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Amplicom M5010


Amplicom NOT Granny friendly

I bought this phone for my Mother, 95 at the time, when the landline failed for months and she needed a lifeline. She has a full set of marbles, if needing guidance with technical devices.

The main and bad faukts with thsi phone are: -

1. The red telephone button doubles as an on/off button and an end call button like most modern mobiles. However when Mum ended a call she also turned off the phone and this was difficult to overcome. A seperate on/off button is essential.

2. The M1 and M3 memory buttons also double as navigation buttons. This is really daft and impractical. Difficult for old times to see the point of doubling which is confusing and impractical.

3. The volume controls can be hard to use for a shaky hand or when the older person is still coming to terms with the phone being a speaker and receiver and having to fiddle with it unlike a landline pickup.

Other than those the Amplicom is a smart, neat and stylish phone, unlike some Granny friendly phones which look like a baby's toy, though understandable so. Those faults however do need rectifiying on this and other phones that use modern techniques of doubling up buttons.




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