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Jimbo Wales: ISP smut blocking systems simply 'ridiculous'


Quick TT filter test

Has anyone else tried testing one of these filters turned on?

I am with talk talk so I tried turning the filter on and setting it to max the other day, results were as expected.

Going to Google image search and typing in rude words resulted in the expected screen full of filth, clicking on the image links didn't work.

Going to youtube resulted in the whole site being blocked, but using the android app there was no block, and videos with the word explicit in the title played fine. Tumbler was also blocked at the domain level using the browser

Got bored at this point, it's obviously as bad as the critics suggest, full of holes and over blocking, how many parents will simply disable the whole thing when they want to use youtube and fail to re-apply it afterwards? And who here is confident that the systems could ever be developed to keep clever kids out, it only take one kid in each school with enough knowledge to defeat the filter and the whole school will soon know how.

I would love to see a proper test of these filters to see how well they really work.

Twenty somethings shocker for UK music sales


cheap downloads

"most digital albums can be downloaded in a few seconds for under a fiver"

Really, where from? Not that I will be buying until they offer lossless for less than a CD.

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