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Why millions of Brits' mobile phones were knackered on Thursday: An expired Ericsson software certificate


Re: But what was working?

Some calls, some of the time, didn't get through.

French Google fund to pay for 1 million print run of Charlie Hebdo next week

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Re: I don't for a second believe the 'Charlie' murderers were acting as Muslims.

Did Breivik go massacring people in the name of his religion? Because someone "insulted" his prophet? No, he did it because of his political/racist views, not his religious ones.

I'm sick and tired of terrorists' apologists bringing up Breivik each time a non-Christian nutjob commits an atrocity. And Breivik was one - how many of the other lot are there?

Tick-tock, TalkTalk: Users face fourth day of titsup broadband


Re: Only satisfied customer?

Nah - I am as well.

Been with them for a couple of years, no outages and pretty good speed for a line that was supposed to be "up to 2 Mbps" (4 or more Mbps).

I'm in the South-East and right now my router shows 4838 Kbps.

Gabe Newell: Windows 8 is a 'catastrophe' for PC biz


Re: Not everyone fondles a slab

@AC 18:57 - Fred Goldstein was talking about visually impaired touch typists. How exactly are they going to learn to use a keyboard *totally* dependent on the user being able to see the keys?


Oh, and, shove your witless sarcasm up you back-end. That's where it belongs.

TalkTalk Q1 sales fall as number of broadband punters declines


I've been with TT (Business) for about 2 years. In a rural area, I have about 4.5 Mbps, day or night. No fibre here. Apart from one night, when possibly BT were doing some work at the exchange, I have had no outage periods that I'm aware of, and I'm online 24/7. I watch streamed TV and download a fair lot - monthly bill, including calls, between £35-£40. I can't express an opinion about their customer service, as I've never had occasion to call them. I don't expect I'll be wanting to leave them any time soon.


Apple said to threaten legal action over Steve Jobs doll


Re: Didn't Snow White...

So what? Apple Computers sued Apple records for the name - and won, even though Apple records pre-dated Apple Computers. Everything is possible in the "alternative reality".


Might not be the doll itself

I suspect their problem is with (one of) the accessories - the apple with a bite taken out of it. That is trademarked.

From the Telegraph article linked here:

"The action figure comes with a pair of black socks, some glasses, a leather belt, two apples (one with a bite taken out of it), a bar stool and a "One More Thing" backdrop."

Euro fraud cops crush garlic tax evaders


I'm old enough to remember garlic being cheap as chips - cheaper, in fact. Its price skyrocketed ovenight after studies were published which showed its health benefits. Because that's a well know axiom - health is only for those who can afford it.

Apple fanbois leak secrets of Mac OS X Lion



It's being worked on... I gather.

Adobe plots rebound with latest Creative Suite


Re: Please Adobe

I use pdftoword (www.pdftoword.com) to convert a pdf document, then edit it in OpenOffice and then export it as pdf if necessary - all in Linux (Mandriva). I refuse to pay for bloated, overpriced software.

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