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Yahoo! knows! where! you! are!

Alex Daulby

Punters means......

It's a slightly derogatory term for Customers.

I'm assuming your American so in context would be....

If that hooker get's any more punters, she's going to need her own lamp post.

Vista 'perfection' dream over for iPhone?

Alex Daulby

Money has nothing to do with it.....

My comment was an observation that being able to customise something does not inherantly make it better (or worse clearly), i'm sure for every uber-pimp as the one you mentioned, there's 1000 Burberry trimmed twat chariots reving stock engines in KFC car parks, kidding themselves both that their baseball caps and sovereigns make them attractive to the opposite sex, and because they added a new bumper and a decal their vehicle is somehow superior.

I'm currently driving a 1998 Vauxhall Astra (Central Locking and Electric Windows, straight pimpin' baby) , so to be fair am somewhat jealous of said Chav-Mobile. Whilst this Mini sounds awesome (any pics?) I know what I'd drive given the choice of that or a Lambo, who knows, maybe if I had one my wife wouldn't have left me.

iPhone 2.0 unlock tool released, tested

Alex Daulby
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In case you or your readers genuinly don't know what legit means, it's short for legitimate, or in this context, has not been jail broken.

Set-top box modders sent to prison

Alex Daulby
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About this time travelling fridge.....

Whilst I am in awe of the sheer genius of said cooler, I'm a little dissapointed the best thing you could think to apply it to was stealing beers from Sainsbury's. I can assure you a time machine is not required.

Seriously though, didn't some terrorists get off recently for owning terrorist literature (I know I've spelt that wrong, sshh) , as being in possesion was not enough, intent or action had to be proved?

Maybe we should just switch to the American model of corporate legal justice where guilt is assumed until the innocent run out or money and are unable to defend themselves.

Top judge: put everyone in UK on the DNA database

Alex Daulby

Hey Peter, If you've nothing to hide....

Why not throw your current salary and maybe a bit about your sexual preferences on the comments, I'm sure you have got nothing to hide, and certainly nothing illegal going on, but given those facts surely that's no one elses business.

I don't quite understand how it will effect crime levels, as was previously pointed out, it may well help with detection rates in crimes where a DNA sample is left at the scene, but I would much rather not be sexually assaulted to start with, than be and the perp nicked.

I take it our presumption of innoscence is just going to be brushed under the carpet?

Never say sorry I'm late again

Alex Daulby

This sounds like an accident waiting to happen

"Hello, I appear to be running late for our appointment, my last verified location was The Rat and Cabage Ale House. Calculations based on historic data and projections relating to my current position estimate I should be with you by 3:17 AM Sunday Morning, please accept my appologies for not being arsed enough to call you in person"

eBay pirates plead guilty to selling $6m software for pennies

Alex Daulby

Ebay, refund, I doubt it.....

I think you may have made an error by thinking that a big corporation has to abide by the same laws as us lowly consumers.

I would have thought they would wriggle out of it by claiming that they do not take a percentage of the sale itself, but make a charge for their services based on the value of the item. If they where literarly taking x percent from a paypal transaction, then I guess they would be profiting directly from crime.

Personally I prefer to buy my stolen goods from a Pete Docherty look-a-like in the pub, he did say he could could get "anyfink you wan't geezer" but I'm not sure he meant factory management software...

US prof plans to send message back in time

Alex Daulby

El Reg could well be bringing about it's own demise....

Given that your stock in trade is essentially predicting the future, surely a device that could provide cast iron stories about what is going to happen in the future would put you out of business?

See, didn't think of that did you.

I work in insurance, best get my coat.

El Reg 'buys' acre of Brazilian rainforest

Alex Daulby

£100 for an Acre of Rainforest, bargain?

Handmade mahogany PC case anyone?

Half a million kids' DNA on UK police database

Alex Daulby

Any more rights you want to give away?

These samples are collected by the Feds from anyone entering their local constabulary via the tradesmans entrance. (regardless of them actually being charged with anything, let alone convicted)

Any samples from crime scenes are then compared to this database, thereby trampling on a number of rights both enshrined in law, or implied by the spirit of our law.

I'm deeply uncomfortable with being added as a "default suspect" to this list, with all the convicted rapist, murderers and ne'er do well's that rightly inhabit said database. It's only a matter of time before some daft copper loses/has stolen/sells on ebay some or all of the data on this list, now answer honestly, would you object to your child being on this list when it is being printed in the Daily Star?

You can volunteer a DNA sample if you wish, so all the people above speaking out in support of this draconian measure are free to go and submit a sample whenever they wish.

Any takers?

Sling Media SlingBox networkable TV tuner

Alex Daulby

Same kinda thing, except free

If you already have a Media Center PC with a TV tuner card, pretty much the same features are available free using Orb. http://www.orb.com

I bought a Hauppage TV Tuner card, with an Infrared Transceiver (25 quid on ebay) which can change the channel of your set top box remotely, or tune using the app provided direct from an regular TV arial. The stream is MPEG 2 I think, and can be watched on any PC with one of the more recent versions of Media Player, and controlled fully using the Orb web site. Unfortunatley work still use NT4, so my only option for sagging off is via my PDA on works (or the office above's unsecured) wireless LAN.

All of this being free is still a little too good to be true, so no idea how long it will remain FOC, fill your boots.

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