternative to manifestement to mean "blatantly"

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Re: "Forgot your tax return, mon ami? Pas de problem!"

That's one elver problem, right there...

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Re: "ne-c’est pas?"

What's "une blague" ?

Eet eez, how you say, "A joke" ne-c’est pas?

Oh how we are laughing at zee silly Eengleesh...

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Re: "Forgot your tax return, mon ami? Pas de problem!"

Mais monsieur, avec ce pédantisme vous nous gâtez vraiment.

Camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest for Botox-enhanced pouts

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Re: I seem to recall...

Indeed, YouBastard, as I recall...


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Beer goggles

That headline photo... Phwoooaaar!

Elon Musk offered no salary, $55bn bonus to run Tesla for a decade

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Why the need for additional bonuses?

Well he needs some small change for the meter.

Aut-doh!-pilot: Driver jams 65mph Tesla Model S under fire truck, walks away from crash

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Re: Where's the Elon Musk Attack Brigade today?

Hmm, instead, we get you, with your ridiculous tirade.

Facebook invents new unit of time to measure modern attention spans: 1/705,600,000 of a sec

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What ever happened to the tic, the sec or the mo?

The flick joins a few other obscure time intervals including a jiffy (the definition varies), a shake (10 nanoseconds), and a microcentury (~52 minutes or a millionth of a century,

Or any other unit regularly used in conjunction with the phrase

"I'll be back in a..."

IBM UK's pre-Xmas GTS head-chop: THWACK! Is that it?

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IBM - International Business Marketing

I'm sorry, I think you misspelled "Bullshit" there...

NASA is sniffing jet fuel over Germany

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“fuel blends that contain 30 to 50 percent Hydro-processed Esters and Fatty Acids”

Chip Fat! they're burning old Chip Fat!

The DC 8 crew will be hungry as hell following that round the skies...

PC sales get that post-Brexit vote sinking feeling

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Re: an aside

Yep, me too, I read "shipments into the channel" and had an immediate mental image of a string of container ships...

Oh, and LOL at jamón, as well.

NHS OKs offshoring patient data to cloud providers stateside

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Re: Response

I'd like to see a politician argue otherwise.


"The laws of physics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in the UK is the law of the UK"


Why did I buy a gadget I know I'll never use?

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Re: sprouts cannot be fried

one man's frying is another man's sauté...

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Professional hoarding

So, as someone who works in IT, and is also a Land Rover owner, I reckon to have all the necessary qualifications (and collections of strange gadgets) to claim professional hoarding status.

I have, of course, boxes of ISA cards, including SCSI interfaces, ATA Raid cards, 3com network cards (by the hundred) old PCI cards, AGP graphics cards, broken keyboards and mice, ATA hard drives from 40MB capacity upwards - yes you read that right, 40MB Hard drives... loads of PC cases, including an original IBM XT, an original IBM AT, and an IBM PS2, a Sharp MZ80K, a couple of TRS80 and a Video-Genie, a Camputers Lynx, and some ZX81s.

BUT, I also have a replacement Series 3 rear-quarter chassis, a Ninety front axle casing, a pair of swivels from a Discovery 300Tdi, an R380 gearbox with a broken layshaft, a complete and intact LT230 transfer box, at least 2 pairs of halfshafts, a couple of propshafts, a set of 5 steel wheels, a 2.25 Petrol cylinder head, a complete but scattered around in bits Rover V8, so cylinder heads, sump, block, pistons, camshafts, crankshaft, tappets, rockers, pushrods, and all the other ancillaries, A Smiths heater, a set of Series2A dashboard instruments, a Series3 instrument binnacle, A Series3 seatbox, a set of Discovery 300Tdi sills, inner and outer, and door pillars, A and B, One Series2A R/H front wing, quite a few rusty outriggers, and a dismantled truckcab roof.

Then, I have a welder, a compressor and a full set of air tools, and hundreds of sets, partial sets, and mostly lost sets of sockets, allen keys, torx wrenches and individual tools. Whenever I go the find a 1/2 inch spanner and can't, I buy another one, same with 13mm spanners. I recently bought a 1/2 inch socket drive which you could use in confined spaces by twisting the handle, which I thought was cool.

As too finding the actual bit of Land Rover, or particular tool, when I want it... HA, no chance...

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raw sprouts, shredded or finely sliced, make a really nice addition to a salad, with a pleasant peppery flavour.

Seriously, try them.

HTML5 may as well stand for Hey, Track Me Longtime 5. Ads can use it to fingerprint netizens

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Thanks, Douglas...

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Re: Yes, but

I find the default colour palette on Lynx is a bit restrictive...

What do voters want? An IRL Maybot? Sure, give that a whirl

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users can ask 'what's going on with Brexit?' and be given a bitesize, conversational overview of the progress being made".

"We are still waiting for the economic impact assessments"

Hey. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Get in here... so we can shake your hands – US Senate cyber-terror panel

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Re: Fundamental Immaturity

The diaper (napkins to you Brits)

Umm, sorry, nice try, but I think you mean nappies. :)

Napkins are what posh people wear at the table to catch errant food.

UK's Just Eat faces probe after woman tweets chat-up texts from 'delivery guy'

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Re: Unrelated to data breach stuff


I never understood why someone would use Just Eat (or Hungry House etc.) when you could just order from a takeaway directly?

Some of our local restaurants don't do deliveries at all, but do the best food - this is true of both our local Chinese and Indian, so using these services saves having to drive.

Additionally, of course, the great thing about the services is they can get food from more than one restaurant, so you can get fish and chips, Thai, Kebab and Pizza all delivered together.

Users clutch refilled Box boxen after 'empty' folder panic

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Re: Box user RS Zaharna...

That's what happens when you use twitter as a news source and forget to actually check the facts.

Interesting that you immediately assume El Reg is at fault, and not RS Zaharna.

His Tweet says "dropbox box" so my guess is he's tweeting the wrong company.

Junk food meets junk money: KFC starts selling Bitcoin Bucket

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Re: bitbucket?

Surely their pulling our leg?

Or maybe they're pulling our leg.

Yay, it's power play day: Conaway prays USA says 'no way' to Huawei

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Ban all products manufactured in China

Like, ummm, smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, telephones, radios, network routers, switches...

Cisco can now sniff out malware inside encrypted traffic

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Re: It's not that hard

Using an encrypted tunnel between endpoints (a VPN) is not the same thing as using HTTPS on web connections.

Boffins closer to solving what causes weird radio bursts from space

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Alien? Unlikely

I'm happy to be convinced that there are intelligent species somewhere other than earth, but these FRB's seem to me to be an unlikely candidate for a deliberate signal.

Whatever is producing them appears to be of such intensity that any lifeform within light years of the source would be destroyed, so I can't see that they would be deliberately instigated.

The only other possibilities would be a nasty accident (some major failure of a power source, perhaps) or a byproduct of some conflict (like nuclear explosions but raised to the nth power) but the fact that they repeat, apparently from a similar source, would argue against either of those being likely.

1980s sci-fi movies: The thrill of being not quite terrified on mum's floral sofa

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I think the pic used in the article is actually Automan, not Tron :)

I think the pic is from The Lawnmower Man, isn't it?

CCTV commish: Bring all surveillance systems under code of practice

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I noticed recently that our local branch of Sainsbury has an ANPR camera at the entrance to the car park - and proudly displays your registration number to you on a matrix sign as you drive in, along with a time at which you must exit again. I wonder how many pings a day the local plod get from that?

If Australian animals don't poison you or eat you, they'll BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE

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Re: He was being sarcastic

I'm glad you didn't go full-on acerbic, or caustic...

Matron, there's a large Thesaurus eating the Japonicas!


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Re: So basically...

@ Nick Ryan

That Wooshing sound is TRT's point missing you completely...

He was being sarcastic, and is well aware of what the vulture signifies.

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Re: Fascinating

Sadly, empirical evidence is frequently dismissed by scientists, even though, by it's very nature, it is observed behaviour.

This is why we waste money on scientific studies to prove the grazing behaviours of sheep, instead of just accepting what sheep farmers have known for centuries.

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Australian wildlife

Already replete with sharks, crocodiles, snakes and poisonous jellyfish galore

Spiders! You forgot the spiders!

And some of the Sheep, and the Roos, and the Drop Bears...

Least realistic New Year’s resolution ever: Fix Facebook in 365 days

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New Year challenge

Zuck always gives himself annual challenges that he shares with the world. In the past he’s learned Mandarin, run a lot and built a home AI.

If I remember correctly, last year he challenged himself to "read five books".

I wonder how that went for him.

Janet and John build a web site.

UK.gov admits porn age checks could harm small ISPs and encourage risky online behaviour

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Re: In related news...

Somewhere for the birds and the bees to do educational naughty things.

Was it Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett who wrote that the beauty of listening to birdsong in the countryside is somewhat marred when you realise that they are all screaming "Look at me, I've got a big todger"

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stopping kids accessing porn on the grounds that such content could "distress them or harm their development".

I would be interested to see if there is any actual evidence that this is the case.

It seems strange that in the UK, "kids" can legally have sex for two years before they are allowed to see porn on the Internet.

The healing hands of customer support get an acronym: Do YOU have 'tallah-toe-big'?

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Computers fear me!

Yep, I seem to have the same influence, when I stand and glare over the user's shoulder, the reported issues always go away and everything works properly.

I'm sure I've recounted before how we keep a 20lb lump hammer hanging in the server room where all the racks can see it. Our MTBF went up massively when we did that.

And a friend of mine has the carcass of a Dell PE860 displayed on a workbench in the server room, with a large flat-bladed screwdriver driven right through the motherboard...

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You certainly aren't . It's a strange phenomenon that makes us look like witchdoctors. I might get myself some sort of magical staff to wave at the computer on the way over.

Sacrificing a chicken over the keyboard is always a show stopper, although removing the blood and feathers afterwards is a bit of a chore.

Jocks in shock as Irn-Bru set to slash sugar and girder content

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Re: How to be English in Three Easy Steps

2:They are Feegles.

Nae king, nae quin, nae suugarr, we willnae be fuled agin!

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But just think of the opportunities! They can double the amount of GERRRDERRRS for a higher Iron content...

US Homeland Security breach compromised personal info of 200,000+ staff

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It is to be hoped they don't run a witness protection programme...

Soz, guys. No 'alien megastructure' around Tabby's Star, only cosmic dustbunnies

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Re: Silver beetles

Joshua! Is that you?

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Re: It's only dust,,,

OH! Alien Overlords is it? (or overloards...)

What about OverLadies, or Over-non-specific-gender-stereotypes?


Bug-finders' scheme: Tick-tock, this tech's tested by flaws.. but who the heck do you tell?

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So, Scott, you want me to publish an easily discoverable text file containing an email address, phone number etc, on all our sites?

And you don't think that, perhaps, we might be spammed to death within hours of putting it up?

Captain Morgan told off for Snapchat lens: That grog be aimed at kiddies

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Re: Plus ca change

Yep, I reckon I had a folder and pencil case in John Player Special colours, and nobody seemed bovvered...

UK security chief: How 'bout a tax for tech firms that are 'uncooperative' on terror content?

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"Wallace said that inaction from internet giants means the cost of tackling terror content is "heaped on law enforcement agencies" – and the state should be able to recoup that in some way."

Strangely, perhaps, it was my belief that the law enforcement agencies were paid to enforce the law already, that's their job.

If various internet companies didn't already help them out with traffic capture and analysis, the law enforcement agencies would be much worse off than they are now.

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