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Google Nexus 7 shipping cock-up enrages fandroids

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You should try returning one

On the phone yesterday for two hours (takes an hour of holding on to get thru) trying to get google to send me a replacement as mine is fucked up - the speaker buzzes to the extend you can't hear anything else and the screen is lifting on the left hand side.

They are the worst company EVER to deal with. Send you a replacement straight away? Fuck no. Has to be passed to some other team and I have still heard nothing. What a bunch of idiots. Total fail.

Samsung Galaxy S III

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Re: Quad Core?

Well it may not need it now but it opens up possibilities for the next generation of apps. If you remember Bill Gates once asked why would anyone need more than 640kb. Well clearly more memory has vastly improved the applications you can run. The same is true for mobiles.

Moody's downgrades Nokia to near-junk status

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Re: Nokia will come good

Guess you haven't seen ICS then. It is way better than WP7 in every way and yes I also have a WP 7 phone, which is crap.

Ellison's database customers slip slidin' to x86

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Is it just me that's well confused by this article?

WTF does this mean?

"A survey of Oracle customers found while just over two\-thirds run their database environments on Unix - with Solaris the single most popular flavor - x86 is catching up."

Didn't you know that Unix runs on x86?

Dr. P


And here's another WTF.

"IOUG also found that Microsoft 's SQL Server - which only runs on Windows and x86 - is by far the most popular database in use besides Oracle (91 per cent) followed by MySQL (44 per cent)."

I'm not very bright I know but I'm pretty sure that 91 + 44 > 100.


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