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Teen buys WikiLeaks server for $33,000 – with dad's eBay account


Re: You Sure?

Wikileaks isn't claiming a trademark of the name Wikileaks, let alone a registered tradmark. They can't enforce a trademark claim to the name of Wikileaks for this reason so the entire discussion is irrelevant. I could peddle Wikileaks merchandise with the official branding if I I had the inclination.

Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don't ask about Win 8)


Re: Techies hitting the beach perhaps...

Windows 8 runs fine with the low resolution, Metro apps won't run though. It's also pretty responsive. Incidentally you can hack the intel drivers to scale the screen to the minimum resolution and run metro apps but it isn't worth it because A: it looks terrible and B: metro is slow as molasses on Atom.

Our week with Soylent: Don't chuck out your vintage food quite yet


Maybe they should come up with different varieties

perhaps some Soylent Red, and Soylent Yellow... I bet Soylent Green will be all the rage though...

HIV vaccine safe for Phase II human trials


A vaccine isn't a cure, it's a preventative measure. It keeps you from contracting the disease. Given the fact it is incurable and the cost of treating and the fact it will shorten your lifespan if you contract it getting this will be a must for anybody and everybody regardless of their risk, something with such a broad customer base would be very lucrative.

It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia


Re: But will Windows Phone 8 owners be left out in the cold when Windows Phone 9 ships.

Your win3.1 machine can be made to run w95. If you have a WP7 the only way to upgrade it is to throw it in the trash and buy a WP8.

Android on the other hand has none of these problems even if you can't upgrade the OS because 2.3 will run any app that 4.1 will. It doesn't suffer from the forwards incompatible API that Windows CE seems to have.

US teens confess to 60-a-day texting FRENZY



The amount of data the average teen is using per month is 252KB, that's almost as much data as a 30 second phone conversation!!! Holy crap!!! We need to keep this data usage under control or our networks will get SUPER OVER CONGESTED!!!!

Android app sales skimpy, sluggish, slack, scanty...


Why buy a crappy fart app made by one person

Why buy a crappy fart app developed by one person when you can get a spectacular FOSS fart app made by lots of people for free?

Having FOSS available for android sets the bar higher if you want to make a profit whereas Apple blocks that so you won't have to worry about that kind of competition.

Microsoft polishes Windows Phone 7



It's a polished turd!

WinPho7 jailbreak kit locked down by Redmond 'dev mojo' man


They're doing it in the wrong order.

M$ should provide a satisfactory homebrew solution before the jailbreaking releases stop. And the developers should still jailbreak every single release M$ puts out just in case M$ stops playing nice.

vBulletin sues ex-devs over 'from scratch' competitor


IB is full of it.

There's no similarities between the HTML vBulletin and XenForo spit out that might indicate any code has been copied or even re-factored. The only similarity between the two is the appearance when rendered, which is to be expected because everybody's trying to make their stuff look more "Web 2.0".

Microsoft says XP netbooks die on October 22


OEMs should give M$ an ultimatem

Continue to make XP available or we'll use Linux. Netbook+Vista is fail.

Canadian mobe firm sued over disappearing husband

Paris Hilton


Canuckia is a country in North **America**.

So to say America is just as *accurate* as Canuckia, it is merely less *precise*.

Paris for the stupidity of that which this comment is in reply.


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