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Nokia flogged 4m Lumias, still bled €826m this quarter

Johnny Tremaine

Re: everything on the shelves is obsolete

No, that is incorrect.

Unless, what, the new mobile Internet Explorer 10, which current devices won't receive, requires dual cores and an NFC chip now?

It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia

Johnny Tremaine

Re: How to lose the trust of your current customers

Well sure, buyers of Nokia's Lumia shouldn't have *demanded* updates on their smartphones. They did expect them though, but maybe they shouldn't have, according you?

Maybe. It's similar to how Microsoft shouldn't *expect* any return customers for their Windows Phone 8 devices either.

That's only fair I'd say.

Moody's downgrades Nokia to near-junk status

Johnny Tremaine

Re: I'll buy a Windows phone...

Well, do you have a couple of hours available and pen and paper....?

Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans

Johnny Tremaine

I agree that.....

....Nokia isn't long for this world.

Their chances of having their Windows Phone, er, phones, turn into blow-out sales success stories in the States, a place where their brand name recognition is now virtually nil, is quite low, if they haven't managed to do the same in their own home market in Europe.

I'll be curious to see them take their shot in the U.S., but if the just leaked roadmap is accurate, that roll-out will not only be exceedingly slow---no plans for 4G LTE until at least mid year, and no high res screen or multi core support until at least 4Q 2012---and will apparently focus on low end devices just this side of feature phone status.

I think that Nokia's decision to knee-cap Symbian as early as they did may prove to be a fatal mistake for the future of the company.

Ballmer: Windows Phone can win third place in mobile!

Johnny Tremaine

Nokia will have better luck outside of the States.

In the U.S., the 'Nokia' brand has zero traction; the last time they were relevant there was around a decade or more ago.

Adding to the platform's existing branding problem, anything in carrier phone stores saddled with both 'Windows Phone' AND 'Nokia', will generally be ignored by both consumers and sales clerks.

Johnny Tremaine

I agree with this. They do need more of a tech visionary at the top spot in the company. Putting the head sales guy in charge, an MBA, was never the best idea.

Microsoft inks Nokia deal with phones set to fly in 2012

Johnny Tremaine

I'm pretty much with the consensus on this one:

Nokia as a going concern won't be around in five years.

Nokia admits 'open' Symbian is not open

Johnny Tremaine

Nokia: Connecting Bullets with our Feet.

This company is just sad to watch.

To paraphrase Michael Dell: [Nokia] should just liquidate and return all the money to the shareholders.

Apple’s iPad lead will face pressure from Google and Nokia

Johnny Tremaine

(Rolls eyes) Come on, REALLY?

I'd love some great competition against Apple's iPad, to keep Cupertino on their toes, but come on, let's be realistic here; neither the Tab or Nokia's Meego OS on a tablet are serious competition.

It'll likely come from Android Gingerbread or even Google's Chrome, if anything. Maybe HP's Palm-Pad.

BTW, if a single Meego tablet sells even *half* as much as the iPad's current numbers, I'll eat my hat.

Gemalto leaps into anti-Android fray

Johnny Tremaine


I'm betting this suit, along with others, will get thrown out of court as frivolous.

The lawyers always emerge when something turns out to be hugely successful.

Nokia locks* out Symbian staffers

Johnny Tremaine

What could have been: Nokia-Palm

It goes to show what a huge missed opportunity it was that Nokia didn't scoop up Palm and WebOS when they had the chance.

It was theirs for the taking, if they wanted it, and they would have had a fantastic, ready to ship, mobile OS that is scalable up to use even on tablets, not to mention in-roads and relationships with carriers in the U.S.

But they let it go off into the arms of H-P, for use in printers, I suppose....

Nokia blows Ovi Files out of the sky

Johnny Tremaine


Nokia's various services seems to be dropping away like dead flies, 'plink', one by one.

Just as well, I guess, if it gets them to do what they do best, manufacture better phone hardware.

Nokia gets into analytics

Johnny Tremaine

He's right, though the snark meter is set to High.

The point was that, while many people around the world use a Nokia phone, few people buy applications for them, aside from wall papers and ring tones, and fewer still use it for PDA type functions.

They get a Nokia to use it as a phone and some texting, like a dumbphone, and that's pretty much about it.

The Camel: Nokia unveils user designed phone

Johnny Tremaine

A mobile computer that is dockable?

The iPad says 'Hi'.

Why doesn't Nokia buy Palm?

Johnny Tremaine


So, you're admitting that Nokia products AREN'T cool? The N95 and the E71 were, but right now, none of their phones could be possibly be deemed 'cool'.

Johnny Tremaine

MeeGo, Symbian, blah, blah, blah...

The fact of the matter is, the major application developers simply don't care about developing for MeeGo and care even less about Symbian.

Over the last couple of years, all you heard from the Nokia side was, 'just wait, in two years' or 'just wait until next year'. Every year is apparently a transition year.

Nokia won't have the luxury of sitting out 2010 as another 'transition year'. If they don't release a couple of products that knocks everyone's socks off and makes the HTC Evo look like yesterday's tech, then they're in huge trouble.


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