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Furious Apple revokes Facebook's enty app cert after Zuck's crew abused it to slurp private data

Roger B

Re: Do these "scandals" have any adverse affect though?

Just had a thought, create a fake server update, get it installed at Facebook HQ, just pay someone in IT $20/month or something....then every time there is one of these scandals, we can track how many accounts get deleted.

Roger B

Do these "scandals" have any adverse affect though?

Facebook spies, Facebook feeds you fake news, Facebook sold your details, Facebook listens through your ear piece, Facebook tracks you 24/7, Facebook leaked all your passwords, Facebook slept with your sister. The list goes on, but are people leaving? Deleting their accounts? or is the ability to share baby photos with Aunty whats her name in Melbourne, the chance to easily see who is driving to the football match on Sunday, the ability to easily check the time of your next pottery class so much more necessary than everything else that no one cares?

You can blame laziness as much as greed for Apple's New Year shock

Roger B

Re: Never mind China

Any photo taken on my Lumia 625 is also available on my Windows 10 laptop/PC/tablet and Xbox One, obviously I see the irony of talking about another eco system, but still, I believe there is a Onedrive app for Android and iOS which will chuck your photos straight into the cloud for access anywhere, once its set up, you never have to worry about it again, and I think OneDrive offers larger "Free" cloud storage than Apple.

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

Roger B

Other options...

Rubber bullets?

Bean bag gun?

T shirt bazooka?

Whats the range on a good super soaker?

Paint ball gun?

Time for a cracker joke: What's got one ball and buttons in the wrong place?

Roger B

Re: You can also get...

The Dell Studio 17 that I am using to type this has an eSATA that takes USB or is it USB that takes eSATA either way, never used it.

Windows 10 1809: Now arriving on a desktop near you (if you want it)

Roger B

Broke syncing for me

It took about 4 hours on my very very old Pentium dual core desktop to finish sorting it self out, but only about 30 minutes on my not so old i3 machine with ssd. My surface tablet though is still on 1803 and not seeing any sort of update which I think is why my Edge browser has lost all but 2 of my Favourites, I guess its only showing the 2 sites because they were added when I was using the tablet and now the syncing is broken.

Not really seen any changes yet, dark mode is nice though and its good to seem some more options in the right click menu in the Edge browser, oh and HomeGroup is no more.

Who was it that hacked Apple? Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, boy boy boy!

Roger B






Microsoft's cheapo Surface: Like a netbook you can't upgrade

Roger B

You only have to see who the author is to see the point of the article, any chance to bash Windows and Andrew will be there. As for the product, I've not ready many reviews for it yet, strangely lots of gaming websites/youtubers asking the question is it any good for portable gaming, I guess in this age of the Nintendo Switch people are now looking for a similar Steam device, general consensus is no, not good for gaming, it only just runs Fortnite at sub 30fps, although I think it manages Skyrim okay, as always with tablets, don't buy the cheapest model.

Trump kept ZTE alive as ‘personal favour’ to Chinese president Xi

Roger B

Re: I am sure it had nothing to do with Trump receiving Chinese bribes

I was just going to say this, the $500m bribe from the Chinese government for his Indonesian leisure complex seems the likely source of the dotard changing his mind.

You've got pr0n: Yes, smut by email is latest workaround for UK's looming cock block

Roger B

Re: Probably mentioned already but

If I go into my local newsagent on Saturday to purchase my porn pass and it is staffed by the local school kids, are they allowed to serve me? am I breaking child porn law by asking them to supply me with a pass? Will I have to only go in on specific days? Will verified sellers perhaps wear a badge so I can ask them to supply me with a pass? Maybe we'll be offered a choice, a porn pass, or go over the road to the local chemist for a chemical fix? maybe directed next door to the DIY shop to buy tools for an amputation? The UK is already laughed at by everyone else, now this? What a joke we have become.

Roger B

Re: Probably mentioned already but

I know I know, it just pisses me off that modern parents can't be arsed to actually be parents and because of that everyone else has to pay the price.

Roger B

Probably mentioned already but

when I moved into my new pace and signed up with BT I am sure there was a question about who would be using the broadband connection and did I want filters, I said no thanks, but why are we not just having parents take some responsibility for their kids and having the functions blocked by ISPs. If your kid is accessing porn on a device you are paying for then its your responsibility as a parent to enforce that. Also, having MindGeek sell the passes and also control 90% of the internet porn industry seems to be a conflict of interest? Or at the least a chance for them to double sell their product.

Press F to pay respects to the Windows 10 April Update casualties

Roger B

Re: Most of the 'casualties' are Ballmer era stuff

Groove was pretty awesome, I was able to stream all my music from OneDrive to my Xbox or to my Windows Phone or any Windows 10 PC with my account on and also go to music.xbox.com and stream all my OneDrive music on any oneline PC. When using a Windows 10 PC or an Xbox it would also play any available music videos when using the Groove subscription, and if no video was available it would usually have a scrolling selection of photographs from the band/artist I don't think any music service does this? Although I've not really looked, since my sub ended I just stream from OneDrive, I don't honestly miss a subscription.

Reg writer Richard went to the cupboard, seeking a Windows Phone...

Roger B

Re: I use windows phones (because no one else will)

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't buy a piece of tech and think of the resale value, I use it till it needs a repair or upgrade, then until it falls apart. My Dual Core Dell laptop runs Windows 10 fine after a RAM upgrade, my aging HP Compaq tower although noisy runs fine and I'll use my 625 until I can get a cheap replacement or the battery dies. I'd say the people being the idiot are the ones who get tied into the rolling phone contract every year because they must have the new iOS or Android device because wow Facebook feels soo laggy now and I'm only getting 12 hours out of that battery, this new one promises me 16.

But hey, each to their own.

Roger B

Re: I use windows phones (because no one else will)

I'm using a 625 as a mini tablet/email/camera, no sim card, just on the Wifi whenever I can pick up a connection, no interest in owning an actual phone. Like you concerned about going to iOS or Android, I am starting to see a few of the apps I use stop working, notably IMDB, but Twitter, the browser and Cortana still work fine, I would like a 950 for the better camera and something that doesn't crash back to the desktop when I go to a media heavy website, but I got the device for nothing, only bought a case, screen protector and a copy of Monument Valley, its done me very well.

Microsoft ends notifications for Win-Phone 7.5 and 8.0

Roger B

Hi Hans!

Sorry, did I touch a nerve there, you seem a little angry, maybe I am wrong, but I am sure there was an issue with gifs on iPhones 2 or 3 years ago, at least on my bosses phone, but then again, he's a boss, so, you know..

One of the things I liked and I am sure has been mentioned on The Reg before is that the Windows Phone always managed to do more with less, loading up 3 or 4 gifs on a forum page with "only" 512mb of RAM always seemed okay to me. Not sure if I ever viewed SVG files, I dont feel like my mobile browsing was any worse off if I some how missed them.

Is a non animated gif, not just a pic?

Either way, have a great day, maybe don't go driving through any heavy traffic today though eh?

Roger B

I have a Lumia 625 that I was given a few years ago, never put a sim card in, just used it as a mini tablet and camera, I'd noticed the IMDB app stopped working before Christmas and the Register app stopped working in the summer I think? I bookmarked the page, but it was never quite the same. I still receive personnel emails and I added my work account as well both were easy to set up and worked great. Live Tiles work really well for news, weather and photos. Its going to be missed, I've never owned an android or Apple phone, but when ever I have tried them, I've never quite clicked with the UI. It always amused me that the phone loads most gifs on forums quite easily and yet I seem to remember it was announced as some big thing in an iOS a few years ago, 512mb of RAM is starting to show though, a gif heavy forum will shut the browser and kick me back to the Start Menu.

I guess I need to go and hunt out a 950 or something for another few years now.

Donald Trump's tweets: Are they presidential statements or not?

Roger B

Nice mis-type there John

Yes the "heavy twitting" Maybe if someone stuck all the furniture on the ceiling on the Oval Office, he'd walk around doing a handstand like a proper twit.

Obama's account was put on hold while he was in office, Tweets made from the POTUS account by Obama were signed 'BO' (His initials, obviously, although if you were to make fun of his initials, I guess Donny signing off DT might explain some of his slurped speech)

To get back to the original question though, Donald Trump is the President of the United States, words, tweets, emails sent while he is in Office are coming from the President of the United States and are official statements, its not like he has the "opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employers the American people (or President Putin - yes, I just put that in to wind up a few).

Anything else is just a poor attempt at smoke and mirrors to distance himself from something controversial down the line. I guess though if he is still using his unsecured Samsung phone, the Twitter app is long out of date and adding the @potus account instead might not work.

'We've nothing to hide': Kaspersky Lab offers to open up source code

Roger B

I thought this offer had been made available months ago but no one took them up on it?

Actually, back in July it is mentioned as a headline on a random site called mobilescout.com

The time line for this, as I remember it seems to of been;

Kaspersky accused by Trump White House (See he can't be with the Russians he disagrees with them!) of allowing Russia to hack into western/USA computers,

Kaspersky deny this and offer up the source code, which no one took them up on

Quiet for a month or so

Suddenly Israel find Russian spies ARE using Kaspersky to hack into western/USA computers


Example of even a broken clock telling the right time twice a day?

Confirmation bias?

Trump tramples US Constitution by blocking Twitter critics – lawsuit

Roger B

Well if you ever want the rollercoaster ride of hilarity, disbelief and outrage, that's the place to be, he usually starts about 130pm UK BST, you do need to get used to the pauses if he is on a roll though, his small fingers don't always work the touchscreen to well and he can keep you hanging on for 10 minutes or so if he is doing one of his multi tweet messages, or regurgitating something from the Fox new network.

Roger B

Re: buy a shitload of followers...

One or two of those 400 pound hackers he was so proud of? after all America has the best cyber.

Roger B

To play devil's advocate

Technically you are not blocked from viewing his tweets, open a private browser window or a different browser from whatever you use for Twitter and go straight to twitter.com/realdonaldtrump and his tweets are all there to be viewed, you are only blocked form interacting with his account/sending him messages.

Even if you are only using the mobile app, you can still use your browser to view his account.

His follower count is another matter, if you have a look, a lot of the accounts have no profile picture, have never tweeted and have been made in the last month, they also follow a lot of celebrity twitter accounts. This is most likely the result of Trump's recently appointed pr manager/marketing manager/turd polisher who had stated he wanted to go on the offensive with social media, I guess this means he used tax payers money to buy a shit load of followers.

It's time for a long, hard mass debate over sex robots, experts conclude

Roger B

How long before your sex robot has your browser history and knows what you have looked for on PornHub, it can then offer you whatever fetish is in your browsing history even if you are too scared to ask your robot directly.

Swiss super pushes USA off podium in new Top500 Supers list

Roger B

Bar to entry

Surely/Shirley/surely a 25% increase in Tflops/s from November for the machine in last place is a pretty good increase if looking at Tflops alone, although I guess this is offset by the extra 87,000 processors needed, so perhaps yet again I have jumped in to make a post without understanding what the hell I am talking about.

UK.gov throws hissy fit after Twitter chokes off snoop firm's access

Roger B

Anyone know where the other parties stand on this issue?

FCC kills plan to allow phone calls on planes – good idea or terrible?

Roger B

Huh, look at that I'm agreeing with something from Trump's FCC, knock me down like a Doctor on a United Airlines flight, who'd of thought it!

Make America Wait Again: Trump hasn't stopped H-1B visas

Roger B

Donald thought he was signing off the paperwork for this, turned out his was his score card for the latest round of golf at Mar-a-Lago.

Ever visited a land now under Islamic State rule? And you want to see America? Hand over that Facebook, Twitter, pal

Roger B

The checking is done at each over seas consulate, by either locals; what if they lie? and let their brown skinned friends in? Or, if each consulate employs US staff, which good for the job numbers, although how many Americans actually want to leave the safety that Donald provides..some US citizens could work in one of these scary countries, what if they get turned?

My social media/forum accounts are not even in my name, but if you want to read this Donald;


US Senate votes to let broadband ISPs sell your browser histories

Roger B

Re: Roger B

Because that "article" was an embarrassment to read and Andrew should be reminded his name is linked to it at every possible time, nothing Donald and his gang are doing are in the interests of not only American citizens but anyone else on this whole planet. If it doesn't put money into Donald's pocket, one of Donald's acquaintances or whichever Russian is currently holding the USB drive with his golden shower film you wont ever see it mentioned. American TV and internet access is becoming as big a joke as the current administration, severe caps, services bundled together and now your whole browser history up for sale. Next step will be compulsory adverts every 30 minutes if you want to continue browsing.

Roger B

I'm not even going to bother reading this before posting, I'll just post this article again.


As ad boycott picks up pace, Google knows it doesn't have to worry

Roger B

Perhaps advertisers will notice a slight drop in page views, but sales will stay the same and they'll suddenly realise all those click throughs from Youtube are actually just Google bots who were falsifying numbers.

Surely most people have an adblock running for Youtube these days any way?

Microsoft cloud TITSUP: Skype, Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive, Hotmail down

Roger B

At least for me it lead to a slightly more productive evening, no email, no OneDrive and no Xbox.

Here's one for the conspiracy theorists though, my Windows 10 laptop, admittedly its ancient, but it has been on this evening and felt more sluggish than usual, I'd not bothered switching anything else on to check, but how much of Windows 10 is reliant on cloud services?

Oracle gives FCC a great big sloppy kiss: You're doing a great job axing net neutrality, privacy

Roger B

Its Trump its always Trump

As the last section says, its all about Trump and his delicate ego, CEO Catz is enjoying the position of being on the White House tech team, this letter makes her look good, makes Trump tell whichever AG he has not yet fired to forget about any court dealings against Oracle and he can later spout some bull shit stat that he has brought thousands of IT jobs back to the fascist states of America, yes I did read the last sentance that Oracle is laying off staff, but Donald, 45, Drumph, Putin's puppet, the Orange One, cheeto Hitler, the Taco Terror wont see that on Fox news so it likely wont get a mention.

Now, do I post this anonymously or not is the next question...

Net neutrality? Bye bye, says American Pai

Roger B

Re: Roger B

Thank you.

Roger B

Re: time to be that guy

You deleted my original post! Did I piss off Mr Orlowski? The original article which he was so enamoured with is here;


Roger B

25 days, I had said 12 months in the comments, but 25 days since the pre approved PR puff piece from the now pro Trump FCC was reproduced on this very website and Andrew Orlowski put his name to it, 25 days was all it took for the ISPs to start strangling their customers internet usage and laying down their own law.

Probe President Trump and his crappy Samsung Twitter-o-phone, demand angry congressfolk

Roger B

"...borderline incoherent Twitter spouting" Ohh El reg, you are too kind, whilst the thin skinned buffoon and his daily tweets are a great source of entertainment to all, his Twitter feed could really only be described as some kind of self masturbatory fantasy where his crowds are the biggest, his winning votes the largest and his daughters clothing line the best that China has ever produced.

The photos from his club with the Japanese PM and his aides all crowded round the documents taking photos of confidential papers, the green carded wait staff listening in on the confidential phone calls and the full details of the "football"carrier published on Facebook, (all of which you to can enjoy for the low low price of $200K per annum club membership) only add to the joke that this "so called" president is.

Having not actually divested himself from his business interests only increases the likely hood that an attack on one of his many failing overseas businesses will be construed as an act of war against the USA and put more servicemen and women at risk.

New US Net Neutrality law coming 'within three months' – advisor

Roger B

I'm no expert but..

This article reads the exact opposite of what I, from the UK, understand the current US situation to be,

I believe Comcast have already introduced data caps, something like 1TB? which in these times of HD Netflix or even (sort of) UHD Netflix and 60GB console games with 20GB day 1 patches soon disappears.

The growing trend of cord cutting is encouraging cable TV suppliers to tie the best broadband deals to their TV packages

Competition is generally pathetic and the dream of Google fibre is vanishing as local councils don't want Google implementation their own connections for whatever kickback reasons

Network speeds are now generally worse than the UK which is incredible to believe.

I may be wrong, but it will be interesting to revisit this article in 12 months time and see how things have progressed.

Trumping free trade: Say 'King of Bankruptcy' Ross does end up in charge of US commerce

Roger B

Thats what gets me about the policy in the US now of taking all the factories from Mexico, each factory built in Mexico gives jobs to Mexicans who suddenly have an income, support a family, support their local businesses and so less Mexicans perhaps feel the need to travel north and cross the Rio Grande.

Every factory Trump takes from Mexico means the wall needs to be higher.

Internet of Sh*t has an early 2017 winner – a 'smart' Wi-Fi hairbrush

Roger B

Is it available in rose gold?

Google and Facebook pledge to stop their ads reaching fake news websites

Roger B

Moneytary reasons

As good as this statement makes them sound, after Facebook had said news articles on their site had little sway over their users decisions, advertisers were most likely questioning the purpose of advertising there if articles don't inform users, why would adverts?

Seagate has a flash early Xmas present for Xbox gamers

Roger B

Re: Can you not...

The internal drives on the Xbox One and PS4 are SATA II, plugging an external USB 3.0 drive into one of the ports on the Xbox One enables a faster transfer rate, as long as the drive itself spins at 7200rpm, the PS4 does not currently allow external storage. If you have an Xbox One and all your games installed on the external drive, you can plug the drive into any Xbox console and with your login details play the games, as long as a network connection is available to check software keys/certificates.

The upcoming PS4 Pro supports SATA on the internal drive so you can plug in any drive you like, as long as it physically fits.

Xbox internal drives have a specific MS format meaning drives cannot be as easily swapped out and you would break the warranty seal getting to the drive anyway.

Bloke gets six years in slammer after fessing up to £4.75m tax scam

Roger B

At least when HMRC sell his Marbella assets they should make some profit if the pound keeps going on its current course.

Google 'Solitaire' ... Just do it

Roger B

How about a nice game of chess?

Like your iPhone, but not enough to touch it? This patent's for you

Roger B

No one knows this

As no one apparently likes Windows Phones but my Lumia 625 has a touchless scroll and select option, works kind of okay, basically just hover your finger tip a mm or so above the screen and it scrolls through IE. But, hey its Apple, they have of course invented this.

Apple's Watch charging pad proves Cupertino still screwing buyers

Roger B

Just had a quick look at the store at both the watch and the charger, I cannot see it stated that the wireless technology used is Qi so not really sure what the fuss is about, if they stated it used the Qi charging standard I could see a problem, but right now, its just an expensive charging plate that too many fools will gladly part with their money for, I see they do have a lovely replacement rubber strap for their watch for "only" $49, the prices after that are not even worth quoting though.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 10: Uphill battle with 'work in progress'

Roger B

Had to go back to 8.1

The battery drain on my 625 was terrible, I only use it as a tablet/camera but switching it on in the morning, leaving it at home and coming back I'd find a dead battery, having gone back to 8.1 the phone has been on all weekend and still at 77%, also syncing photos with the OneDrive was just not happening on the preview, but again on 8.1 it is instant. Feedback was submitted before reverting back, hope it gets fixed soon as everything else seemed to work great.

Windows 10: Major update on the Threshold as build 10586 hits Insiders

Roger B

Re: Too... much... unification...

Because as awesome as controlling the Xbox with the kinect is, we're still a few years away from being able to voice control your character in Halo 5, "switch weapons" "reload" "Throw grenade" would be nice, but until then we're stuck using our hands "like a baby's toy" to quote a certain Frodo Baggins in Back to the Future and so using a controller, its nice to have a battery icon.


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