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Foreign IT pros in USA get paid more than Americans - study


H1-B is flawed

The H1-B is an extremely flawed program and all of my anecdotal evidence says that they aren't paid equally to citizens and push down wages. I don't want guest workers in my country. The good ones learn a lot and take their knowledge back to their home countries. The bad ones serve almost as indentured servants (you can't easily quit as an H1-B) and raise resentments towards "foreigners".

We should get people with excellent skills who want to move the USA and make a permanent commitment to our country. Let's make reforms that give preference to those with skills we need and make it easier for them to get green cards and get on the path to citizenship. If a company wants to pay to help some of these skillful people come over, great. However, there is nothing stopping them from leaving the company that brought them over the day after they arrive, so they better make sure the pay and benefits are commensurate with market rates. I'm happy to compete with global talent on an equal basis - it makes us all better.



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