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Guy Kewney: Integrity in socks and sandals


Truly the doyen of tech journalists

Guy Kewney was a great tech journalist. He was a great tech journalist because he had something to say and that something had context and understanding and wit and gravitas. I used to read the magazines he contributed to for his writing and that of other great columnists like John Dvorak because they were excited by what was going on, could see its significance and were able to communicate their enthusiasm and knowledge.

Those who've followed in his wake are rarely able to hold my attention. Few have his intellect or ability to marshall an arguement and maintain its thread from beginning to end.

The saddest aspect of his passing is that there are now so few people able to grasp the sweep of tech history from the sixties to the present in the way that Guy was.

Guy you got me excited about tech. You made me care about it. You left me wiser about it. You did the same, I'm sure, for countless thousands of others. No journalist can aspire to more.



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