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Getting women's phone numbers a matter of mood music


If you're having problems getting a date..

How are you supposed to set the mood through the music though, without being horrifically obvious.

Though it's good someone's researched this. makes sense


'Toothed' condom hits rapists where it hurts

Paris Hilton

There's a small issue with this...

suddenly going out on the pull seems like an extremely bad idea.

I understand it's currently for use in area's with excessively high rape percentages (South Africa etc) but how long will it be before it goes worldwide.

I'm assuming of course that it's designed to be worn without too much discomfort to the woman, otherwise it's semi-pointless.

Constant discomfort to avoid a slight risk (in the lower risk areas) isn't something people will choose unless they've had it happen to them.

And once it does, how likely is it a woman will forget it's there after a night out on the pull..

The situations don't bare thinking about.


Gene Hunt tops 'TV stars for PM' poll


Gene Hunt might not be a star (true he's character)...

But then again, he's running against Doctor Who, the man who changes faces as often as he changes his clothes (and still (presumably with the amount of women he's around) stays fresh).

I wouldn't go telling any fan-girls that Gene Hunt doesn't exist though

I wonder what Britain would be like if Timothy Dalton was prime minister..



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