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Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels


Learning to love the dumb

Even though the problems in (Fukushima, Onagawa, Tokai...) Japan are ongoing, this disaster has already proven one thing: calculating nuclear-power-related risks exceeds real human capabilities.

It may be the sheer complexity of the task, or mainly the inherent corruption of the process due to economic and political expectations. In any case, wishful science has crippled Japan for the foreseeable future by wiping out quite a bit of its electricity generation, with a considerable human toll sure to follow.

(While other technologies lend themselves to speedy repair and rebuilding, NP does not, due to the radiation and subsequent risks and dangers.)

Basing future plans on obvious imponderables does not seem sane, especially given the alternatives. While the cost comparison between renewables and nuclear has too many flavors to satisfy, they are within reach, both financially and time-wise.


Jobsian Vendetta - Flash stabbed by Mac the Knife


...is Bliss

Lord Clamp-Down has spoken, again; long gone are the days of Mac, the lovable underdog.

So, more and more these days, you have to consider two-stop shopping if you want to get the job done - Apple for style, and something more prole for the censored stuff. (satire, porn, your-own-mucking-about-with-your-kit, flash, and counting)

And all this from a company that seems to be becoming ever more hateful, seeming more draconian than your odd SciFi cult, complete with corporate goons (in addition to the police on whose community board you sit) knocking on the doors of feckless protype-finders, and overbearing underlings hounding hapless Chinese developers to suicide over - another lost prototype.

All this in the pursuit of blingware with eroding content.

So if, as a consumer, you have stuff to do, but desperately need your bling, you might consider stopping at a jeweler's on your way back from the computer shop.

And if you are a developer dependent on the work you do for Apple OSs, well you have got to be a gambler - enjoy the rush.

You never know who grumpy Steve wil cut out next.

Learn to ignore him.



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