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Top Ten Retro PC Games


??? The Clue!?

My favourite game ever, The Clue! was an immense game that I've played over and over again...

2012 Olympic mascots cop a shoeing



Bayley fulminates: "Why do we have to endure this sort of cretinous infantilism, and this awful lowbrow pandering to primitive ideas of fun?"

Get over yourself, I don't see how trying something a little different is such a bad thing...ok, you don't like it...at least they had the balls to do something a little differently rather than stay stuck in the old "British" ways. Personally, I don't love them and I don't hate them, but I would applaud the designers for designing something that causes a little controversy...

as for this quote "If London 2012 is going to be remembered for its art, then we can declare it a calamitous failure already."...How many artists are there that appeal to every single person? This guy doesn't like it and has therefore declared it a failure...I'll say it again, Get over yourself!

Visual Studio 2010 - your chunky new friend dissected

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I attended the first two uktechdays seminars this week and one of the focus points on the monday was C++ and how they are aware they have neglected it in the past few releases and, how they have subsequently in 2010 added in loads of new features for C++, including the re-introduction of the MFC Class wizard that was removed to much criticism.

This link details the new C++ features in 2010 and .net 4


I personally have been using 2010 since yesterday afternoon and so far love it, it looks nicer, the intellisense is great, the text is sharper which, while a small thing does make a huge difference. I personally think that M$ are building their way back up again with decent software, VS 2010 and windows 7 (which I also think is a great OS)

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