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Lawyer sues Microsoft rather than slot an SD card into his Surface


Re: What a load of crap.

Lets sue every harddrive manufacturer in existence too as they all lie! Firstly they use 1000 instead of 1024, artificially inflating the size of the harddrive. Secondly they give the unformatted capacity. Everyone has to format their harddrive before they can use it so they should account for all that wasted space from the filesystem's overhead. It's insane that in this day and age they can so blatantly lie to all of us, cheating us out of tens of gigs of space on modern harddrives!

Report: Microsoft tried and FAILED to offload Bing on Facebook


Re: If they really want better search results...

"compile monodevelop windows'

The first hit on google is the link to the page which contains the instructions to compile the software on windows. This page is not anywhere in the first few pages of bing results. These crappy results caused me 10 minutes of grief last week :p

Fragmentation bomb wounds Android in developer war


Fragmentation non-issue?

For everyone stating as fact that fragmentation is a non-issue and developers are just lazy - how many android applications have you released and how many android platforms have you tried supporting?

Case in point, one major distributor of android based devices had a custom patch to their kernel which forcibly killed applications after X number of signals were received. This particular (broken) change meant that many applications *could not run* on any phone running that kernel as the applications emitted that signal as part of normal execution.

Sure, it's possible to work around each and every issue you come across on each and every device with each and every kernel modification, or base software modification, with the dozens of different gpus, cpus, RAM combinations to have a decent game (or whatever) which is reasonably performant across the board. However it's just not worth it as can be seen by the results of the survey.

Spillover from 400lb man squeezed fellow flier into galley



"The only discrimination that's still socially acceptable"

I don't care how overweight someone is. However if they *require* 1/2 of my available seating space in order to fit then that is simply not acceptable. They must either buy more space (a second seat) or don't travel. It's that simple. Whether or not second seats should be discounted is a completely different topic. Personally each seat is worth €X to the airline so they should charge €X for every seat sold. Children don't get a discount, why should overweight people?

Discrimination? No. It's just how things normally work.

Gmail users howl in anguish at 'disappeared' accounts


Erm... what?

I'm sorry but you appear to be conflating two separate issues and someone insinuating they're related.

Issue 1: Google is a free service

Yes, yes it is.

Issue 2: Google lost peoples data

Yes, yes they did.

Google lost peoples data, those people have every right to complain and complain loudly about it. Google screwed up, they should be called out on it. They should also give a timescale on when full account history will be restored.

If this was a paid service the response of the people and eventual fix by google should be exactly the same as it is now.

Microsoft caps Ballmer bonus over mobile phone, tablet failures



It's actually even more if you earn a few million ;)

Code for open-source Facebook littered with landmines


Say what now?

As a rather apt analogy for anyone who didn't fully understand the genious behind your insightful comment, imagine writing a C/C++ application and not bothering to free memory while you develop all the features. Instead you'll wait til everything more or less works and then implement proper memory management.

Yes, it's the same with security.

Google faces antitrust investigation in Texas


You just proved the point

You claim Google are dominant in search, that's exactly what gives them the ability to push their *other* services into dominant positions. This is exactly what Microsoft did with Windows and Internet Explorer and exactly why they *lost* that case. If it goes to court, the odds seem pretty high that Google will be convicted of monopolistic behaviours, just as Microsoft was. Of course, that assumes that the numbers which have been quoted before are accurate.

Steve Jobs unveils iPhone 4


Not everyones city is backward...

Ah, you're missing one critical point here. You may live in an area with non-existant 3G, but I live in more high-tech city where we actually have working 3G with few deadzones. Can you walk from your apartment/flat/house to your local shop, buy a bottle of milk and walk back without losing your wifi signal? No? So then how is wifi more readily available than 3G?

When comparing old solutions with new solutions the biggest factor is "Does it work". If the old solution works over 3G but the new solution doesn't, who cares about quality. It just doesn't work. I want video chat over 3G just like I want voip over 3G. If it doesn't work I don't care about it.

Adobe to sue Apple 'within weeks,' says report


O rly?

"I would also admit other natively compiled languages (Unity?) to that fold too for the same reason"

Then you'll be delighted to find out that Unity is powered by Mono, which is an implementation of the .NET runtime. All your unity code is 100% cross platform pre JIT'ed C# (or whatever .NET language you wrote your app in). Mmmm... isn't middleware delicious.

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