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WannaCrypt NHS victim Lanarkshire infected by malware again


For those who don't know him, Calum Campbell did not exactly cover himself in glory as CEO of BGH, and left the IT systems there vulnerable to Wannacry (in line with most Scottish NHS trusts). Once you are in the little CEO circle your competence is longer an obstacle to advancement

Moaning Scots told 'cheer up FFS' on broadband cash


Scotland has greater rural need

This is a 'rural' find, so "Scotland contributes a little more than 8 per cent of UK revenues according to the latest figures" is not relevant, Scotland has a far greater rural broadband problem than most of England (prob the same as Wales). The fund was meant to be distributed according to UK need, not the Barnett formula

Quick Office



I've been using Office2HD for almost as long as I've had the iPad, and find it's functionality excellent and integration with DropBox (or yoor GoogleDocs store) seamless. I dumped Pages & Numbers almost immediately thanks to their prehistoric, broken file/storage model (mail yourself a file...)

For £4.99 a better deal than QuickOffce @ £8.99

Apple reportedly plans ARM shift for laptops


End of the Hackintish?

I can't help but think this strategy has 2 strands, one, lower cost processors for Apple, but keeping the premium pricing. Two, and maybe more importantly, a revitalisation of Apple's close tie-in between processor and hardware and death to the Intel hackintosh. Of course, the Hackintosh could be re-invented on ARM laptops, but this feels like a shift to iOS style laptops to me

Rethinking desktop virtualisation


Not a home enthusiast forum

Desktop Virtualisation is an enterprise IT challenge, not a forum for home *nix enthusiasts running archaic versions of Lotus 123. VirtualBox has no capability and no applicability as a desktop virtualisation platform for business

Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)


iPad Word Processing

At least the author recognises it's a play oy, with limited work application - I wholly agree.

As far as Word Processing, combining DropBox and Office2HD is the answer. DropBox is great multiplatform doc store, integrated with Office2HD. It also nicely lets you drop pdfs and ebooks into your DropBox folder and open them in iBooks without the nasty virus that is iTunes.

Another unmissable (multiplatform) is Instapaper, to save interesting web pages and read later.

I'm still looking for a decent note taking app - Evernote is nearly there, but not quite.

How to... read comics on the iPad


Use iBooks

I have comiczeal4 and recommend it, but if you have some cbz's and want a free solution download calibre and create an epub file and transfer it to iBooks in iTunes (sorry for swearing, apple's own virus...)

Works great

Sony Bravia KDL-EX703 32in Freeview HD TV


DLNA & USB Limitations

I bought one of these last week; the review covers some of the good points, but is pretty superficial

USB: Needs to be formatted FAT, which means a 4Gb limitation. Plays back mp4, but AVI codec support is limited - I've successfully played only one of 20+ test divx/xvid avis

DLNA: for video, only appears to support MPG2 files - great for a ripped DVD but not for my library of wmv/avi TV recordings

Windows Remote Play: a promising feature, but works intermittently on my PCs - it's possible to stream video straight to the Bravia, and this works for pretty much all my avi's, but only on some of my (4) pcs, some of the time...

BBC iPlayer - not here yet, due in the autumn

Summary - confusing video format support, we have to hope for an update


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