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Australia to tax ALL international online purchases

Paris Hilton

This will make life interesting...

... considering that a lot of Australians buy from overseas because of price gouging differences, this may affect the Liberals popularity quite a bit. Expect to see some furious backpedaling in the months to come.

Paris - because she's more brains than Joe.

Mathematician: sunspot could mean mini ice age from 2030


Reminds me of Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice:

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice.

NASA spies weird glow from Pluto's FRIGID pole


The Moon of F124

That bright patch is where the Ptavv, Kzanol, jettisoned his ship.

What is the REAL value of your precious, precious data?


It's the Difference Between Data and Information

This is a basic point in information science and statistics. Raw data (e.g. temperature points across time at one or more locations) has little value until it is processed into something that allows one to use it, e.g. predict future temperatures. It's that use, or potential use, that has value.

As correctly pointed out, Waterstones UK and Amazon may both have data about my book spending habits, but I'll lay a wager it'll be Amazon that will process the data better and gain information from it allowing them more future sales from me (I know this from experience. Amazon are good at predicting what I'm keen to buy next. Damn them).

Scientific consensus that 2014 was record hottest year? No


Re: warmists or sceptics

Agree. Science is not about"believing" warmest or deniers, but about observation and data to support(or otherwise) ones hypothesis or climate model. Belief plays no part. And the climate models are continuing to improve and a stable temperature for a period of time means our current models, as they always will, need improving.

As for myself. I'm a failed mathematician cum software engineer, and I hold no "belief" since I'm not qualified to speak on climate models. I've looked at the mathematics behind some of them when I was doing post graduate research, and found myself struggling to make sense of it. So much for a BSc.

Saudi Arabia to flog man 1,000 times for insulting religion on Facebook


50 Lashes per Week Over 20 Weeks?!

Surely that would kill a person? I can't imagine that a week's enough time for the skin on the back to heal from 50 lashes -- and with each week the new whipping will open old wounds.

Not that I'm proud of the fact, but I did get a few of the cane on the backside once in high school (during the 70s, when corporal punishment was allowed and seen as part of a good, solid education). It was a bendy cane, although not 7 foot, but an old fashioned one about the width of a person's finger. Luckily, I got caned with my trousers on and from the memory two things stand out.

1. Even 2 lashes of a thin cane wielded by an old school master hurts like anything; and

2. The welts took a while to heal

I remember coming back to the boarding house and being asked how many I got, and after I replied "Two" being told "You're a teacher's pet, aren't you? I got six last week."

A real "Life of Brian" moment.

Hey, bacteria: Resistance is FUTILE – boffins grow new super-antibiotic


Re: A field in Maine

At a guess, I suspect what's "special" about this field is that it's a five minute drive from the labs.

Nokia loses $1.7bn in Q1, sales chief falls overboard


Re: Featureless phones ?

I've got an HTC X One too and quite like it. I like the larger screen, although the image of holding Ghetto Blasters on ones shoulders came to mine. The only issue I have is its bluetooth and my car's don't seem to get along and I don't know why. Still, it connects to the earpiece, so a livable downside (ie this is not a strong enough reason to return it).

I've only seem one WP7 in the wild -- my niece's phone last year! Couldn't believe it. I played with it for a bit before handing it back. However, early this year when I saw that my niece had an HTC with Android. I asked her what happened to her old phone and she said it's now her backup phone and she replaced it with an Android one because it didn't have enough software. I didn't ask what specific software so not sure. So there you go -- the only WP7 in the wild I've seen and it got ditched after 6 months.

MYSTERY programming language found in Duqu

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Perl 6 Ticks All The Boxes...

0. Obscure;

1. Not in main use;

2. Object oriented;

3. Being developed by a whole bunch of smart people in clandestine manner.

Paris, because if she developed an OO language it would be obscure too.

German court tosses out Samsung AND Apple patent sueballs


Re: @jaduncan

Uhh - Florian himself in his blog. From the wikipedia entry for him:

In October 2011 Müller announced on his blog that Microsoft had commissioned him to conduct a study on patents.

... and you can follow the link to his blog. I'd say this puts him on the Microsoft payroll -- at least for the duration of their commission.


Re: @BanjoPaterson

Here's the link from Florian's blog: http://fosspatents.blogspot.com/2011/06/oracle-expert-says-google-owes-between.html

Paris Hilton

Are people still taking Florian Mueller seriously?

What about his claims Google owes Oracle "billions" of dollars in the current Java patent case? Currently, most of the patents have been ruled invalid and the Oracle expert in coming up with the damages has had his report thrown away twice by the judge (and is on attempt number 3). Even the judge has said questioned Oracle's strategy by stating : "Given that the examiners have issued final rejections on patents ’720, ’702, ’476, and ’205, and Oracle has only withdrawn the ’476 patent [... snip .. ] would it be better to postpone trial until after final decisions by the PTO on administrative appeal?"

Paris, because I believe she knows more about patent law than Florian.

Apple's Galaxy Tab ban was best advertising ever - Samsung

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Reminds me of the Mrs Marsh Ads for Toothpaste

She was the lady who put the chalk into the ink bottle to show how not brushing your teeth was bad. Turns out her ads helped sell the toothpaste despite a survey showing a large percentage of Australians actually hating the ad and disliking the character of Mrs Marsh. Fact is, brand recognition is all and Apple have given Samsung free advertising.

Motorola parks tanks on Apple's German lawn

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In the words of Nelson Muntz


Barclays Capital cuts IT contractor rates by 10% ... again


As an ex-Banking IT Contractor...

As an ex-Barcap contractor from way-back (and ex IT contractor in banking... gave it up to have a life), this type of move is par for the course if you work in banking. The idea is during the good times, when projects are on the go, salaries go up; but as an IT contractor you know, in the back of your mind, that once the bad times happen it will be your head/salary on the chopping block. You take the higher pay, you wear the risk.

I left after 20 years in the industry. It was fun, allowed me to buy my house, but now I find that having my life back and working a government contract much better. Hours are good, so instead of leaving the house at 06:30 and getting home after 2000 I actually get to see the kids. My initial drop in salary was 20-30%, but have been able to raise my wages by 4% each year over the last two years. This year my contract was renewed for 12 months and where I work we're doing a new project, so funding is good. Change of bosses is good, with the potential for greater moral fibre (in Banking people at my level were vetted for honesty and integrity so, I suppose, we wouldn't actually compete with the Banking executives for their positions).

All in all - I understand why the banks do it (easy savings); and I understand why banking IT contractors accept it (hard to get jobs this time of year, still a good salary, may be able to make it up with extra hours); but I'm very glad to be out of it.

Sony wins subpoena for PS3 hacker's PayPal records

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Well Done Sony - That Cost You A LCD TV and Blu-Ray Player...

I hope someone from Sony's reading this, because their sheer, utter bastardry in this matter actually changed my purchasing decision for a top of the line LCD TV and Blu=Ray player. I WAS going to get a Sony, but have opted for a SAMSUNG instead.

This is the only way large, idiotic companies like Sony learn. They act like prats, people don't buy their stuff. Sure, I'm only a single person and they wouldn't even miss my individual purchase as it probably doesn't even count as a rounding up error; but multiply my decision by, say, a thousand, and you have a six figure loss. Multiply it by more and then, and only (sadly) then, do companies like Sonly "get it".

Paris, because she has more brains than the whole board of executives of Sony.

ZoneAlarm slammed for scarewarey marketing



Oh - it's one of those windows things.

ID fraudsters sell stolen Aus house


It's Called "Torrens Title"

One of the consequences of the Torrens System is that a purchaser who acquires land through a forged or fraudulent instrument, but is not a party to the fraud, will receive an indefeasible title on registration of the forged or fraudulent instrument, and the former owner will not be entitled to have the title restored or to monetary compensation from the new owner/purchaser unless the owner has been deprived of title as a result of forgery or other fraud, then his or her right to recover the land is converted to right to compensation. Also, the former owner is not entitled to have the title restored and is statute barred from commencing an action to recover Torrens title land against the registered proprietor - go figure.

Mine's the beer because if I was that fellow, that's what I'd be drinking... now... and lots of it.

Biz Linux needs Office license to run MS web apps


No Story - You Need a MS Licence to Run MS Office from the Web

Just because it's Linux doesn't mean you don't pay for proprietary software. Me - just use OpenOffice or Google Docs if you want a reasonable office suite for free.

Of couse, I wonder how long MS will be able to charge with Google Docs biting at their heels?

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