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What do Angolan rebels, ISIS widows, Metallica and a photographer have in common?


The band Beatallia met a similar fate

That is to say, they're still alive and rocking.

Beatallica brilliantly fuses The Beatles and Metallica into such easy-listening ditties as "Blackened the U.S.S.R.," "Leper Messiah," and the timeless classic "Hey Dude."

A few years ago a lawyer from Metallica's record label — surprisingly, perhaps, not The Beatles' — sent them a cease and desist letter along with threat of a multi-bazillion dollar lawsuit. In the end, Lars Himself intervened, and saved Beatallica from an ungodly end.

Beatallica is going to play at Club Garibaldi in Milwaukee on 25 Feb '16, so if you're in the neighborhood, swing by and rock out. They're online at http://www.beatallica.org/.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


A new design! Just what I was thinking.

Indeed, just yesterday, I thought, "Hey, I've been reading El Reg for years... haven't they changed it 't all? Mm, they could use a little touch here and there. Ah well. Good stuff, I'll keep mindless devouring.

Still not sure what I think, but yeah. Not offended or nothing so far.

Review: Apple Mac Mini 2012


Behold! The Mac mini EFI Firmware Update!

They must've known ol' Tone was on their case...


Doctor Who game to transmat in on 5 June

Thumb Up

Looking forward to this, yes yes

I'm glad they're making it for the Mac -- hopefully it'll run on my wee 2 GHz Core Duo 2 CPU. Moreover, my seven-year-old daughter will dig it too. I'll always treasure the day that my then four-year-old little miss asked me, "Papa, can we watch 'Doctor Who'?"

I knew then that she was one of us.

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