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iOS 8 screencaps leak: Text editor, dictaphone and 'tips' on the way

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Interesting. This is a possible answer to the question I posted below before spotting your post (why the need for a preview app with springboard icon when ios was this functionality already?), this could be nice but would also be a major restructuring of the way app sandboxing / access to the file system works.

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Voice memos isn't new (ios3?) and I've been moving files between apps for years with no problems too (moving large files can be annoying as a full copy needs always gets done - the way the app sandboxing works though this will probably always be the case).

Textedit as a stock app sounds handy, but I don't really see the need to have preview as an app with icon on the springboard? Surely ios already has the core functionality of preview.

Pirate Bay becomes 'Research Bay' for three days

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Re: "legitimate laws"

Why? I don't.

Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?

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@Toxteth O'Gravy

Why don't you just go back to stuffing marshmallows up your nose :)

And the latest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is ... the EU?

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Re: How does $1.2m between 500m people

It doesn't, it equals 0.15 pence - same as they wrote in the article.

Fans get date with Lara Croft

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Re: Doubts...

Description of the game is: "An intense and gritty story of the origins of Lara Croft and her ascent from frightened young woman to hardened survivor in Tomb Raider."

WD intros 'world's first' 2TB portable HDD

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Re: I'll take 100

>It's external. 1 inch smaller isn't going to make the tiniest bit of difference.

>You want to pay 3 times the going rate for it? Go ahead

Dude, you've obviously never seen a 2.5" hard drive, there is a substantial size difference between 'desktop' drives (3.5") and 'laptop' drives (2.5"), a couple of the other differences between 2.5"/3.5" drives include:

- Power consumption - 2.5" drives can be powered from a USB bus, 3.5" external drives require mains power.

- Reliability - laptop drives are designed to be external/portable 3.5" drives are not, the 2.5" drives move the read/write heads off the platters when not actively using them, which means the drive is much less likely to survive being dropped moved

- Generally quieter and run cooler

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Re: So what are all those 3tb ones then?

Only about as portable as the mains power supply you need to spin the platters in a 3.5" drive.

Unless you carry 250 miles of extension cable with you? :)

Much of the human race made up of thieves, says BSA

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@bad example

No, it's not the same.

If you walk into a shop and steal a copy of a software product it's the shop owner who takes a loss not the vendor. Eg if I stroll into Woolworths and steal a £40 Xbox game woolies have just lost £25 (or whatever they used to pay for games, no idea what the margins are on xbox games).

Space junk at 'tipping point', now getting worse on its own

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RE: Frikkin Lasers!

And I thought you were just joking!


Jesus Phone in shock Opera browser benediction

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Impressed with the speed, needs an update

Second that, it's very quick to load pages but feels very strange and jarring to use. The scrolling in particular needs to be a little bit smoother.

Also, clicking links on the reg homepage is sending me to random stories not the ones I'm clicking on, big problem. I've had to go back to safari to post this!!

I like that you can mange the quick search engines, I always thought it was a shame you can't do this with safari.


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