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World's mega-rich tax dodge exposed: Meet the HSBC IT bloke at the heart of damning leak


4. you choose to invest your money in a country where the currency is stable.

The selling point for investing your money in Switzerland was and still is stability. Many customers from outside of the Eurozone/Americas put their money here, because they don't trust their government at home to manage the economy.

These idiots at HSBC give all of us a bad name, especially when most of the banks, have been following a 'white money' strategy, and speaking for where I work, have closed many accounts where the Clients did not fulfill the Compliance requirements.


How Novell peaked, then threw it all away in a year


Those were fun times. In a very short times the company I worked for had bought

over 600 PCs and we networked them with NetWare.

We also took part in the Beta tests for OS/2 2.0, which if you could get it to install,

was really good for a sysadmin. I could login to all the NetWare servers simultanously,

had a usable Xserver for administrating the Solaris and AIX servers, and terminal software

for mainframe access. Something that wasn't possible in the windows world for years after..

Unfortunately both Novell and IBM seriously underestimated the marketing prowess of Microsoft

IBM Marketing strategy then was 'Put IBM on the box and it will sell' and even though OS/2 2

was vastly superior to Windows 3.1 it failed.

I also suffered with Wordperfect for Windows as well, Wordperfect for DOS with Windows 3.1 worked

ok, but as soon as we installed the Windows version the shit really hit the fan. Crashes and lockups

all the time. I spent so much time trying different network drivers, and configurations to improve

the stability but to no avail. Eventually we installed MS Word, not because it was better, but because the user

could work more than an hour without having to restart.

Shame really, I really liked NetWare but they just never seemed to have a plan.


Fanbois smash iPhone 5s much sooner than iPhone 3s ... but WHY?


Family Statistics

My Daughter is a top class mobile destroyer, have trashed every single mobile she has ever had,

The death toll so far:

Cheapo Samsung - survived 3 months

My Motorola V600 (robust I thought) 6 Months

Sony Ericsson W700 - 8 months - she first broke the screen, and tried the old 'I didn't do anything' line, which of course after 20 years in IT, I've heard a few times..

My old Sony Ericsson P910 - 6 months - 'just fell apart'

IPhone 3 - 2 years! I watched her clean the iPhone over a jug of water, with the obvious result, and the damn thing still worked after it dried out.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - 1 month, dropped and trodden on.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Nr. 2 6 Months - dropped in a puddle during a concert...

Samsung Galaxy S4 - 2 Months - sat on, screen cracked

Samsung Galaxy S4 Nr. 2 - Got muddy during an open-air concert, then was stolen, the insurance has paid for that one.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Nr. 3 - is still working..

So based on my experience, the Iphone3 survived the hostile environment the best.

Since the Iphone 3, she buys the phones herself, I thought this would make take more care, I was wrong

Yesterday she asked me why my Iphone 4 looks brand new? Well because I look after the feckin thing!


NASA lost 'full control' to hackers, pwned 13 times last year


Internet access

Actually in NASA as well as ESA, all mission critical systems do not have Internet access. THey separate the networks into and Office network, admin, internet etc and operational network, which runs hte missions and satellites. The OPS network is a private network, that doesn't have internet access. To hack this network, you'd need to physically compromise it


Councils show true grit in the face of ... FOI requests


Re: Wikileaks

Sites like Wikileaks are important , but it also shows us the the FOI is not really working as well as it could. The money they spend is not THEIR money, but taxpayer money, and in my view they should be forced to be completely transparent about how they spend it. Otherwise you get things like the MPs expenses. In fact I would say that democracy requires transparency to be really effective. If you let politicians have too many secrest, then they will simply take the piss.


Official: Apple iPhone is a chick magnet


iPhone chick magnet?

Might work as long as she doesn't see the iBoobs and fart apps...



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