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VMware 'pressured' hotel to shut down tech event close to VMworld, IGEL sues resort giant


Re: Skipped Cisco Live two years and will next

Yep, best to keep sex workers as illegal on street corners with drug addicts than to regulate them with required health checks as some fancy "civilised" countries do.

VMware, AWS preview database-on-vSphere


"on premises"

"on premises" - tears of joy, thank you.

Steve Ballmer: Get the Facts. I 'love' SQL Server on Linux


Re: What's the use case for this?

We have customers that have moved to Linux for their app servers but are a MSSQL shop so DB is still on Win. This would be a no-brainer for them.

Our customers with Linux DB's are all Oracle (insurance, finance), I'm sure some of them would love an alternative, at least at contract renewal time.

Open-source Linux doesn't pay, said no one ever at Red Hat


Re: Even if it doesn't pay.

Erm, just use Nemo, problem solved.

Google: 'EVERYTHING at Google runs in a container'


Re: about to deploy a few containers

> "No obvious way to "vmotion" a container to another host(I believe it's not possible)"

Pets vs cattle, "vmotion" is not a priority for clustered apps. Horses for courses and all that.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra: The quad-core 2.2GHz MEGA SCREEN PHONDLESLAB


Re: Whip it out in a bar and all your friends are certain to go: “Oooh...”

It's funny how 5" screens used to be outrageous. The same negative comments were around when the Dell Streak was new, instead, it was ahead of it's time and the doubters had to catch up. Maybe the negative comments are just Apple users without an option.

Android bug lets attackers install malware without warning


Without warning?

Whatever happened to the good old days when malware would install WITH warning. I tell you, civility has gone completely out of the window.

RHEL 6 - your sensible but lovable friend

IT Angle

Hey, desktop-ers

Red Hat has an OS version for desktops - it's called, surprise, surprise, "Red Hat Enterprise Linux x Desktop", eg. http://www.redhat.com/rhel/desktop/ . Does this review say anything about "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Desktop"?? If desktop users choose to run the server version instead of "Desktop", good luck to 'em.

If RH is only releasing one bundling of 6 for both server and desktop, that'd be good to know.

IT Angle

RHEL Empathy v Pidgin?

I may have to rethink my server strategy if I don't have the right IM client on it. Same goes for OO, FF, Nvidia support. What about games, or apps to keep my recipes on? Damn it, Red Hat, where's my Twatter/Faceplant client???

The reviewer is indicative of why Red Hat has to provide some semblance of a desktop; Windows Server ships with a fancy desktop, media player and all, so where's RHEL's version?

Anybody heard of init 3, anyone, Bueller, anyone? It's a bloody server! Please, Red Hat, drop the stupid desktop asap to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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