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Ten... sub-£150 PMPs


Wot No FLAC?

I think the likes of Sony et al that don't include FLAC should have 10% deducted from their ratings.

It's strange (or is it?) how the old school big money boys like to exclude free codecs from their players.

Deduct from their ratings and if that affects their sales then maybe they'll grow up!

FLAC - what's not to like - a taggable, lossless compression, CD quality file format.

Boo to Sony - I won't buy any player that doesn't support FLAC.


Ten free apps to install on every new PC


probably will be soon

See my remarks under scribus scribus scribus re Songbird


foobar does some things I like which songbird doesn't

and it seems that Songbird is in danger of making the same mistake as Nero i.e. moving on to video pmps support etc etc and prioritising new features on these media rather than fixing/adding to basic audio functionality.

Although not fanatical about Linux I do feel it's a shame that Songbird dropped Linux support coincidentally after making contracts with Sony (DRM fanatics) - get more funding and drop support for Linux??

- as they're based on Firefox platform as well it seems wrong somehow.

Just my two penn'orth


Scribus, Scribus, Scribus

Scribus, Scribus, Scribus

Excellent DTP makes excellent PDFs too - always overlooked


FreePDFXP - for printing anything to pdf

Aptana for webdevs - Netbeans for other devs

Must Haves: Firefox - Thunderbird Foobar 2000 (was a Songbird fan but loads and closes too slow and not happy it's stopped supporting Linux - has some nice features though)

+ a system recovery disc of course :-)



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