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Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10


What about when the temp files bork windows?

I imagine MS is going to secure this so users Cannot delete temp files. This will cause major issues when temp files cause Windows corruptions

Samsung needs to eat itself, not copy Apple's X-rated margins


Thats just a tupelov too far...

Turnbull's Transformers lash government IT mavens over spend


oh dear lord

"Centrelink run an IBM Model 204 database management system first used commercially in 1972."

Please not PIC, please not PIC, please not PIC.

Sad thing is when I collected my unemployment money back in the day I had to point out to them the pointer errors and instruct staff how to use their own program. Yet I couldn't get a job there even with more frontline customer service experience than they had.


The update to the welfare payments system is not actually updating it, but using SAP as a wrapper around the old windows wrapper which wraps the old DOS system.

QANTAS cuts AU$4,000 from price of Mac Pro


Reatil NSW & ACT law

I have worked for 16 years as frontline customer contact point. Over those years I have had numerous dealings with fair trading and advertising law.

Other states may differ, but I am certain that in NSW and in ACT if you advertise the price and it is incorrect the first item bought per person MUST be at the advertised price (possibly legally all of them may have to be at the ad price), you must inform the customer the pricing is incorrect at the initial sale as well.

If payment has been accepted (even if refunded later) then the contractual obligations apply for the supply of goods for the price, the merchant may choose not to sell something to a customer BEFORE taking the money and must notify the customer that they are choosing to refuse sale.

Quantas could also get done for false advertising and possibly bait & switch advertising (for changing it after the fact). Another aspect is that if a retailler sells at a massively below market price item, they must have enough supply for the estimated demand (otherwise it falls under bait & switch rules) or notify consumers of available quantity and limit per customer.

Aussies stumped reading the phone bill


KFC stats

Ah another poll only done in sydney, never before have i seen such breadth of ignorance as in Sydney.

Broadband leads to drug abuse, say US boffins


US incompetence

Ignoring the blatant disregard for reality that this article has (correllation != causation et al)

If online phamacuticals were on the increase maybe....just maybe that's because they cost so much in the US.

Some of the Asthma medication I buy in Aus for $5 costs over $100 in US, and with no government health care or subsidies at all can you blame them?

In some states, the US actually falls behind the third world in medical care, kinda sad.

To the some of the above who decided to make it a comment about illicit drugs: Marijuana has an adverse reaction in about %30 of people, I personally know someone who is now permanently sectioned with delusional schizophrenia off it, and that was his first hit (home grown, given to him by his father who smoked), typically it is the other active ingredient/chemical in weed that causes these (CBA or something like that)

If you also look at crime rates where heroin, cocaine and marijuana are tolerated they are far higher than prior to the tolerance. please note that these countries (Denmark in particular) do not count many (sometimes any) crimes as being drug-related. Thus the numbers of drug-related crimes seem to drop.

Oh and I believe Britain actually started banning drugs way before the US, I could be wrong however.

F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user



There's a Linux penguin, a fanboi, and a Windows luser in a plane, and the pilot says, we're carrying too much weight, one of you has got to go, and the fanboi says, well, I can't jump because...

The world wants me to innovate more and resell the same crap re-badged over and over again, cause that's what innovation is, hey what's xerox doing?

Windows luser gets all frenetic and says "But I'm the standard! I should be deciding who will jump! and how high! and then they should pay me royalties for it!"

The Linux penguin looks at both of them and jumps from the plane in a fit of suicidal despair, lest he become as detached from reality as his two companions.

The plane crashes because it's still overloaded.


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