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Epic spacewalk, epic FAIL: Cosmonauts point new antenna in the wrong direction



You're all assuming it was a mistake to point it 180 degrees away from Earth.

Maybe there IS something out there they're not telling us about …

Wacom Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display


Cintiq v iPad v Intuos

I have the 13" Cintiq. Don't obsess about screen resolution - it's just techy nonsense for those who like to read the brochure rather than do any artwork. I find the lag and the need to reset periodically more of a nuisance, plus the power brick and cables which make an already overcrowded desk a snake pit.

I'm also not thrilled at staring into a computer screen all the time I draw, which can be tiring (but others may have different experience).

For these reasons, I still use the Intuos more. After 12 years of using a Wacom, the draw-here-look-there thing is second nature (it felt natural after 30 minutes, tbh).

The iPad looks very interesting, especially after seeing the way Hockney and others use it (search YouTube for demo examples). It doesn't overcome the screen glare but it gets rid of the cables. I just need a way of getting the final drawing off the iPad once it is finished which doesn't necessarily involve wireless or another computer. Never mind HD, retina displays etc - I'll settle for a USB socket on the iPad 3.

Ferguson Hill FH009 home theatre system



Le Reg is usually on the ball when it comes to technical reviews but as soon as an audio component hoves into view, it throws its collective brain out the window and descends to wine-speak.

£800 for an impractical sound system suited only to loft apartments? And one with technical shortcomings? The last audio component I had which had a humming power supply was made in 1987 (sadly, it too was British).

30% at best.

Apple telly may sport Sharp screen tech


Shake up

I'm with dotdavid - the current TV market is a complacent mess. Remotes appear to be designed by demented monkeys, the sets have little to differentiate them from each other (apart from the "mine's bigger" thing) and Freeview is horrible to use and navigate, particularly on a PVR.

Most of the buttons and functions on the remote belong on the TV screen, if the GUI could be navigated easily. Linking the TV to networked audio and the computer in a simple and elegant fashion would move things along a little. (B&O have been doing some of it for years but the rest of the industry has hardly noticed.)

Although TV is content driven, it is still a BIG consumer item which gets plonked in a prominent position in the lounge, yet most of them are just idiot boxes. I'm sure if Apple come up with something worth having, it'll provoke some of the other manufacturers to wake up.

Until then I'll stick with my 4:3 Trinitron …

BBC website ditches modules in facelift


Searching the BBC

I'd be more impressed if they got their search facility better organised. Or the whole thing, come to that.

It's usually much quicker to find something on the BBC site by Googling it rather than using their own search box. Of course, by 'something' I mean the truly esoteric stuff - BBC radio programmes, TV shows …

Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones



Yeah, a little over priced compared to respected monitoring headphone brands.

Before getting excited about the pricey stuff (£25k glass speakers for example) you really should try the sensibly-priced professional alternatives.

In this case, give the Sennheisser SP25s a go.

Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!



For a techy publication you really should try to rise above Daily Mail standards once in a while, you know.

'Draw Mohammed' page removed from Facebook


Still up

The Facebook page appears to be up in the UK.

I thought we covered this when the Danish cartoons appeared but there are loads of images of this Mohammed chap out there.

Anyway, if he wishes to preserve his anonymity why doesn't he comb his hair and wear glasses like Clark Kent?

Election 2010: The sillier options



Tsk, you missed


or maybe you knew about it but couldn't be ...

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