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Argentina eyes up laser death cannon testbed warship


Re: @Voland's RH

You have missed have forgotten 50% of the attack submarine force. I'm pretty certain that you are referring to the astute class subs. The RN has an addition 3 active trafalgar class subs so 6 in total.

The trafalgars will be replaced by 4 new astutes .

HTC Desire

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I love this phone!!!!

After reading a few reviews of this phone I decided to finally stop waiting for Microsoft to sort out WinMo (the way that Mobile 7 is going didn't encourage me to hang around) and give Android a go. I've signed up with Virgin Mobile and got the phone for free on a £30/24 month contract which seemed a decent deal to me and I'm moving from a HTC Touch Pro 2.

The Desire is brilliant and so is Android (v2.1 is aleast). This phone does everything I want in a phone and does it well. The processor is fast and I've sometimes had 10+ apps open in the background and haven't noticed any lag. The screen is lovely. The camera seems good and I now have a flash!! Video playback is great and Divx support is apparently on it's way also which will be nice. I now also have a phone with a decent (and rapidly growing) supply of apps.

The only negative that I can think of is the battery life but I've had HTC smart phones for years and it's no worse than the rest and I'm used to giving a phone a bit of a midday charge if I've been using it heavily (I have a pretty long commute and use it a fair bit).

Great phone.

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