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Star Wars fans want Sony sued over game shutdown


SW:G was pure pwn... till the CU and NGE

What a game SW:G was.... i played from launch.. to the CU... and then quit... SW:G was dead from the Cu imho, the NGE was the double tap to make sure that it was actually dead.

I also never saw a jedi pre CU.. once the hologrind was done with (NGE) they were everywhere..

God Bless SW:G a game with so much potential but SOE saw wow as the big money maker and condensed 52 playable classes to 9.. good job sony.. good job.. and you wonder why you got hacked =-)

Apple iPhone 4

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Who reads...

The iphone so closely to see the pixels? Well me actually, being severely short sighted, without my glasses i have to read things around 4 - 5 CM from my eyes. At night if i wake up or need my phone for something i cant be bothered to reach for my glasses before picking the phone up. So just an FYI for you there.

Have to say, regarding the 3GS and multitasking, i have seen a severe drop in battery life since the update, im forever ending programs to try and extend my battery and most times the battery will not last 6 hours if i use the myriad of stuff i have on it.

I was thinking of waiting for the Iphone 4 instead of the 3gs, thank the lord i didnt though, the 3gs has been the best phone ive ever had, im not a big apple fan, frankly this is the first apple device ive ever gone near tbh but i have to say its good.

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction


See these other comments?

Do you? Im talking to you editors of the reg. Do you see what your fan base is saying?

This frankly (and put quite LIGHTLY) crap article is infuriating your readers, 1 because of its full of tosh 2. This is supposed to be an IT website.

We want to read about IT, funny stuff like the kid falling over on google streetview, the latest development in peripheral devices for porno games not this kind of political scaremongering.

Get a grip and discipline the guy who posted this, its full of fail from the first word to the last (and the manager or whoever authorized the posting of this utter CRAP).


IT Angle

Say whut?

I not going to make this a long one.

You say dont vote for the lib dems, so who should we vote for? conservatives who want to fire people like myself for doing their job? (Public sector it tech) or should i stick with labour who want to fudge over my raises every year? (0% over the next 3 years when i am paid under HALF of what private techs guy).

Seriously, this is an IT website, about IT news, you want to post rhetoric like this go to the daily mail or something. Tomshardware has gone severely downhill lately and thereg was one of my havens of technology news, i have no lost this haven.

Buck your ideas up.

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