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AyyyMD had an Epyc quarter: Server chip shipments 'more than doubled' Q3 to Q4


Re: Simple

The clock is ticking until Intel also divests its fabs. They can do it sooner and get a decent price or they can do it later as a fire sale. Guess which one Intel is going to choose :)

OpenAI bots smashed in their first clash against human Dota 2 pros


Smashed, really?

It was actually very back and forth until relatively late in the game. "Smashed" grossly mis-characterizes what actually happened.

The age of hard drives is over as Samsung cranks out consumer QLC SSDs


Re: A SSD on a Sata III...

"makes about as much sense as driving a supercar around with the hand brake on"

For bulk SSD that trades off access time against density, SATA still makes perfect sense. 600 Mbytes/sec is a beefy transfer rate compared to physical disk, but the big win is zero seek time. Use M.2 for your system disk.


Re: QLC? It's not the one for me

"To encode 4 bits you need 16 distinct voltage levels, no?"

Right, and so L)evel has always been a gross misnomer, it should be B)it. A multi-bit flash cell has 2**L voltage levels, using the highly misleading L)evel terminology.

Like this: https://www.cactus-tech.com/assets/images/e/MLC-NAND-Cell---4-States-of-Electrons-9a049c6e.png


Re: QLC? It's not the one for me

"I know some phycisist will probably come along and point out that this is misleading, inaccurate or oversimplified"

I would add: magical.


Re: QLC? It's not the one for me

"it's a technology people are comfortable with, therefore it's superior in every important way"

So true, I just love my Clark Nova typewriter. And my Sony Walkman, what would I do without it?


Re: QLC? It's not the one for me

You are a bit confused about the distinction between analog and digital. At the nanoscale, its all analog (and at femtoscale it's all digitial again that's a bit deep for this post, just google quantum number). Those rather alarmingly analog-looking traces are coerced into representing digital values via thresholding and latching effects. Ever seen an ether bird? It's a bit like that. A wind-up clock is like that too: the spring is analog but the tick is digital.

Multilevel cells likewise rely on thresholding and latching effects, there is just more than a single threshold value. Still digital by nature, just like single level cells, Maybe the threshold voltages or whatever get closer together in multi-level and risk more errors, or maybe not. Single level logic gets shrunk and packed together as tightly as possible, which also increases the risk of error. Given the same number of bits stored in the same area, it is far from clear that multi-level cells have the higher risk of error, it may be just the opposite.


Re: No story here

But wait, what would TheReg be without premature clickbait? It's the entire reason we come here instead of some reputable site, isn't it. Here I am, for example.

TheReg is partially right, even with its trademark suspect reasoning: hard drives are already mostly dead in PCs. Well, except for the really cheap ones and that island is steadily shrinking. And except for media packrats who rely on hard drives to archive their porn collection.

Hard drives are alive and well in server farms. While SSD continues to nibble at the edges, the economics of mass storage that doesn't mind 10ms latency are compelling. That amounts to the vast majority of data storage in the world. With the likelihood of further improvements in areal density, it will be many years before hard drives are as dead as tape.

Dell goes on Epyc server journey with AMD


Re: Check out the pricing

Something is wrong with your price information. "The R6415 starts at $2,179.00". Maybe you are looking at pricing for a 32 core unit? In which case, £4,438.88 is not too bad. Would be less now because the previously rare 32 core parts are in better supply.

Apple leak: If you leak from Apple, we'll have you arrested, says Apple


A *black* Apple for the logo pretty much sums up the corporate culture. Anybody in their right mind going to bite on that?

Sci-Fi titan Jerry Pournelle passes,
aged 84


Re: JP versus other SF authors

I can confirm: not the only one.

Linus Torvalds pens vintage 'f*cking' rant at kernel dev's 'utter BS'


Sorry, Linus is right

From time to time Linus shoots his mouth off in a way that is totally inappropriate. This is not one of those times. Technically, Linus is exactly correct. He could have posted without swearing and that would be nice, but there's no burning issue, this time. So: "it's a f*cking disgrace that you are in denial about the fact that it's the *checking* that is broken, not the code, and are making excuses for shit". Right. Pinpoint accurate but better without the swear words. Good for you, for tilting at that windmill.

ARM talks up fresh CPUs and a GPU, all tuned for AI


Re: Another non-GPL GPU

Is this a "FSCK YOU ARM!" moment?

Huawei missed memo that PC's dead – so here are three new notebooks



Do they boot Linux? Do they?

Intel loses its ARM wrestling match, kicks out Atom mobe chips


Re: thats convergence taking a hit. :-(

Here's the equation: Neither Android nor Ubuntu care a wit about X86 compatibility, even a modest power saving is worth infinitely more, and there is a practical certainty that 86x prices will be jacked to the moon by the one source supplier given any significant success. Only Windows care about x86 now, and the Windows on mobile is looking bleak indeed, never mind the present. On server, desktop and high end laptop, nobody wants a crippled x86. So the future market for Atom rounds to zero, and no tears shed.


Re: Collateral damage?

You put your finger right on it: Windows Phone dead ==> Intel Atom dead.

Miguel de Icaza on his journey from open source to Microsoft: 'It's a different company'


Re: open source people universally hate Miguel.

Count me among those who initially respected him for his enthusiasm (and not for his coding or design skills, which are quite obviously deficient - I give you Bonobo as just one of many examples). But now I regard him as a cynical profiteer whose agenda is and always was to undermine anything non Microsoft. As for his motivation, I can only speculate, but I do know that money talks, and talks especially loudly to those of weak moral character.

As McAfee runs for US President – we ask a crucial question: Will Reg readers back him?


Pro and con

Pro: he can shoot back at any would-be assassins

Con: he might deal drugs off the front lawn of the white house

'I don't recognise Amazon as a bullying workplace' says Bezos


"Escalate to HR"... a sick joke. Could Bezos really be that out of touch, or is it just rhetoric for consumption by clueless outside investors? Everyone in the the business for more than a month knows that HR is just the enforcement arm of management, and always takes the side of management.

Silicon Valley sides with Samsung in anti-Apple patent war


Re: Apple vs Samsung

"They design their own CPUs"

...they don't really. They combine circuits that they buy from ARM, mainly fiddling with the IO circuitry and top level geometry. It's a long way from "designing a CPU", which would involve for example, design the ALU, including complex circuitry to handle such challenges as superscalar instruction dependencies. In terms of CPU design, this is roughly analogous to Apple generating content for a video game using Maya, while somebody else with considerably greater skill develops the game engine, which Apple licenses. Much as Apple licenses the ARM core, and multiple IP cores that support it.

Why the USS NetApp is a doomed ship


The US navy could not be construed as battered or beaten in any way at the end of the second world war. In fact a new heavy carrier was commissioned about every 60 days from 1943 on. At the end of the war the US navy was the most powerful on the planet, by far.

Xiaomi: It really ISN'T a biz-miracle idiot tax like Apple


Re: What makes Apple interesting

They make a tidy profit on the hardware and then clean up in music, books, videos and apps, while the others have to make do with low margins

Apple has to make do with eroding market share. Seems suicidal in the long run, or at best, not in the interest of shareholders.


The point is really anyone can make and sell cheap Android handsets - the problem is many people will and the profits end up down and down towards zero. The only real difference here is they have a limited term cost advantage - but they are still making little or no net profit.

You exaggerate the importance of windfall profits. Any profit that provides a suitable return on investment is more than satisfactory. Any profit at all is better than expected while growing. After all, the name of the game in tech is to survive and grow. Think Walmart as opposed to Ferrari. Who is richer?

Hands up if you have one good reason to port enterprise apps to ARM


Re: Windows

Why would anybody bother porting a Windows app to ARM? Is VMWare really that out of touch?

Carmack blows 'crazy money' on hibernating Armadillo


Re: Too bad

I would prefer that John unload whatever assets Armadillo has and advance the state of the art of rendering once again. Preferably with an open world goal this time. Oh, and admit that OpenGL won the platform war in the end, and get back into the loop advancing it.

Sony and Panasonic plan 300GB Blu-Ray replacement for 2015


leave Java out this time

What a braindamaged idea that was. Every single time I play a Blu-ray disk I ask myself why I let myself in for this abuse. Obviously Java lag is just one part of it, but it's a major part. Come to think of it, I guess I will just sit the next generation Blu-ray out, forever.

Samsung overtakes Apple as most profitable global handset maker


Re: Memories of Eaton's...

Indeed, Apple is now run by a limp wrist who wears Steve Jobs' turtleneck but can't fill his shoes.

Apple drops hints about future low-cost iPhones


Lower margins means lower stock

Low margins are something Apple has resisted all its corporate life. Hard to be the world's most valuable corporation on that, you see. But now the focus is shifting away from hopes of renewed stock appeciation, to mere long term survival. That's right, Apple jmade a 180 turn from growth stock to shrink stock at the hands of Google, Android and the Linux community. (If you are an Apple groupie who just got their idol antennae all twisted up in a knot, please just link this post and check in a year from now.)

Beijing fanboi in coma after iPhone 4 shock treatment


I haven't seen this mentioned yet: milling the case out of solid alluminum looks shiny and sells phones, but maybe it kills people too.

Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA


Re: Generic pedantic reply...

* A GPS device

* A supercomputing cluster

* An electronic trading company

* A stock exchange

* An ISP

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface


Re: BAU for MS then?

It's more likely to spur Google to go the rest of the way in letting Android be a full useful operating system able to run standard Linux application like LibreOffice. Otherwise, that is the ugliest color of blue I have ever seen.

Google in talks to re-admit Android to Linux kernel


A multi-year process?

There is no rational justification for such wild hyperbole. Chris Dibona as Google's official open source obstructer tends to suffer often from foot in mouth disease.

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