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Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade

Tom 91
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Not even 2.2

This update doesn't even upgrade the phone to 2.2, it just adds those bookmarks, apps, slows the phone down and duplicates all your texts.

It's an utterly horrendous update.


Microsoft's unveils 'social' phone for Boho hipsters

Tom 91
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Sounds very good at the right price!

Sounds rather ideal for a certain age group who want a cheapish phone that lets them quickly upload their hundreds of pictures and videos. I mean a lot of people of the right age group pretty much just want a phone to do their social networking, take phone calls and take pictures so this is pretty much perfect for them.

Not for me but certainly can see a big market if it's priced right (which is free on most contracts and maybe just over £100 (at most) on PayG).



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