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German boffins develop sharkskin paint for ships, planes


Best effect

""Hmm, I agree. I'd have thought that too slick a finish and the wind will just run around those blades. Of course, I'm not an aerodynamicist or a fertigungstechnologist.""

If you apply it to inner surface of blades only it will work very well.Leave otter surface the same as you want its drag effect . Lower surfaces of air craft wings etc.

IBM hands out malware-stuffed USB at security conference



Would you like spies with that?



Reformat on any linux machine. Or just remove the malware files.

US boffins synthesize self-replicating bacteria


DNA wet hacking

""And should the meddling go wrong, why, we could wipe our world of intelligent life""

No more dogs and cat OMG!!!

As far as wet hacking goes we are not even at script kiddie level of wet hacking yet.

What they have done is just simple cut paste.

Oz customs search lappies and mobes for smut

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Oh big brother big brother

Oh big brother big brother

How do you watch us?

Let us count the ways....

Sony sued for dropping Linux from PS3


Sony rootkitateers...

Sony makers of fine rootkits what else can be expected from a company with out morals?

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Sony can you hear us yet?


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