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Samsung Monte smartphone


Pretty poor review?

This phone is doing exactly what it intends to do very well in my opinion

My wife has just bought one of these also for £100 pay as you go . . Cheap as chips. She loves it!! It has oodles for that money, particularly for someone who could not care LESS about downloading apps to make your phone connect ro ftp sites or set your sky to record whilst on the loo! (yes I have an android).

Yes it would be useless for some people, but not everyone is a techy!

Perhaps some thought into who the phone would be aimed at is required, but then I guess this is a "techy" website :-)

Two years later, Apple Safari still open to 'carpet-bombing'


Like a child?

Trust MAC heads to make comments like this . .

"It is also possible that when I next step out my door, there will be a mugger waiting around the corner to attack me. Do I stay inside all the time? Do I request a police escort?"

Stick fingers in ear and say la la la la!!

Yes I agree, you have got away with you internet behaviour for a long time on a MAC . . How delightful it must have been too . .

Microsoft were forced into a regular updates pattern in 2000, because there market share reached that point . . They are targeted by everyone and if there is an exploit it will be used and even if you think your on a safe website you cant be too careful etc etc

Apple is now getting gaining some traction . . As the share increases, watch this space . . Extremely simple vulnerabilities like this will not go un-noticed for long!!

Am I wrong?

I use a Linux at home by the way and can see some Merit in using a MAC . . If I am paying I prefer a Microsoft for software and hardware choice, but that is just preference

Lets see if they catch up in the next version of Safari . . I bet they do!

Apple iPad



This score seems a little high for a device that apparently has a serious problem with Wi-Fi. What sort of a score would any Netbook, or perhaps even another tablet get if the Wi-Fi kept dropping out. This is un-heard of surely? . . What is this without an reliable internet connection?

I do pick up on the comment earlier about there being no concept of "multi-user" rendering it useless for me . .

I like the look of the ipad. Not for me perhaps but being a reader of the reg and generally trusting the reviews, I feel this review is steeped in "fanboi" propaganda

Flame away!

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