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He's coming for your floppy: Linus Torvalds is killing off support for legacy disk drive tech

Dante Alighieri

Floppies can grow bigger

On my working A420/1 the discs are 1.6MB

With a 20MB (yes MB) ST506 Hard Disc with a working DTP package, graphics editor, games x lots inc Elite and some free space.

The RISC PC still runs faster

Literally braking news: Two people hurt as not one but two self-driving space-age buses go awry

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Bus v Pedestrian or Pedestrian v Bus

Pedestrian walks into side of bus... so what is the driver or AI meant to do??

Portal to 'HELL' cracks open in street – oh sorry, it's just another pothole

Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy

Given my moniker I couldn't not post.

I refer you to the start of my masterwork.

The blue police call box helped...

Brit Parliament online orifice overwhelmed by Brexit bashers

Dante Alighieri


at midnight

2,138,983 for ease - seems to be updating at intervals of 15' at present

NHS needs to pull its finger out and prep staff for future robotics, genomics, data-led healthcare

Dante Alighieri

20 years?

that would be centralise -> distribute ->centralise -> rinse -> repeat

DoI I work in the NHS

Cisco sues lawyers on its own side – for bigger slice of capacitor price-fixing settlement pie

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Ha Ha


Leeds hospital launches campaign to 'axe the fax'

Dante Alighieri

I find the article a little odd.

It is as though Leeds is the first hospital in the UK to think of doing this.

Mine a bit further north has already ripped them all out. perhaps Leeds should ask for advice rather than pretend to be an authority.

We accept radiology referrals from consultant NHS.net accounts - it is an electronic signature in its own right, for those based outside our organisation. Internally we have a request system which you can use or be told to resubmit your scrap of paper electronically. Almost completely paperless referrals now.

Re fax ct scans etc - you can email/scan/fax a report - the images not so much.

It's my day job.

Fix this faxing hell! NHS told to stop hanging onto archaic tech

Dante Alighieri

NHS Pagers are not on the public phone network so there are other options.

DSC radios would be better though...

German researchers defeat printers' doc-tracking dots

Dante Alighieri

from little Acorns

my RISC PC drives just dots...

and I thinkn the AMSTRAD printers were just dot engines...

I will remember not to unpack my STAR given the comment above.

Will the olivetti BJ be susceptible to this?

It seems that you have to be seriously up the political chain of influence for your print outs to be subjected to this. My Scout program print outs are probably not going to attract the 5 Eyes.

Trademark dispute by Dr Dre against Dr Drai the gynaecologist dismissed

Dante Alighieri


Dr Liam Fox is a qualified medical practitioner.

The protected title in the UK is Registered Medical Practitioner

ene fule can call themselves doctor, even dieticians in white coats with stethoscope.

A very quick check of the GMC medical register shows that Liam Fox qual. 1983 is Registered WITHOUT a licence to practice - someone hasn't kept up to date, been appraised or revalidated, all policies pursued by...

politicians passeem. Do as I say....

Common usage is that for those of us with MBBS / MBCHB we are allowed the honorific Dr

Oddly at my diving club, most had PhD's, none used doctor outside of the lab/work, but muggins here used Dr without a PhD. Still do...

LESTER gets ready to trundle: The Register's beer-bot has a name

Dante Alighieri

suspended in a swinging sling works better for momentum than a gimbal.

Eliminates lateral acceleration (spillage)

GIYF for no-spill solutions.

THis allows for sudden stops or change of direction.

Needs a broad based robot with a frame/arm to hang the free swinging pint

Imagine you're having a CT scan and malware alters the radiation levels – it's doable

Dante Alighieri

Radiation Safety + MRI


I am a Radiologist.

I have an interest in radiation safety.

There is NO limit to the dose my CT scanner gives a patient.

I authorise the use of radiation. I have had patients receive >50mSv for a diagnostic test.

The UK accepted rate for cancer induction is 1:20000 / mSv.

My patient has a death risk of 1:400 to look for a possible pathology they have a <1:4000 of having.

Dose is cumulative

Induction time lag is around 15-20 years.

I'll fry your granny - but not your kids.

Comparing targetted radiotherapy doses to tiny areas is not appropriate.

Yes we run XP / 7 for our underlying systems as the suppliers will not warrant any other environment.

The business end (custom hardware) works with its own internal systems (think CNC machine or 3d printer) screwing with the dose regulators is beyond the XP bit. When that goes down I have shut several scanners over the years - including writing one off! Mr Popular...

Dose is controlled by exposure factors set at the operators console (the XP bit) and the area covered and how many times.

The first acknowledged Fukishima related cancer is at a dose of 10-20mSv.

In the larger adult this dose is not uncommon on our current scanner(s) which are not particularly low dose.

New algorithms and technology is reducing delivered dose - but better tech is leading to multi phase exams that increase dose.

We have patients with accumulated doses of >200mSv, in an age range where this is an issue and a worse than 1:100 risk of death from their radiology scans.

Re MRI : it is a giant microwave. never mind there is no ionising radiation, it is perfectly possible to induce fits from neuronal stimulation from aggressive gradients or literally cook some one with RF energy.

We cannot air gap the provider need dial in access for fault finding and remote management when required.

We run NTPc on CT that connect to GMT-8 (ish) as that that is the worldwide system clock.

Radiology runs on a private subnet the firewall and bridging is managed.

Denial of service : highly likely

Manipulation of target devices : low - too varied, custom device v operators console manipulation

This is my day job at the pointy end. I spend some time on IT projects at work.

I remain a competent 6502 assembler programmer.

BOFH: Honourable misconduct

Dante Alighieri

Re: I can't help but feel...

Castle of Wizardry.,.

You are Silk and I claim my £5

David E.

On the NHS tech team? Weep at ugly WannaCry post-mortem, smile as Health dept outlines plan

Dante Alighieri

Medical Grade Monitors

I use these. Professionally.

They are pointless unless in a controlled environment <10lux for diagnosis.

Medical monitors outside this are pointless. Accurate DICOM reproduction is nice. If they are <2MP they are not diagnostic, If they are in an uncontroled environment they are not diagnostic

Outside of proper diagnostic offices they are an entirely avoidable and unncesssary expense.

DOI : I have stopped unnecessary over-specced monitors being deployed across an organisation, and also making sure diagnostic screens are available in the appropriate departments with explicit "your environment is non-diagnostic" warnings.

Many think tha the CT and MR scans are the most details - they aren't 512x512, 10 bit pixel depth. Most bog standard monitors far exceed anything necessary.

"plain film" x-rays - much more challenging!

Lap-slabtop-mobes with Snapdragon Arm CPUs running Windows 10: We had a quick gander

Dante Alighieri

emulation of intel on ARM again....

My A420/1 emulated a 386 well enough to be competitive. Flew on StrongARM Risc PC

If we are looking at alternative os I would pay **sausages** for one with RISC OS

Some features of which are yet to be matched by both (ex) windows or my current linux boxes.

make an !Impression, use !Artworks, !Squirrel away your data

still waiting for a native box in 2017

Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes

Dante Alighieri

OT : Petrol Pumps

A split pin on your car keys fits the holes on a pump very easily to use the flow lock.

As I fuel with diesel keeps hands cleaner and less risk of RUD (ala SpaceX)

Ubuntu 'weaponised' to cure NHS of its addiction to Microsoft Windows

Dante Alighieri

moving to citrix and thin client deployment at our institution, mostly due to the specification creep for the desktop machines.

WannaCrypt: Roots, reasons and why scramble patching won't save you now

Dante Alighieri

Medical XP

Yet we have modern equipment being provided with XP as the hidden underlying OS. Kit produced AFTER XP went EOL.

And the hypothetical medical imaging kit does exist. I use it professionally daily.

Might help if you understand the workflow and comms protocols to commit images from medical imaging device to storage - it uses DICOM (also look up IHE connectathon) and a FTP/SMB/other push to storage would break the whole lot. Lots of bridges between the vlans. Lots of fixed IPs, point to point configs - getting better with newer generations of kit. At least we have SANs rather than Tape!

There are many bits of healthcare software that have barely migrated from Win3.1 and DOSbox, running in a JVM with questionable GUIs.

We are hardwired into obsolete IE versions, no standards compliance for eg Chrome. Interdependencies are a bitch, one sytem that wont work except with version xx locks the rest into the old stuff.

The suppliers of the BIG kit (MR, CT, screening rooms) have new kit and versions annually. The stuff from 5 yrs plus doesn't get the new shiny and there is no return on investment to update unless cost+++

And there is no managed equipment replacement program anywhere in the NHS.

Wait until it dies as that is when we can justify the kit the hospital can't work without....

plus ca change

Win XP, Flash, Java... healthcare makes easy pickings for hackers

Dante Alighieri

Vendor lock in

We are "blessed" with major lock in to IE 6, early Java versions and no way to escape these.

Our CT scanners still run on top of XP, the web PACS requires IE6, our RIS is a lousy JAVA GUI of a DOS application that allows eg patient ID number field to have unlimited input length. The kit won't do NTP.

We make the navy look sophisticated. its not like it impacts peoples lives and safety...

We are currently upgrading our PACS. Interesting times

Archos 32 Android media player

Dante Alighieri

San Fran?

how does it compare to the equally well priced Orange San Francisco on PAYG as per your earlier review of cheap Android phones?

Capacitive screen, easily rooted/upgraded (apparently), free phone for the same price

Just curious

Mobile phones immobilise bones

Dante Alighieri

Lies, damn lies and statistics

both P values are at the significant level of 0.05 fpr variation left/right

the paper states no difference in mean BMC/BMD

r value is a coin toss

I call shenanigans

Primer of Biomedical Statistics might help the journalist

I love the smell of male bovine faeces in the morning...


Dante Alighieri


is part of my job

Dante Alighieri

and another thing....

if both populations have a significant left/right variation then maybe it is normal...

shame they did not do ANOVA

or have a decent sample size

or study


Spooks' secret TEMPEST-busting tech reinvented by US student

Dante Alighieri
Paris Hilton

News flash : Fish can't Fly!!

Strangely, a Faraday Cage, designed to block transverse electromagnetic waves doesn't stop longitudinal compression waves of ultrasound. Who'd've thunk?

Ultrasound does travel in gas, just not very well

It travels better in liquids and better still in solids (issues around elasticity not withstanding)

It is the interface between materials that is the biggest issue, where most losses occur. A coupling agent generally required (hence icon).

Nyquist applies to A-D conversion. Ultrasound (US) is not inherently analogue.

I use US professionally.

And it is fabulous at assessing steel / welds / metal fatigue / submarines....

Courtney Love in court over 'Boudoir Queen' Twitter bitchfight

Dante Alighieri

I call....

shenanigans for when the court order to disclose AC's IP is sent.

MPs shocked at Taser supplier overlap

Dante Alighieri

I call....


roll 2d12

(TSR reference shouldn't need to be explained...)

Three cops spanking in mobile user ranking

Dante Alighieri


I read the title a little differently and thought, YouTube, truncheons and popularity were being discussed.

Mines the one with the hosepipe in the pocket. Mind the stairs Sir.

Berners-Lee: Facebook 'threatens' web future

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LG tablet to be flavoured with 'Honeycomb' Android

Dante Alighieri


no GPS is a deal breaker for me - I want to navigate with a tablet so the sooner a proper compliance document is out the better.

Samsung Galaxy Tab data contracts compared

Dante Alighieri


is that not available, not applicable or some other abbreviation.

Are you claiming the wi-fi is permanently switched off or that the tel-co doesn't specify?

Enquiring minds need to know - 3G only data isn't a great option

Apple trade marks 'There's an app for that'

Dante Alighieri

Prior Art

a phrase commonly used in RISC OS.

All fun and games, until some one loses an "i"

Dixons touts tablets

Dante Alighieri

GPS or it's no use

can we know if there is GPS on board so it can navigate - a deal breaker for me, and many others I suspect

WD Livewire four-port powerline Ethernet adaptor

Dante Alighieri

4port + WiFi

similar but with added WiFI is the Devolo AVeasy wireless 4 port adapter - can be part of a kit with a single port adapter to plug in near router. I use one successfully and am considering adding a second both for WiFi coverage and the increasing living room demands for ethernet connectivity of consoles/telly/decoder boxes etc. Bit dearer than quoted above.

Vodafone shares subscriber info with world+dog

Dante Alighieri
Black Helicopters

he walks among us, and uses Hotmail!

Jesus uses Vodafone according to the undocumented feature ;q

fortunately I've never shared my email with them so I remain less spammable.

I think my next phone will be bought outright and a selection of monthly SIMS used as I see fit with no disclosure of such information

NHS Online consult service to live on: Calls go to 111

Dante Alighieri

no chance of misdialling

111 is awfully close to 112

333 would have been a better choice...

its not too late yet, wait, it's government so it's waaaaay too late.

Cleveland residents get RFID-equipped recycling

Dante Alighieri

cost differential

I may have misunderstood, but sell for $26 or pay $30 to dispose gives a profit of $56 per tonne, rather than $4

and when the rfid reader or chip fail you get fined??

can they really read from a passing bin lorry?

ISS cooling pump refuses to come quietly

Dante Alighieri

just don't

stir the tanks

Synology DiskStation DS410 Nas box

Dante Alighieri

The train now arriving

All the additional benefits of the 410 over the 210j are part of the spec of the DS210+, launched 17/5/10 according to a brief google/browse having studied the spec chart linked to.

So you can have a 2 disc set up with the processor/memory/eSATA for less.


Time to kill the zombie health records

Dante Alighieri

CfH : new chief exec announced as Phineas T Barnum

emergency treatment will not be changed/affected.

Chronic problems seeing someone else about - you can talk to them

You will still have to give a history - all those questions whether this happens or not.

Minimal benefit at the end of the day.

Might stop some "gaming" of the system - if the person doing so admits to who they actually are.

And if you have a severe allergy, I would rely more on bracelet/tattoo than CfH

And I am in a position to know lots about the care delivery - and the reality on the ground of CfH

iPeds, iRobots, and the Chinese iPad clone machine

Dante Alighieri
Black Helicopters

Segway / segue

and I though iRobot made bomb disposal equipment and vacuum cleaners...

Boffins aim to warm watersports enthusiasts

Dante Alighieri
Paris Hilton

Two flavours

Dry suits come in two types though.

Neoprene - restrictive

Laminate - full mobility.

And you are meant to dump the air out to avoid the Bibendum effect

I use both types, and wetsuits for a variety of watersports activities so not unaware of the relative merits.

And I would love to learn to kitesurf, having watched it at Scarborough Beach - the one in the Southern Hemisphere though

Paris because she would look good in neoprene/latex/whatever

Dante Alighieri


a better wet suit has been available for ages - it's called a dry suit. ;)

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