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'Just a kid' Zuck's word is his bond ... but NOT in his backyard, lawsuit claims


Re: Markie Sugar town Cannot be Trusted

Zuck didn't create our libertarian wanabe society. That was the republicans. They just didn't clue you in that such a society looks more like Somalia than a modern state.

The equilibrium state of markets and governments is winner-take-all. No good for even the winners. What we want is to use both to, as our forefathers wanted, achieve a balance of powers. So we need good government, but not too much, good markets but not too much. Some ability to get extremely wealthy but also some building of the common good. The problem is, a billionaire will not buy 1000 cars. They just can't aborb them, but 1000 millionares will buy 1000 cars, probably 3000. Balance.

Alien Earths are out there: Our home is not 'unique'


Tectonics ... d'oh!

You missed Uranium! W/o internal radioactive decay, the earth would cool and tectonics stop. The continents and other material would wear down, minerals disperse, magnetic core would solidfy and fade and the planet would die w/o the recycling services provided by plate tectonics provided by the heat engine of radioactive decay. You must mix in some radioactive material, but not too much!


Re: According to a certain Mr Arthur C Clarke...

Main problem is alien scams and spyware. You think Nigerians are bad.

Silicon daddy: Moore's Law about to be repealed, but don't blame physics


Re: Been hearing this... re atoms

Ya beat me to it. Many ways to compute faster and more energy efficient. Higher order logic is one. DNA, quantum, phase transitions and on.

Reverse-engineering artist busts face detection tech


"reverse engineering" ... it's open source

Um, as the creator of OpenCV, I thought this was pretty damn funny. By the way, OpenCV is ... open, so you can just look inside, no need to reverse anything.

The face detector there is a bit dated -- it works fairly well, but we are thinking of vastly improving it. Often it is used for "friendly access control". For example, on our new robot, we are thinking of not allowing the operator of our new telepresence robot to see video from the robot unless the operator's face is also being transmitted to the robot.

If you want to really challenge the state of the art in face detection, you probably have to go against Omron corporation http://www.omron.com/r_d/technavi/vision/okao/detection.html

Made my day.

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