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Nookie becomes, um, a virtual reality for Oculus Rift gadget gamers

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I own an oculus rift and it's marvelous fun, but a constant problem I have with it is people creeping up behind me in the real world and scaring the bejesus out of me, as once I have my headphones on too my peripheral senses become nonexistent.

It's usually the wife who thinks that its funny to make me scream in surprise.

I dread to think what the screaming would be like if I added one of these to my...ahem...rig.

Smut-spreading copyright trolls told to return cash extracted from victims

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Re: Huh!

Wouldn't it be ironic, amusing, karmic and just if the ACTUAL legal owners of the copyright now sued Prenda Law in the same court for piracy and breach of IP law?

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Re: Jail time would be more appropriate.

A sentence of death is appropriate for fraudulent activity?

Wow. Just wow.

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Because Prenda Law is being held liable and Prenda Law is a "Legal Person" under US law. The whole point of being an LLC is to avoid the company liabilities becoming personal liabilities. Of course, its impossible to lock up a company so a fine is levied instead.

Do yourself a favour and watch "The Corporation", which can be found, for free, on YouTube or many other sources.

Anonymous threatens cyberwar with Anonymous

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Re: SteveB299 Why on Earth...?

You've not met our resident troll before? He goes by the name of Matt Bryant. You'll like him.

Thought you didn't need to show ID in the UK? Wrong

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Re: That's Theresa May for you.

Yeah, that's right mate....you can vote for anyone you like... Eton OR Oxbridge!

A country gets the politicians its allowed to vote for.

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Re: do you mean ID or do you mean Proof of Age?

POID vs POA - I hadn't thought about it that way. You raise a good point!

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

I could, actually, get behind a voluntary ID scheme provided two specific things were discussed and planned for:

First, anti-fraud/ID theft mechanisms. It has to be shown that the data cannot be easily stolen and doesn't provide a "one stop shop" for fraudsters. Last thing we need is a situation where a criminal can take a single card from you and then masquerade as you in *all* regards.

Secondly, data ownership - It must be the case that the State does not own the metadata generated by the system and that data controllers (those you hand the data too) have no right to retain that data indefinitely. The data ownership must remain with the individual who is the legal holder of the card and that data cannot be changed without the card and cardholder both being present and the consent of the cardholder being implicitly given, much like we would use a debit/credit card now. Furthermore any data handed over should come with a specific lease from the legal owner; a data on which that data MUST be deleted by the data controller, perhaps at the end of a contract or immediately after a transaction has been made and authorised. If you get on a plane then your data is verified and immediately deleted (this can be done by certs. held on the card, in a similar way to SSL certs, for instance, requiring no "central authority" to constantly check against but instead using a hashing algorithm). If you're renting a property then the landlord could be legally permitted, even possibly required, to retain the leased data for the duration of the tenacy and a given period afterwards.

Take the system out of the hands of the government and the "secret database" fans and we might, just might, be able to cut a deal.

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Why all the ID?

I can understand the need for ID when going to places that sell alcohol; thats a legal requirement and a sensible one at that, but I also think the retailers should be obliged, if not mandated, to use the IDAware system too. I can also see the use of positive identification in other situations - when dealing with a financial transaction for instance, or claiming for a benefit or other legal right. But, as for the rest, booking hotels, renting property and taking internal flights etc. I have to question why we need to present ID in those cases. I don't need to present my papers when getting on a bus, or hiring a cab, I don't need a passport if I get on a train so why for internal flights? As for renting and hotels, well surely the immigration & border services should be sufficiently funded and resourced to render this additional scrutiny unnecessary? If not, why not?

If this data isn't contributing to a reduction in crime, illegal immigration or some database intended to track movement then what is it even for? If it is for one of these things, can we see some evidence that it helps in some way?

In the meantime "papers please, citizen" will be met with "no".

Anonymous hacktivists' Million Mask March protest hits London

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Re: I don't know about you...

Yet another pillock who thinks they can get their way through violence. I don't want to live in your version of the world.

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Missed the point...

One cab driver, who was stuck in the middle of the protest at Parliament Square, told El Reg: "They don't seem to know what they're protesting about. They all seem to be here for different reasons."

Ooh. A london cab driver, that well known source of all political wisdom. Still, let's answer him, ad hominem aside.

You've missed the point, mr. Cabbie and, by extension, mr. Journalist; here you have a LOT of people who are VERY upset by a LOT of different things.

I think the Government, if it truly was working for the betterment of all Britain, should be paying attention, talking to the protestors and taking notes for consideration at the very least.

'Course, it isn't so it won't.

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Re: I don't know about you...

Well, we can give you a uniform, a couple of days training, a stick and a bit of gaffa tape to cover your badge number and you can smash all the noses you want.

The thing you aren't understanding is that this is called "democracy" and "liberty" and you wanting to use violence to get your way is exactly what these people are standing against.

Live with it.

Galaxy is CRAMMED with EARTH-LIKE WORLDS – also ALIENS (probably)

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Erm.... sorry old chap, but it is English...

from the OED - "late Middle English (denoting a bung for the vent hole of a cask, or a tap for drawing liquid from a container)" - French origins, but widely used in English since the 16th Century.

Gotta be careful with this "Proper English" thing as most of our language is German, French, Greek or Latin in origin if you go back far enough. See what I did there?

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Hello bongorocks,

I'm afraid your unusual grammar and spelling gave your identity away partly.

Which version of which bible are you referring to? When was it written and by whom? (Please, don't say the holy spirit wrote it). The reason I ask is that the tale of the Nephilim and the Order of Heaven that you refer to are part of the Apocrypha and are pretty much "banned" from any contemporary version of the bible; they are certainly not recognised by the Catholic, Protestant and Judaic faiths and, as far as I recall, are not part of Islam either.

I'm afraid your bible cannot be trusted as a source of evidence of any kind, as its provenance is unclear and dubious at the very least. If you wish to test this, I'd be interested in your proof of demonic/satanic activity on earth which you have claimed is easy to prove. If that's so you might want to pick up the large monetary prizes offered by people such as James Randi for any substantial evidence of supernatural agency and make yourself rich.

Finally, a question; do you believe in the phenomenon of Alien Abduction and if not then why not, as there would appear to be just as much, if not more "evidence" (testimony, by religious standards) than there is for any actual deity or supernatural power.

You may, of course, choose to believe what you will, but stating such beliefs as facts, especially in a science-oriented forum like this, will require extraordinary proof to back up your extraordinary claim.

Facebook tests sinister CURSOR-TRACKING in hunt for more ad bucks

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AdBlocker Plus

AdBlock trackers are already a reality I'm sorry to say. If you go to ITV Player and run an adblocker on IE or Chrome, the player detects it and promptly pops up a nag screen telling you how bad a person you are. Said Nag screen sits in front of you for about the same amount of time it would've taken to watch the adverts before proceeding with playing your content.

very annoying indeed.

Vietnam jails man for Facebook freedom campaign

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Take a good, long look....

.... as that kind of "freedom" will soon be standard across the world.

US spy court says internet firms can't report surveillance requests

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Re: err ,,,,

I used to belabour this same argument about "unless" vs "until", but eventually someone who was actually a lawyer showed me that the case is "until" and always has been, dating right back to Roman law in essence and back to the 17th century in practice.

The bottom line is that in law neither Unless or Until are used, but instead it is called "presumption of innocence" and fundamentally means that the state (or prosecuting power) must begin with the assumed innocence of an accused party.

Even the universal charter of human rights says "until". So, whilst I might agree that "unless" would be more grammatically and linguistically accurate, it is not the case that using "until" is newspeak.


'Stupid old white people' revenge porn ban won't work, insists selfie-peddler

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Re: Um...

If you subscribe to [%RELIGIOUS_TXT] then you are missing a much bigger point.

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NSA's Project Marina stores EVERYONE'S metadata for A YEAR

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Re: without a West Germany to escape to

Yeah, now try actually *doing* that. Unlike most of our European counterparts, we are still being asked for passports and visas when travelling to other EU countries, despite being a signatory to "freedom of movement".

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Re: Data vs Meta Data

Alas, if only they WERE sticking to meta-data, but they're not, as seen in this article:


"The audio portions of these sessions have been processed correctly all along, but without the accompanying video. Now, analysts will have the complete 'picture'," it says.

Audio and Video? well thats clearly content and not meta-data, isn't it? More lies?

[This was somewhat CopyPasta'd from my comment to the article mentioned]

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Re: How stupid does the NSA think we are?

Same country that says waterboarding is legal and not torture too.

Legal, but not Just or Right.

NSA justifies hacking world's digital communications

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What do you think, MB?

NSA: Yes we 'experimented' with US mobile tracking. But we didn't inhale

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It's the one thats moving....

Latest Snowden reveal: It was GCHQ that hacked Belgian telco giant

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Re: Don Don Jefe @Matt Bryant

So, by your standards then, this...

"Well, the first obvious pointer is that Snowjob did not spread his info out as widely as possible and all in one go, instead it has been drip-fed out mainly by Greenwald for obvious Guardian profit. From there you have to ask how is Snowjob paying for his upkeep seeing as his US accounts have been frozen? Gee, do you maybe think he's taking cash payments from at least the Guardian? And then there are his continual interviews with papers which are nothing more than lifestyle pieces - they display his narcissism."

Is not evidence, but is merely shrieking of a different flavour? Conjecture, just like the rest of us.

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: Boring Bernie Don Jefe

Good points, well made, gets an upvote from me Matt.

I'd not heard of Perry Fellwock, so you're quite right there and the fact that Snowdon has an exclusive deal with only one news outlet might well be suspect.

I'm not sure I'd call it anymore evidential that some of the posts that disagree with you, but its enough to make me raise an eyebrow and go and do some more research.

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: Don Jefe

"Instead, Snowjob chose to make money off his treachery by selling his info via Greenwald and Poitras (and now no doubt through his "friendship" with Dickileaks). Snowjob did not do the only thing he could, he did the thing that guaranteed him fame, noteriety, and a cheque or three."

And where is YOUR proof, Matt Bleaty? Can you even come up to your own standards?


Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: Why Worry? Changei.....

Still more sense and cohesion than a post from Matt Bryant.

Damn sight more polite too.

Grand Theft Auto V: Violent, sweary and amazingly ambitious

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Another clueless review...

Really, El Reg, whilst I respect many of your fine, fine articles, reviews and submissions please stay away from game reviews as it would appear your writers are not skilled in this area. This reviewer clearly hadn't even played the game for more than 5 minutes before going straight for the moral-minority kneejerk reaction; I think perhaps he should've taken a leaf from the Radio 4 "Frontrow" review and given it a fair hearing before deciding that the bug-ridden Rome II, or the linear mindless shooter "Bioshock Infinite", were better. They simply aren't. Rome II isn't even available on consoles rendering this a poor comparison to being with.

GTA V is a biting satire of American culture of all kinds supported by a slick and intuitive control system, excellent graphics, first rate soundtrack and voice acting, intelligent story and sweeping environments, but he appears to have missed all that in favour of concentrating on moral outrage and misunderstanding the concept of adult content. I assume he's not got to the torture scene with Lester....er..I mean...Trevor yet?

If you'd like to hire a writer with a lot of gaming experience and a good understanding of the media and market, I'm available.

Declassified documents show NSA staff abused tapping, misled courts

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Re: Boring Bernie To Matt Bryant


" ...between May 24, 2006 and February 17, 2009, the NSA was monitoring 17,835 phone accounts, barely 2,000 of which had "reasonable articulable suspicion" of wrongdoing – a requirement for such surveillance to be legal."

Yeah, thats not someone saying it was (potentially) illegal at all, is it? Not meeting the requirements for something to be legal isn't the same as something being done that is illegal. Takes a special kind of weasel to make that fine distinction.

"During a judicial review of the program, the NSA said that the problems stemmed from the fact that the information-gathering infrastructure was so complex that "there was no single person with a complete understanding of the FISA system architecture."

Look! They need you MB! It's your duty as a Patriot to explain it to them as clearly as you have to us.

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: Boring Bernie To Matt Bryant

Ah good, you're back! Nice to see you again. I need a reminder from time to time that I am the sane one and that real insanity can be found lurking here in the guise of Matt Brainlack.

Love the denial of reality line as it's clearly you thats screaming the denials not us. Open your eyes, troll-boy and take a long look at how the unfolding events concur with our angles and not with yours. Swallow some of that self-aggrandisement and wasted pride for a change as more of us might take you more seriously then.

In answer to your point, however, I don't think I actually used the word "illegal" either so perhaps some reading comprehension tuition would be appropriate for you rather than for me. Not the first time you've failed to actually read what I've actually posted, is it?

Now, let's see, what was it you said in our original discussion? Ah yes, here it is...

" So, if the panels of judges, and there were plenty of them over the years (forty federal judges), passed all the other warrants, could it be the surveillance requested was justified? Gosh, no way, right? LOL! So we can now all plainly see it is not only a narrow and targeted program, but that forty different judges (yeah, please do pretend they are all Republicans) thought the warrants were LEGALLY justified in all but eleven cases. And those cases got rejected."

Seems you were entirely wrong. Suprise, suprise. Again, not the first time you have spouted opinion as fact. I suggest you spend some time doing some proper research instead of relying on the Daily Mail and Fox News to fuel your foaming. Do enjoy your Tea-Party.

TTFN old chap.

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

To Matt Bryant

You and I had a debate over a previous article wherein I criticised the FISA courts for their rampant, unaccountable pursuit of unlawful surveillance actions taken against US citizens. You defended them despite the evidence I presented, saying that they were wholly legal and justified in their actions and activities.

The POTUS has himself now appeared to have taken a similar stance to my arguments and has directed these clandestine powers to reveal themselves and their activities to the US electorate. As a result it has become even clearer that they have been entirely in the wrong and acting unlawfully all this time, as I, and others, postulated originally.

I'd be interested in your response.

OK, so we paid a bill late, but did BT have to do this?

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Yeah, you're right, but this....

"In the meantime, given that BT is in a unique position to use this kind of alerting mechanism, I would be interested in the views of Reg readers on things the BT customer experience team should think about as it further considers what’s appropriate in this area. "

....surely amounts to "Unleash the Hounds!"

London Underground cleaners to refuse fingerprint clock-on

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Re: Compromise

Criminal Offence?

No. Get a grip! It's not against the law to break your employers rules and regulations. You won't go to prison for that.

Lose your job for misconduct? Yep, thats more like it.

BBC releases MYSTERY RIDDLE poster for Doctor Who anniversary episode

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Re: Ninth Doctor?

That would make an astounding episode. Better than anything I've seen them turn out in recent years. You should write it....

Pair of complete tits sorry for pervy app

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Re: You should only apologize for behaviour you can control

Gentlemen, I think you should all be aware that "allowing the gaze to slip" is technically Illegal in the UK. In fact, it counts as sexual harrassment and is considered by our Dear Home Secretary to be just as bad as physical and emotional abuse!

Behold, the stupidity and bias of the law in all its splendor:


"Non-verbal [Sexual Harrassment] - Looking or staring at a person’s body."

Note well that it's not merely prolonged staring that counts but merely looking. Avert your gaze from all wimmin immediately or lose your job! Contemporary law demands that we change our natural behaviour, developed over hundreds of thousands of years today. Right now. In a single generation.

US intelligence: Snowden's latest leaks 'road map' for adversaries

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Re: they are only doing their job

Don't Panic, Mr Potsherd, Matt Bryant will be along shortly to explain why he was right all along, why we are stupid, wrong and uninformed, and why Everything Will Be Alright (Trust and Obey) If We Believe in Big Brother (tm).

Australia's anti-smut internet filter blueprint lasts LESS THAN A DAY

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: Quantum politics

"Osamba"? Really?

Up to this point I just thought you were just a bit shouty and illiterate....

Webcam stripper strikes back at vicious 4Chan trolls after year of bullying

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Re: Let's not mistake her attraction here....

"She's put up hours long rants about men and how all single men are rapists and yadda yadda yadda"

Do you have a link to those rants?

As an occasional visitor to /b/ I can tell you that their "community" very rarely does things without cause. A frequent trope there is "We are not your private army", meaning they have to be convinced, en masse, of the 'value' of taking action against a target. For every simple trolling, you will find threads hunting down and exposing people who have offended their collective sensibilities or what passes for group morality there. They are the assholes of the internet and they freely admit that, but those same assholes have hunted down abusers, perverts, animal cruelty cases, criminals and extremists of all stripes and exposed them for all to see.

For /b/ to act without some sort of catalyst is very, very rare indeed.

On a final note - those of you conflating 4Chan as being nothing but /b/, and /b/ anonymity being the same thing as the Anonymous "organisation" should really step back from the debate because you are clueless as to how this particular form of counter-culture is actually shaped. Please hand in your interweb license.

{and that was a troll, QED}.

Cameron demands Brits BOYCOTT angry-troll-infested websites

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Re: So, if there is a website that allows trolling, discussion of GCHQ spying and child porn....

Dunno. Does he read El Reg at all?

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: We may be missing something central to the story here... @Kane

What? You're an expert on the case?

Manning's max sentence cut, may only spend up to 90 years in the cooler

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Re: Place your bets! @Twat Drypants

That's fully one half of his entire modus; childish name-calling. The other half involves cutting and pasting nonsense from right-wing blogs.

Still, everywhere has to have it's pathetic "look at me" trolls.

Horrific moment curvy mum-of-none Mail Online spills everyone's data

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Re: People use real details?

For a balanced and fair discussion, carefully reviewing all of the evidence, statistics and facts before reaching a conclusion, please see this article explaining whether it is worth reading the Daily Mail.



Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: Right now I am on my knees praying


That'll be their GCSE grades then.

New NSA tool exposed: XKeyscore sees 'nearly EVERYTHING you do online'

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Re: thomas k. my friend, the terrorist ...

"So you actually think it would be a smart idea to impede the hunt for potential terrorists? Please do try and explain your hip'n'trendy humour to the families of the victims of 9/11, the London Tube bombings, the Madrid train bombings, etc., etc."

All of these events occurred after the establishment of the surveillance systems we are discussing.

In each of these cases it can be shown that the intelligence services of the countries affected were, at least to some degree, partially aware of the perpetrators and the potential risk that they may have been planning such crimes. Perhaps you would care to explain to the families how the systems paid for by their taxes, maintained by their caring governments and its agencies and used to monitor the victims (amongst the rest of us) of such attacks were NOT protected by this amazing, complex and powerful IT/Interception system?

I will cheerfully explain to the collateral victims of these terrible attacks why the measures being implemented and proposed will not prevent future attacks if you can explain to them why it didn't prevent previous attacks.

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: @Matt Bryant Potty Don't forget the rest.

Dunno. Maybe you should ask France. After all it was their troops that woin that particular war, wasn't it? We should have some way of celebrating their liberation of your nation, some kind of memorial thing? Oh...like "Freedom Fries"...yeah, that'd do it!

Terror cops swoop on couple who Googled 'backpacks' and 'pressure cooker'

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Re: Thank god for the war on Terror

The chair is against the wall.

WikiLeaks: Manning guilty verdict sets 'dangerous precedent'

Bernard M. Orwell Silver badge

Re: Miek A$$nut trying to grab the limelight again.

"...he's just a very ordinary human being, given to lying and exaggeration...."

Good thing we've got people like you then, Matty; neither ordinary nor human, making your opinion measured, sound and factual. Thank heavens. (that was sarcasm, in case you missed it.)

"...Professional journalists trawled through the Dickileaks dump for months and found zero of real newsworthiness...."

Oh. Really? You surely must have seen the Despatches analysis of the file dump?


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